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Genc Sadiku
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User Reviews for Space Rocket Exploration

I love it, I love it, I love it!!! But.

I love this game so so much. But when you start to get more in to the game and play it for a long long time. It starts to get boring. it just needs more stuff I just get bored to quick. But everything else is 10/10

ANGRY AND MAD!!!!, Apr 21, 2022
Immense potential!

This game is really amazing considering its relatively new. Just needs a few tweaks and additional content. I would love to be a supporter if they ever utilize “add-ons”. Perhaps adding more parts or additional columns to build from (creating wider rockets). The galaxy really does appear to be limitless when you’ve reached space. But no matter how you build the rocket, you don’t quite have enough fuel to reach very far. And the flare the sun puts off looks so realistic, but when it’s being eclipsed, the Ring of fire doesn’t grow, it simply flashes on or off, rather than a gradual build or fade. In any case, awesome work so far. Can’t wait to see the next update!

BigDonJon, Dec 14, 2020
Very good but only just needs one update or more

It needs side boosters real rockets have side boosters but some don’t and make it that u can see what other people rockets look like and make it that u can download other people’s rockets and see if they are cool and make it that u can place the thing whatever u want and just add a thing that says space shuttle fuel tank and it’s like the space shuttle fuel tank that’s now in space and make it’s that u can color ur rocket it can’t be just white and make it that u can change how much powerful ur rocket boost thing if u know what I’m saying and make it that u can put wings but some rockets don’t wings and I hope ur games gets more realistic and I hope all the updates that will make ur game the best game and I hope u can do all these updates and I love ur game.

hbojgigu, Apr 23, 2021

Great game but one question I want to build a space station and I can’t even figure it out if you see this review I want you to do a few more things to this app like giving you the ability to make a space ship and dock them also I want you to make it so you can do a space walk and explore other planets out side the ship Leo we can walk in an Astronaut That walks on planets that is all from me plz update the app that is all from me goodbye

kp1978101112, Mar 28, 2021
Great Game just a small problem

I absolutely love this game! It’s planetary graphics are amazing and the physics of it are great. My only complaint with the game is if you build your own space station, you HAVE TO put a control panel and fuel tank on it otherwise it continues in the EXACT same orbit, meaning the planet (or moon) moves but the space station does not. I made a recreation of the ISS and a perfectly circular orbit and now its going so close to the planet that if it was real live it would be going in and out of the atmosphere. Please please please fix this and it would be worth the 5 stars.

Mavalanche29, Jan 12, 2022
Its amazing although...

The game is amazing. I love bringing sats into orbit around planets and going into 360 mode and just looking around. The graphics are amazing... except for the rocket textures and launchpad area. I feel like they could have better textures and more detail. Also make the screen Gui not so cramped. Its a great game other than that!

orangepiglet, May 30, 2021
Best Space Simulator Available

To put it simply this is likely the best space simulation game available on any platform it even trumps games like Kerbal Space Program and the SimpleRockets series. Let me break it down for you the physics are amazing everything works just as it would in real life doing much better than KSP, the graphics are stunning so stunning in fact that I’d prefer to see this than actual space, and the building system this game features such an intuitive and complex system that you can use to design an almost unlimited amount of rockets. In conclusion you should download this game right now and experience tranquility.

PuzzySlayerxxx, Jun 03, 2020
Awesome game

There is one thing I would like the developers to add, and that is to make it easier to land on planets, right now it is super hard and I don’t know if I can even do it, it would also be cool if you had to do science tests with the satellites just to make it a little more interesting than just launching rockets into space

raymondo292, Dec 26, 2020
Needs some more work

Game has lots of potential. I like the idea behind it but it has waysss to go. There’s literally just a super simple tutorial on how to build a rocket, doesn’t explain anything else, like how to travel, connect pieces together on the space station, travel to other planets... there’s also literally zero point to the game. Launch a rocket into space, put a satellite in orbit andddd you win...? And you can just keep doing that over and over I guess but would certainly get boring. You can build the same rocket over and over, there’s no strategic way you can only build it, so why even give the option too? Just build the biggest rocket every time. Would be cool to see some kind of game goals or something to strive for. Maybe start off with a small rocket and as you launch satellites into orbit you gain some game currency and can use that to develop new rocket parts to push further into space? Idk definitely was fun to play for like an hour. Made it to the moon and was able to even get into orbit. But like I said, that’s it. Nothing else to do in the game. Hopefully there’s updates to come. Has a good foundation to become a great game especially geared towards people who enjoy space/travel games.

Shadoof77, Jan 27, 2021

This games has so much potential it can do so much!But it’s kinda basic and u can’t land on planets or even orbit them or that’s what I think there’s probably ways but it doesn’t show. So maybe make orbiting easy and add more content. Plus u should make using a rocket more realistic. I hope you guys make it better! I recommend this to people who like space games!!!🚀

These biscuits ahhhh, Jun 21, 2021


Space Rocket Exploration gives you the ability to feel the exctiment of traveling to space and exploring planets like you never have felt and seen before. The game has astonishing graphics and physics that simulate space how it's in the real life! First part of the game is where you have to build your own rocket and launch it in the launch area!

There are three stages: small stages, medium stages and larg stages. You can combine all parts of different size and make a big rocket that you can travel and discover planets further and further. Most interesting part of the game is the ability to build a Space Station in space by attaching every single part that you bring from earth. Size of Space Station is unlimited you can also add controllers to make it controllable. Satellite is another object that you can launch in space. You have many different satellites. The Game has all planets with their moons that exist in our solar system which all of them have different characteristics. Now is time for you to try it!

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