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User Reviews for Snapwire - Sell your photos

Share your photos

The title of the app says Sell your photos when it should read Share your photos. I have been active daily on this app and have yet to see anything happen. I’ve uploaded the maximum number of photos, followed photographers, and submitted photos for each challenge.....NOTHING HAS HAPPENED. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy sharing my pictures and viewing other people’s work however that’s not why I signed up for this app.

Angela3122, May 16, 2019
Optimization Issues

While using the app, I’ve noticed some frustrating instances within the interface while using my iPhone XR. The proportions are often scaled incorrectly which can crop essential buttons such as “save” and “cancel” out of touch and prevent me from saving profile changes among other things. Although I love the concept, i’d love to actually be able to use the app in its full functionality.

anwng, Jan 03, 2019

I like the challenges but my photos are good and ‘on brief ‘ and get removed. I agree with all others who are challenging Snapwire on the fairness issue. You really are elitist and cater to the upper crust of photographers on this app. Foap is more fair, and allows a lot of interaction between photographers. No one has ever reached out on Snapwire except to constantly remove my challenge entries for no reason. Have a great day and remember, a little courtesy wouldn’t kill you.

befairnow, May 31, 2018
Love the Concept But Not The Login Issues

Snapwire is everything I’m looking for in an app that allows me to display my photography. The only issue I have is that logging in is very often painful. Login errors are the norm and sometimes it can be days before you can login to the mobile app to update my portfolio. The web version is no problem but the login issues with the mobile app could use some improvement.

BigFace89, Jul 12, 2022

Snapwire isn't like traditional stock photo companies around. It doesn't pay you the pathetic .17 cents for your hard work like most companies and that's why I like it. It's harder to sell a photo but if you do, you earn decent money. They have challenges and requests and by being nominated or selling allows you to level up. Once you reach expert you are featured on their platform and have the possibility to have buyers request you for work. It takes time and dedication but I'm so glad I stuck with it. My skills have improved and I just leveled to Advance.

Burnsy5657, Jun 30, 2021
It’s okay

I’m a young photographer looking to make some money when I came actosss Snapwire I thought I might have a chance to make some cash I entered photos in almost every competition and am waiting for results I love the app and the concept however I wish they would make it a little easier for people like me to get out there and make some money I know this app can change that and that’s why I’m asking overall wonderful app !!

ilovedoags, Aug 27, 2020
The best

As a user of pretty much every photo contest/marketing app out there, I have no hesitation in saying that Snapwire gives photographers a much better opportunity for sales.That being said, it's not for everybody- which is a good thing in my mind. Snapwire roots out the bottom-of-the-barrel shooters right away with its leveling system, leaving stiff competition, but that just makes it all the more exciting when your photos succeed.Bottom line- great app for photographers... If you're one who has what it takes.

MsQBEsq., Jan 29, 2017
Better than FOAP but

My only problem is explorers aren’t listed under photographers so where do I go to find other explorers like me & follow them? Shooters, advanced, elite & pro photographers don’t follow back & I prefer to follow ppl that reciprocate what they receive... Also y’all require too much to even become a shooter, it’s not that much money to be made on here for that. Other than that I like the concept, I like the lay, I like how you can edit your photos through the app, I like that they don’t mistake your photos for a screenshot like FOAP, so like every other app it has its good & bad but hopefully u take into consideration & fix what u can to make it FAIR for everybody. Not everybody is gonna sell photos anyway so y limit ppl? It makes the app uninteresting & unfair, ijs.

QveenAlpha, Jan 11, 2018
Just started

Just started using haven't made any money from it and not sure I will but I love this app for photography inspiration and to help me be a better photographer. If money comes from it later on that's great 😊 only downfall is I hate the setup for looking for challenges it gives me a headache and makes me dizzy scrolling through. I wish there was a way to search by state and/or city.

River dawn, Jul 27, 2017

I have a lot of fun thinking up new photos to submit. My only complaint is sometimes the request date. For example, I’ll see requests for fall foliage pictures long before the leaves change colors and the deadline occurs before they change, too so I’m guessing it’s a challenge only for those who already have pictures saved from previous years. All in all I love this app. The Pros are amazing and people like us who shoot for fun don’t stand a chance but I still try!

YAY4TODAY, May 09, 2021


Get paid for your beautiful, authentic photos. Snapwire is a platform that connects a new generation of photographers with brands and businesses around the world. Photographers get access to real-time, paid photo Requests and Challenges.

Photographers can also sell photos directly from their own portfolios and in our growing stock photo Marketplace. Snapwire is your home for selling all your creative photography. Authentic photography has been proven to boost engagement and increase conversions, so your best authentic photos are in high demand. Start as an Explorer and submit your best photos to Snapwire Challenges. Level up to participate in paid buyer Requests. If your photo is nominated, you earn points and if its purchased you get paid quickly and fairly. Build your reputation by getting more points and level up. Levels give you access to other app features such as: the ability to be invited to Requests, direct commissions, and better exposure. You can also edit your photos using some of the coolest features from Adobe Photoshop® CC and Lightroom including Lightroom presets, adjustment tools and Lightroom’s signature Upright сapability that automatically corrects perspective and rotation. With Snapwire you can: – Participate in Snapwire Challenges and earn award money – Level up and get exclusive access to paid photo Requests from popular businesses and brands – Submit photos from your camera roll, iPhone camera, cloud or Adobe Creative Cloud – Build a beautiful portfolio and sell images directly from it – Share your personal portfolio with friends, fans and clients – Sell your best photos from our growing stock photography Marketplace – Get real-time notifications about Requests – Connect, communicate, and engage with photographers and creatives around the world – Become part of this quickly growing community of talented photographers – Get paid fairly with one of the highest market payouts when your photos are purchased – Unlock features by earning points and level up – Perfect your compositions with Lightroom presets – Edit your photos using adjustment tools: Temperature, Tint, Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Clarity, Vibrance, Sharpen, Reduce Noise, Red Eye – Crop, rotate and flip your photos before submitting them to Snapwire – Use Lightroom’s signature Upright capability that automatically corrects perspective and rotation Have feedback? We would love to hear from you at [email protected] Follow us on Twitter: @snapwire Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/getsnapwire Find us on Instagram: @snapwire

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