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User Reviews for Solisquare

Just 1 thing

So, the game is absolutely amazing. I’ve been playing a lot now and I’m having so much fun. The only thing is- usually there are only 4 of a number in a standard 52 card deck. And sometimes when I’m playing, I get more than 4 of a number. I know this is kind of just a little thing, and it doesn’t affect how I play. It’s just a thing I wanted to point out. Aside from that, this game is amazing.

AvidGirlGamer, Nov 24, 2019
Addicted, but a couple of bugs

This game is CRAZY good - I played nonstop until I got that unicorn deck at level 6. But I have a few bugs. It drains my battery harsh. It makes my iPad run really hot. Sometimes this phantom middle square appears just of the edge of the screen and follows my selector around and won't let go. Sometimes the middle square won't flip, it just follows me around until I click somewhere. I'm playing through all of that because I'm so hooked on this game, but it does get annoying.

CherishAnn, Sep 19, 2019
Solid Game

I’ll skip the praise as I’m sure it’ll likely be similar to the rest of the positive reviews. But there’s one thing that I am having a little trouble with, and that’s the multiplayer feature. A friend of mine and myself tried to play together five times, but it would kick either of us out once it seems to be working, or the other player wouldn’t show up. If this problem could be resolved that would be lovely. Thanks!

DanseurSmsn00, Dec 03, 2019
Game is fun but UNSTABLE

Have played this on iPad & iPhone 11 Pro, same issues: frequently, on first move, game is “lost” even tho that’s impossible (open squares/moves are available). Also, often tapping on center square to turn up next card, then moving it to an outer square makes both disappear completely off the board rather than moving to outer square. (This can happen multiple times in a game, most often in early moves.) Game is enjoyable, but needs considerable stability work.

FB hatemail, Jan 17, 2020
Unexpected crashes

Love the game, however, app is unstable. Inside of Decks area results in crash much of the time. Looking through Decks or doing nothing at all in Decks, expect a crash. Very frustrating. Got my wife on board to try the app but if we play the game individually but at the same time, we end up controlling each other’s game randomly and unintentionally. Took a bit to realize what was going on, as the cards were shuffling, flipping, and decks were changing seemingly by itself. Like I said, great game. I really enjoy the game... when it works. It’s got potential. Rating is temporary and for app performance only. More QA TESTING IS NEEDED. If this helps, iPad mini 2, iOS 12.4.2. Devs - reach out to me with questions on symptoms or field testing, if you’re able. Thanks.

HejDuke, Dec 01, 2019
Developers very helpful

I reached out about the issue I was having written below and one of the developers got back to me right away and gave me an ad free version and extra coins. On a holiday weekend! So grateful for good customer service. The game is fun so I’m thrilled to have it now as free. Once you get the hang of Solisquare it’s kind of addictive but in a good way lol“While the game is quite enjoyable, I was asked to pay $4.99 to remove ads. I paid it. I still have ads. Now there’s another option to pay $1.99 to remove more ads. They want me to pay more?! I don’t get it. And there’s no option to send a message to the developer. So there’s that. Just take my money people! I only work for a living!”

Jtara1979, Dec 02, 2019
Great Game, One Issue

Very fun game, simple but playable over and over again. One issue— at night I have a playlist playing over a Bluetooth speaker; when I open the game it cuts off my Bluetooth. Happens with the game sound and music both in and off...?Update: I figured out that just sliding the volume all the way down doesn’t work (see above); you have to tap the speaker icon to officially mute the app. Success! Back to five stars!

Myrddin4, Nov 30, 2019
Cards replaced while in play

Help! Please. I am on level 9 where suddenly cards I an playing disappeared and replaced instantly with new card. Thus, from one move to the next a new puzzle is places before me. Is this an unmentioned part of levels 9 and above? If so, a deeper explanation must be written. If not a glitch, i have to say i do not care for it. I like to play with the original game. One deck at a time, please. I am on an iPhone 11 playing 13.5.1.

Potter dog, Jul 04, 2020
Fun solitaire.

I enjoy the limited time events and unlocking the new decks. The app is updated frequently and all you have to do is win with one of the new decks to add it to your collection. There are other decks that you can unlock with coins as you level up. This month features the birthday deck, I was able to beat it and add the deck to my collection, but I didn’t see anything that explains how to unlock any deck of my choice after having beaten it. Hopefully that gets fixed soon, still a great app!Update: Tried unlocking a deck that I could afford with coins, I was able to unlock the Wilderness deck, but it did take the coins. The free unlock didn’t work for me, other than that glitch, I haven’t had any other problems with the app.

SPM21Bucky, Sep 08, 2020
I love this game!

The ads are not fun but I know they are necessary. I usually try to find games with ads that don’t stop my own music or mostly podcasts from playing. I can watch the ads and I do check out the games but if it always makes my podcast stop and I have to take extra steps to simply restart my podcast... then this game will get old quickly .. maybe offer a no ad version eventually and in the meantime.. make the ads be quiet .. is there a version with no ads? I just read a comment that there might be! I played this game a long time thinking that you couldn’t move the stacking spaces .. then I realized you could just move them over .. I run more now but I won often before anyway .. you could make a harder version where the stacking place cards can’t be moved .. it works :)Again.. I really love this game!!

Swicegirl, Dec 09, 2019


Introducing the BEST solitaire game for mobile! Solisquare is an all new solitaire game that is fun and easy to play. But don't be fooled, there is more strategy than in regular solitaire You begin with a standard deck...but as you level up and earn coins, you can unlock new decks!

These decks were specifically created for Solisquare. Choose a deck that matches your personality or take the ultimate challenge and collect them all! The more you play, the more decks you can unlock! And look out for special events where you can unlock a FREE deck! Each round is played with 52 cards. Your goal is to reveal all 52 cards by building up and down in 4 scoring piles. You also have 4 store piles that you can use to store one extra card in to use later. Almost every deal is winnable! Earn points and coins for each round played, and bonus points for winning! Points will increase your level rank which will allow you to unlock new decks. • Battle Mode! - Play against other players from around the world in a two player version! Each player races to get rid of all 52 cards while playing at the same time on the same playing squares! Earn or lose Battle Cred after each match! • Play on your Apple TV, iPhone or iPod and your progress and games are saved from device to device! Start a game on your Apple TV and finish it on your phone! There is also an Apple Watch version - designed perfectly to fit on your wrist! The only solitaire game that can be played with no scrolling! Compete with your friends on the leaderboard - Most points, most wins, longest streak and highest scoring game! Complete achievements and track your progress! Current decks include: • Standard • Vintage • Space • Money • Llama • Helvetica • Pizza • Pineapple • Beach • Birds • Domino • Cactus • Hand Drawn • Unicorn • Wilderness • Math • Western • Skull • Leaves • Architecture • Denim • Camo • Puppies • Cats • Horses • Puns • Zoo Animals • Poodles • Fishing • Food • Sushi • Delaney • Emoji • Tattoo • Classic Red • Comedian • Bri • Classic Blue • Graffiti • Impossible • Classic Green • Go Green • Luke Green • Flowers • Van Gogh • Bible • Isolation • Swim • Racecar • Golf • China • Candy • Lines • Vegas • Monster Max • Heroes • Monolith • Roxy • City • Jungle • Topograph New decks released monthly- collect them all! Event decks available for limited time: • Halloween • Thanksgiving • The 12 Days of Christmas (13 decks!) • Valentine • St. Patrick • April Fools • Easter • Mother’s Day • Memorial Day • Father’s Day • 4th of July • Summer • Circulous • Autumn • Happy Birthday • 2021 And more coming soon!

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