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User Reviews for Spellix


I have stubbornly been stuck on Level 83 for months, despite the fact that I have perfect three stars on every level before it. I cannot get past this level within the time limit and I REFUSE to spend money on a stupid app. You should be allowed to skip a level of you have enough stars to proceed multiple pages beyond that level.

George Leonard iii, Oct 27, 2015
Challenging app as it progresses

Worth the coin to get rid of extremely irritating ads

Hartlovet, May 28, 2017

Although this game is very enjoyable, there is too long a wait to continue trying to pass a level. Also, I'm stuck on level 122. I finally decided to pay to continue so that I could move on. My $0.99 bought me 40 seconds. I almost completed the level. A minute would have helped. So now I'm out of lives, out $0.99 and STILL on level 122!! Time to look for a more user friendly word game!

J21313, Oct 23, 2016
Too fun!

Great game that is fun and educational. Definitions are given for many of the words. Levels are fun and challenging without being so hard as to discourage the player.

KVR67, Oct 06, 2015
Great game, stupid dictionary

This game is really addicting, and I like it a lot - except for the dictionary. Common words are missing, and the definitions are ridiculous. For example, they define singing as "the act of singing vocal music." Ummm. I would never pay for this.

Marcieexyzyx, Sep 18, 2016
Too addictive!

Can't seem to stop playing it. Three stars is my goal for all levels. Good challenge. I finally finished it. I was hooked and want more levels.

Myspena, Aug 06, 2015
Very Addicting!

This game is really great! I find myself wanting to play it all the time. I love how it sometimes gives you the meaning of the word that you spell. The reason why I'm giving it only three stars is because it freezes a lot. And because once you've used up your three lives it doesn't let you play anymore unless you wait a certain amount of time which is usually around 20 minutes. I purchased an in app upgrade with the understanding that the timer would go away so I could play the game constantly without waiting for another life. The app was not clear that when I paid the extra money I would only get no ads...NOT get extra lives and the timer to go away. I felt like this was false advertising and unfair. A tricky way to get money out of us which I'm not happy about. So, word to the wise or the unwise like me… Don't purchase any in app upgrades.

pro musician 4, Aug 05, 2016
Good while it lasted

Fun game! Let’s you use your own brain. But it only has 240 levels at the time if this review, and I played them all up to three stars. Now what?

SavvyCatJones, Jan 30, 2022
Totally addicting

My favorite game. Completed all current levels. Some levels very challenging. But not so hard I cannot finish and give up. Love it!

Svogele, May 27, 2016
Great fun

I'm having a great time and keeps me thinking Keeps the brain working

Tomim12, Jun 19, 2016


Spellix! • Word game lovers unite! • Make words not war! A super spelling adventure game. Crush letters and spell your way to the top! • Spell words to complete levels in a free super spelling adventure game for word lovers.

Each level has unique word puzzles and textual challenges. Break the glass, beat the timer, sink the love hearts and more. • Swipe letters to make words. Make words from the letters in any direction - up, down, left, right, backwards, or diagonal. If you love making words you'll love playing Spellix • Test your vocabulary and lexicon, and watch them improve while playing. Compare scores with friends and global leaderboards. The word game everyone is talking about!

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