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Sonar: Create worlds together

  • Social Networking

Sonar: Create worlds together

  • Social Networking
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Sonar, Inc.
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User Reviews for Sonar: Create worlds together

Glitched Blocks (not client specific)

I don't normally leave reviews, but I love this app and I hate to see what happened to it. I will also send a email to customer support about this, I just want it to be fixed ASAP.In the new MOJI/wallet update many servers both mine and my friends glitched. There are now "phantom blocks" as I call them. This use to happen as well but now leaving and re-joining won't fix it. This isn't just me, all of my friends servers and games have the same problem.One of my servers had many blocks that seemingly vanished, but upon further inspection I found that they are now un-movable and unable to be deleted. They are invisible so it looks like you could move there, but when you try you are pushed back.I'm giving this game 4 stars so that if it gets fixed I don't forget to up the rating, but this is a very important issue.

AeroGlory, Sep 24, 2021
Easier to figure out than discord.

Once you get on this app, it's quite easy to figure out how the mechanics of this app works. It took me only a few minutes to adjust to it and start my own little hangout w my friends. Just one thing has been bothering me quite a lot; when you try to place an emoji more than once (or duplicate it) it takes a very long time, and the horn just keeps making that noise in which I can't turn off. It would be easier if the duplicate button and the horn button were sepereated. Other than that, the app works perfectly for only launching in 2021 or so.

bananasara, Mar 14, 2021
Banned for no reason

Idk why but i got banned for no reason. The game is fun but when you get banned they don’t give you any notice and they also don’t tell you why you got banned. I messaged their support account on twitter and they just said i was banned. I asked if there was any way to see the cause of the ban and they still haven’t answered me. You can get banned when literally anyone reports you, there doesn’t even have to be a reason, just if enough people report you for no reason then you will get banned (according to other reviews). In my opinion the ban system needs to be improved and the moderators need to be more professional. I don’t recall doing anything that could even gotten me banned, so it would nice if the game developers actually did something to fix this and somehow came up with a way to unban innocent people who got banned.

iPh0n311, Apr 09, 2021

I think that is a great app I really do but there are some things that I think should be added. Number one I feel that you should able to change your name, I mean what if you don’t like the name you originally chose then what your just stuck there with a name that you don’t want to be known as. Number 2 you should be able to delete your account, your account should be able to be deleted that would add an addition to the settings menu which is another point there aren’t enough settings it’s just log out which is an inconvenience in a way. But despite all of these things I said it’s still a really good app being able to chat with friends and other people it’s great.

megotron999, Oct 10, 2021
Great app and I love it.. but….

Yo! So as someone who is incapable of real life social interaction.. I use things like Sonar and Discord a lot. Other platforms of course but those are my main two. Anyway, this app is great. 10/10 would recommend if your lonely, or just wanna chill, or wanna make a little server just to hang out in. It’s a great app for what it’s made for, the only downsides I’ve seen are, 1. There aren’t a ton of droppable emojis. And, 2. I can’t see the profile pictures of anyone on the servers. This includes my own. I’ve done everything possible to try to fix this but I just can’t. I don’t know if it’s the app or what but that’s that. As for the emojis, I’d recommend a “Emoji Drop” mode. Like you could switch to an edit mode and all emojis become droppable. Where as out of “Edit mode” you couldn’t drop emojis. Idk how how it would be, but it would definitely be fun to use. (Also maybe consider adding a multiplier, maybe so you don’t have to add each emoji to the server individually.) That’s all, fun app, not any major downsides (:

ohmylordallthenamesaretaken, Jul 26, 2021

Let me tell you why… I was playing around for a day on here already made some friends and was overall having a really good time. Until I had figured out on my own that I was banned from the app for no reason… They don’t even let you know your banned the app just stops working, I had to find out from Reddit. There is no way to submit a rebuttal. My guess for the ban is people have public servers but the don’t want the public joining for some reason so as soon as you join the ban you from that server. Literally makes no sense, it happened like 10 times and I’m almost positive that’s why I can’t even use this app anymore. I tried to email the company to the email they left in someone else’s comment for the same thing and no response in 5 days. Clearly they don’t care about the people that use there app.

Sonar Is a Joke, Jul 17, 2021
I love this app so much

I’ve been playing this app for over a year and I love this game! I’ve made friends so easily, I have memories from playing events and games with my friends, and better yet It changed my perspective of crypto, friendships, drama, and creativity. Coins, Shaders, Names, Drops, and more. But to be completely honest everyone is cool on this app and you can be whoever and whatever on this app. And yes some people could be annoying but that’s why The devs are cool for the ban button. But if you’re reading this review just know that the people with comfort you, make you laugh, and just have a good time. But that’s why you should get this app. That’s all my time goodbye [email protected] from sonar✝️💀

TICTOK I THE BEST, Jul 31, 2022
The apps amazing

i’ve been on sonar for about 4-5 months and i’m that time i’ve made a lot of friends, ive also spent a lot of nights up on this app the thing i love about sonar is how open concept and when i say that i mean how much freedom you have to do anything you want you can build in servers and even meet new people i like how the game developers are active with the community i’ve grown a bond with them, I really think this game is as good as it can be thank you hq:)

WhosTwitter, Dec 03, 2021
Interesting and disappointing

When I first got the app I was able to enjoy comfortable chats with only a few weirdos in the mix, now the app has kind of divulged into this mixture of idiots saying the me word and spammers that just ruin the fun. Typically muting is the best option but when the whole community is full it’s kind of hard not to mute everyone. I also had bided my time building some interesting things all of which gain popularity quickly and were memorable maps. I can’t have much fun anymore like I used to. It’s not the devs fault really it’s more the player base it just makes me sad to have this happen to a pretty cool app.

xDarkNebula, Oct 09, 2021
Toxic community, careless developers

I’ve had the app for 6 months now and I have a love-hate relationship with Sonar. I love the concept, I’ve never been a prominent member of the gaming community or other apps like this, but I immediately felt at home. I loved expressing my creativity in building servers, and I was able to make many friends through this app. However… the community as a whole is very toxic. Bullying and harassment are extremely common, even amongst the users considered “role models”, such as the discord team or the new Valid badge holders. There is extreme bias in who gets punished for violating Sonar’s strict, “zero-tolerance” guidelines. While new, smaller and lesser known users may get banned immediately for small infractions, users that are affiliated with the right people can bully, harass, and mock other users on a regular basis with no action taken against them. I don’t believe this community is healthy within an app marketed towards younger users. I suggest there be limitations set on how much influence certain users have on the moderation team’s decision to correct the inappropriate and extreme behaviors. I believe the discord should be kept separate from the app itself, meaning the discord mods should have no power or influence within Sonar and are only there to oversee the discord server. If that cannot be done, I do not recommend this app for younger users. It is very damaging.

You know who this is 🙃, Sep 16, 2021


Sonar lets you listen to music, play games, and talk with friends in spaces you create. Walk in and out of conversations like IRL. Express yourself with text and hundreds of secret sound bites.

Drop emojis to create the perfect vibe for you and your friends or explore festivals, arcades, tea houses and other spaces created by the community. Vibe to lo-fi beats, dance to EDM, or listen to podcasts with friends by dropping a radio emoji.

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