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Snagajob - Jobs Hiring Now

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User Reviews for Snagajob - Jobs Hiring Now

This app is AMAZING!

I am 17 turning 18 and was, unfortunately, not able to get any real work experience. My mom didn’t want me to work because it would interfere with school. I was finally able to go out and apply for jobs and after applying for 14 jobs in 2 days, not even within 5 hours I was already accepted for an interview. This app is amazing and I could not have gotten a job so quick without it! Thank you, snagajob!

alligatorpretzel, Mar 06, 2019
Great for Fast Food/Retail Jobs

I’m looking for a human resource related position. There are a lot of retail and fast food type jobs, making this a wonderful app for teens/young adults, or anyone interested in that type of work. I’m giving 4 stars because, while this app didn’t help me, I can see it being very useful for others. A suggestion would be to tailor searches based on what’s being typed in. When I type in “Human Resources,” I was met with a lot of cashier-type positions that didn’t relate.

ashtreeclearing, Sep 21, 2020
Snagajob is Awesome !

Just wanted to let the developers know how amazing their app is! I truly just downloaded the app and signed up yesterday. Applied to several jobs listed, and have gotten interviews scheduled already. Pretty darn amazing, in my humble opinion. Indeed doesn’t work that quickly! There are all kinds of job categories, so if you have the right skills, then you should be able to, well, “snag” a job,( couldn’t resist 😁). So, as your grandma would tell you, what the heck are you waiting for? Go sign up.

BabySweetieBear, Aug 24, 2021

Anytime I open the app a notification pops up on the middle of my screen it says “marketplace would like to use snag a job to sign in” and then it has options to cancel or continue when this pops up on my iPhone 11 it will not let me click cancel or continue and completely glitches my phone out to where I’m not able to use it at all and I have to force restart it it only happens when I open this app I’ve tried every other job site app I have I have indeed and glass door and so many other apps like them and none of them do this but snag a job you should fix this problem because I loved the app it was a easy and great way to find jobs near me I don’t want to have to restart my phone every time they try to open the app and use it

britt.uwu, Apr 26, 2022
Read this before downloading

As a 18 year old who recently got terminated at Walmart for calling out because I was in the hospital, I didn’t know much about job hunting because I was a Walmart cashier since I was 16. I downloaded all the apps and deleted all of them expect this one. And I have to delete this one too now. Why though? I got a job at chipotle! Without this app I don’t think it would of been possible. Highly recommended.

elliotseven, Jan 28, 2019
First time

It’s literally the first time I open the app and you ask for a review? Come on. First thing that pops up is allow notifications then give us a review. As you can tell I don’t like when apps do this and won’t be changing my review even if I like the app. So write my review in the app and close the app to come here and add some. I reopen the app and immediately get the rate the app again. This app is garbage. It just keeps putting the same jobs over and over in the list so you think the list is long. It’s not as its all artificial. Clicked on a location that tells me its 0.7 of a mile away from me so click on the map as I don’t recall seeing this place that close to me and maps shows me its 4.9 miles away from me. I click back to the app thinking this might have just been an error and the app didn’t load but nope the app says the same thing. This is insane and with reading some of the reviews this comes off as super beggie. At this point I don’t want to use the app and will just go walking around where I live looking for a job.

Gaspatchosoup, Jun 15, 2021
Thanks snag team!

Easiest 5 star review I’ve wrote in a while probably because I usually don’t review apps. Was Skeptical of the one click applications just because I’ve never seen anything like it before and it just seemed too easy lol. Went to bed after applying at 9 or so fast food joints or grocery stores and woke up to messages from two of them 😊. Within 2 days of applying I now hold my first ever job at sonic!(and it’s within walking distance which was very important to me as I don’t have my license yet.

idhndc, Oct 15, 2019
It works!

I downloaded this app and less than a months later I just had my first interview! I did apply for 17 jobs, but the one I got a callback from hired me. The process is super easy, and the one click applications are convenient. It saves your info so you can auto-fill your info and not have to type the same thing over and over. You can filter places and types of jobs. Definitely would recommend if looking for work.

MDiffey, Feb 19, 2018
Constantly force closes

I just downloaded it made an account and everything and now I’m trying to add my work experience but literally every time I try to add the start date that they REQUIRE you add the entire app freezes and then force closes. It’s taken me 13 attempts to list 2 - TWO work experiences. Very annoying especially since it saves none of the information you’ve put in about that particular experience up to the point of the app closing so you have to redo the entire thing every time and just hope the app doesn’t close when you go to add your dates .

Not A Regular Demon, Jan 21, 2022
Buggy mess

First thing in opening that nearly broke functionality is it asks for a review. How am I supposed to know? I only just opened the app.The next thing is the jobs list is FLOODED with DoorDash ads, and these have to be ads since you don’t have to apply to that like you do a regular job.My major issue (and the one that REALLY makes this app useless) is that it crashed while I was trying to fill out an application for a job. Thankfully the job has a separate site and login that I setup beforehand (and if it’s any good it’ll have saved my application on their end) but I wouldn’t suggest using this app.

small hobbit, Jun 07, 2021


Snagajob is the #1 free, easy job finder app to find part-time jobs and full-time jobs, make job applications easier, get great career advice and more. Great for students, teens or anyone who needs flexible hours. Plus, Snagajob is better than Indeed, Monster or ZipRecruiter because we only have hourly jobs, so it makes your job search easier.

Snagajob features: Find local jobs—search by location or keywords Find out who's hiring in your area with map search Get Daily Job Matches sent to your inbox Use search filters including distance, availability and job type Apply to jobs with just one click and see application status updates Take employee personality quizzes and get matched with jobs that are right for you Download the Snagajob app today and make it easy to look for restaurant, retail, hospitality, customer service, administrative, seasonal jobs and more. Need help? Have a question? Email [email protected]!

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