Icon Speed Math - Improve your mental addition, subraction, multiplication, and division skills

Speed Math - Improve your mental addition, subraction, multiplication, and division skills

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Speed Math - Improve your mental addition, subraction, multiplication, and division skills

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User Reviews for Speed Math - Improve your mental addition, subraction, multiplication, and division skills

Great App. Terrible Bug

This is a great app and I play it at least twice a day. But there is a terrible bug. For veteran at least, if you play it once and then hit play again the timer on the second run counts twice as fast. I have to close the app and reopen to play a second round.

bassandguitar, Nov 06, 2015
Fun but wish it would block people using bots

Takes the fun out of the World Challenge

Beth Morrell, Aug 24, 2018

Can you please get rid of the ads for the people that spent 99 cents on this app? I paid I don't want any ads.

Ccd412, May 26, 2015
Mental math exercises

Intense workout for the brain, lots of questions and a high score chart

CmrnDzz, Mar 06, 2015
Fun game. Tokens stink though.

If you are looking for something to do while waiting in line this is great. The math problems are a fun challenge. Unfortunately they block you from playing after a while and force you to pay for tokens. I'd rather just have ads in the app. Deleting for now because it's not worth the money for tokens.

Cristoph47511, Apr 10, 2018
Good but needs some improvement in data science

Engaging game but I think it has clearly been hacked. On the world challenge the top time is approximately 10 seconds for 50 questions. It’s just not humanly possible to do 50 questions in that time so please do a better job of eliminating the outliers and provide more statistics on the scores i.e. percentage of users that score is a given time range and a statistical distribution, hopefully it’s Gaussian but let the data tell us that info. Also add result classification by age if possible, then it could be a decent barometer on how the human brain performs technical functions as it ages. Keep working guys if you can add these additional result classifications there is a strong chance of increasing your revenue and the amount of downloads. If you don’t add these features in the next 3 months I’ll build my own app and place it in the App Store.

DrFisherIsBack, Dec 30, 2017
Crashes after each round

Used to like this app for brain exercise and keeping mental math skills sharp, but lately it has started crashing at the end of each round which defeats the purpose of fast paced exercises. Fix the bug and I'll fix my rating.

Every name is takennnnn, Jan 18, 2022
Great Brain Sharpener

I love this app! I play it all the time while watching TV or sitting around in waiting rooms—anytime when I just want an easy distraction that keeps my brain feeling sharp. I love math, and this is the kind of simple game that’s easy but keeps you interested trying to beat your best time. It would also be great for kids working on their arithmetic skills. It’s basic, but fun for sure!

MitchPuck, Jun 03, 2018
Fun game, challenging

I like this game. It really keeps you on your toes. I notice I do best when I'm well-rested and have eaten and haven't been staring at the screen for a while, especially after a nap. But that's all tests, I guess. It helps to practice some of those basic operations. For instance I noticed it kept asking me to multiply by 14 & 15, so I memorized my 14's and 15's (up to 20), and it really shaved lots of seconds off my time. Ditto practicing adding and subtracting single digits by memory. The only thing I wish is that it were more interactive. It says I'm ranked at No. 105 in the world challenge, but it doesn't say how many people are playing. If I'm 105 out of 500, that's no big deal. But 105 out of 100,000- that would be something! Also, I wish there were a way to challenge friends or see your friends or classmates ranked. Maybe challenge friends "Friends with Words" style. Or introduce a multiplayer challenge/race mode where you can drop bombs on people to slow them down or something. As it is now, it's like I'm the only person in the world playing it, and that makes for a less pleasant experience in the long run. Perhaps that makes people delete the app after a while.

Pildbe26, Nov 17, 2016
Great game

Difficult which makes it fun!

Thos99, Dec 11, 2014


Training for your Brain: How fast are you? How smart are you? Use Speed Math to measure yourself and see how you stack against your friends and online, and compete for the fastest time.

Speed Math will help you achieve your potential by challenging you with operations up to three operands using addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication Features: - 4 levels of difficulty - Two and three operand questions - Multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division - Online leaderboard for world challenge level - 7 Skill levels starting from "Grasshopper" - Tokens that can be purchased to continue playing after 100 intial rounds

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