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Square Bird Watch - Block Jump

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User Reviews for Square Bird Watch - Block Jump

I mean, It’s pretty cool

Let’s get the negative out of the way(btw I really like this game so don’t leave before I get to positives) So if I could, I would give this three in a half stars. The games okay, but it’s the same thing with no reward of moving on. Maybe there should be levels? And yes I know you should be “working towards” the skins, but the skins aren’t very attractive and it’s so easy to get them. And the ads! I k o you need money, but by now you guys must be millionaires, what with all those ads! Also when you go into the shop, it’s hard to tell how you get out. I know now, but I used to have to close out of the game completely. On the other hand, this game IS fun and I enjoy it! It’s hard, but addictive. I find myself playing it all the time! Though, there are a lot of ads they are usually short, so yay..It’s nice that I can play it on my Apple Watch, and there’s no glitches. I would recommend this, but be prepared.

#Oh SNAP, Nov 05, 2018
Square bird

This game is so fun and when you reach certain levels you can unlock different characters with the money you earn. You can download it on you phone or play it on your Apple Watch the only problem is if you play it on your phone the data doesn’t go to the Apple Watch so if your on level 10 on your phone it doesn’t go to your Apple Watch you would be on the same level you left off on your Apple Watch. Besides that the games is really fun and you should download it.

Easton.w13579, Dec 19, 2019

Works perfect on my Apple Watch and works good on my phone ,love the game because it is able to work in a lot of places and is a bit challenging ,definitely recommend the game😃

Jama7509, Jan 08, 2020
Square bird watch

This game is truly addicting. I continue to play it every time I have free time. It’s a better version of my childhood game, flappy bird. It has ads but they don’t last very long and you can get right back to playing.

Kiley Lynn M, Dec 02, 2019
Good game

There are sooooo many adds, and when you press play sometimes and add out of nowhere appears, then you die. This gets annoying a lot but other wise it’s a good game. I enjoy it and I like how I can easily play it on my Apple Watch. But yeah. You should get it if you just want a simple game to play that is really easy to learn how to play.

Miss potato <3, Jan 19, 2020

It’s pretty hard but I think the spinning function makes it a bit more confusing because it withholds my attention while I’m trying to play that’s okay though because it’s the challenge and i like it

naty1103, Jan 12, 2020
Alright 🙂

Over all it’s a great game. But it’s kinda boring. Although that is just my opinion. It would be really cool if you could change the colors of the blocks and if you could pick your obstacles.

ndkdow, Apr 08, 2021

I like this game because it is very close to the game flappy bird. I was looking for a game to play on my apple watch that was close to flappy bird so i searched ‘flappy bird’ and this was one of the first apps that came up so i downloaded it and it’s quite interesting, but i like it. lol rawr. 😂

PaigeB:), Aug 25, 2019
I’m not

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ssdfghhfff, Nov 25, 2018

this is a great game that i love and use on my phone and apple watch. it is fun and a great way to spend some time on your phone. it does have quite a few adds but you can just x them out.

🤫🤭🤔🤐🤷🏼‍♀️, Jan 08, 2020


Play anywhere on Phone, Watch and Tablet Go as far as you can, but do not hit anything! *** Score 5 times to get FEVER!!! *** Each world has unique combo move... *** Collect all birds to Unlock new gameplay Complete with your friends in the world Fun and deadly simple Get the game, help the birds NOW!

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