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Spells and Witchcraft Handbook

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Spells and Witchcraft Handbook

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Marius Zah
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User Reviews for Spells and Witchcraft Handbook

Best that I've found

I am changing my review as I have found several more areas within this app that provide a few of the things I was looking for. There is a basic circle casting instruction and wonderful oil recipes! There are more spells in this app than any other I have found. There is a ton of information on the foundations of spellcasting and general pagan knowledge. This is wonderful for a beginner/intermediate spellcaster. Information on stones, candles, oils, Sabbats, colors, herbs, and much more. I do still want to keep my request for a Potion section and a Notepad section for creating and storing my own spells within the app. Those two things would make my whole year. Keep up the awesome work!!

Atanyxx, Aug 25, 2012
Just one big flaw....

I was excited to get this app because I am Wiccan. The app is tremendously informative but it has one big flaw. When you open the app... it shows the home page (seen above with pentagram and open book) for half a second then it disappears to page two of the lists of spells. You can never get the home page back. I've tried. It's a beautiful image and great graphics, so why can't it stay??? If there's a reason why and a way to make sure it's there at all times when you first open the app, I would love to know because I've tried everything and it literally disappeared within a half a second of me opening the app. I even closed the app and turned off my iPad2 and went back in and it wasn't there. Disappointing :(

CinderRose153, Oct 18, 2011
Love this app

Great app for beginners and very informative for those looking for basic wiccan rituals..Ive been into different pagan religions for a while

ErikdaTiger, Sep 21, 2016
Read this

Okay, I'm not a pro at this kind of stuff, and I might be kind of young, but everyone needs to read this. I've been thinking about this, and I decided it isn't that bad or dangerous if you're heart is in the right place. If you don't want to download this just because of religion, read further. The bible mentions Egyptian magicians, so that proves magic is real AND that it is ok to use this because that magic is based of a religion and it worked. Plus, if God didn't want us to use this app, he would have done something like cause a worldwide glitch where nobody could get this app. So, you should get this app but be careful with it. I may not know much about Wiccan things, but I know my witchcraft.

Iznator, Dec 02, 2012
Such a helpful app

It's a fun and great resource for quick answers and helpful information. Thank you!

Peonymama, Oct 30, 2016
Wonderfully useful app

For those of you who have asked if spells work if you're not a witch, the answer is not as simple as a yes or a no. Before attempting spells, you must learn about Wicca and understand how whatever energy you put into a spell will return to you, good or bad. You must love the Earth and nurture it by planting, cleaning it and refraining from litter and unnecessary pollution. You must love the God and Goddess and respect nature and all living things; only then will the spells work for you, and above all else, only use spells for good. Blessed Be.

PoodyDoodoo, Aug 15, 2011
Spells really work but needs more explanation

The spells do work,but the app needs to explain how you preform the spells and how much mana it takes

ReidTheBook, Mar 25, 2016
Good but with some BS.

This can be an informative app. There are a couple decent spells in here but you have to be able to see past the BS! The best type of spell is one you write yourself. Get a book and learn to create a spell. Any true Wiccan or witch will know the difference. If you really think you can become invisible, then your a fool and should not be practicing magick. As for the people asking for "black" magick spells, STOP practicing!! You give good true Wiccans and Witches a bad rep. We will never be able to overcome the bad rep with society with these types of actions! Now, creators of the app, there are a lot of things that you can do to make this app better. Please meditate on this and make the changes you find!

Samurai0311, Oct 25, 2011
It’s “okay”

English and writing is spotty at best. It does not provide a great overview of ALL magick. Good starter app, though. Also, I do wish it delved into the theory behind magick as well. Maybe a more detailed layout and something to help newbies “build” a spell.

shooklt, Dec 07, 2019

I am an 11 year old girl, and I found this app amazing. I really like it, and I do believe in magic. Thank you for making this app. I have a suggestion if you would like. Maybe you should add some more things, so like more magic and things like that. But otherwise it is good. I want to make the fire oil because I have all the supplies. Again, thank you for making this app. I have always wanted to do magic but when I tell my friends, they think I am weird. Great app. ~ Tessa

TessaAwesome33, May 18, 2013


*** Love...Luck...Friendship...Rituals...Candles...Herbs...Oils...more than 240 spells *** Enter the world of magick with this book, containing plenty of spells for all kind of needs. Spells can range from simple incantations to complex magical rituals. Abracadabra, Abraxas and Hocus Pocus are well-known examples of verbal spells.

A spell can be anything from a prayer to a heart-felt wish. Spells can also be amulets, talismans, voodoo dolls, wangas, fetishes, mojos, potions, powders... in fact a spell can take any form. From history and general knowledge about witchcraft to spells, this pocket guide contains information about: *Basics: How to cast a circle, charge an item or consecrate an object. *Candles: Types, colors and their use. *Colors: Magical meaning. *Herbs: A comprehensive list of herbs that can be used in spells or rituals. *Oils: recipes, their use and symbolism. *Sabbats: dates and symbolism. *Stones: Over 70 stones along with their history, use and symbolism. *Wiccan Symbols *Over 200 spells grouped in categories: -Banish Spells -Beauty Spells -Binding Spells -Blessings -Breaking Spells -Car and Travel Spells -Cleansing Spells -Dream Magick -Fertility Spells -Friendship Spells -Health Spells -Invisibility Spells -Job and Business Spells -Love Spells -Luck Spells -Money Spells -Multi-purpose Spells -Psychic and Spiritual Spells -Sleeping Spells -Spirits and Ghosts -Weight Loss Spells -Well-being Spells Features: Retina display Bookmark your favorite topics. Search function. Email function. Twitter sharing. Facebook sharing Print function. Add your own notes and share them. Cast the spells or share them with your friends in need. To view the images displayed in the application internet connection is required.

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