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User Reviews for Smash the Code

At first I hated it, then I understood how it works

As others have noted, the black and white dots were confusing at first. Once I read the developer reviews that they only relate to the number of right digits & places, but not their position, I figured it would be impossible to solve and *almost* deleted the game.Then, I tried different strategies to solve for the digits and found that it is in fact solvable and is just challenging enough to keep you from getting bored with it. I realize now that if the dots gave you the position of the correct digits, it would be much too easy and would become boring fast. This game will make you think and it’s fun because a round is fast. As another reviewer stated, if it had landscape mode on the iPad, I’d give it 5 stars. It’s fun - give it a try, but just make sure you understand the rules!

2019TracerGT, Jun 18, 2018
Enjoyable time killer

Fun puzzle game, only thing is the last couple times I’ve opened the game, my guesses no longer show on the board. The pegs light up but no guess, so not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s an issue with the game.

El Roodo, Mar 22, 2020
Really good game

Very much like the old game of MasterMind, as they say.Needs one improvement, IMHO - after game is over, if the correct solution was not reached, then you should be able to go back and review the correct answer along with your ten choices so you could learn from your mistakes.Thanks for a good app!

HeadMoose, Jul 30, 2018
Doesn't make sense.

The dot peg signals don't make sense. They are not signals in order of the numbers from left to right. Say the black peg is on the top left square, I'll try different combinations with the same first number until I get to the 6th try, and the first peg is no longer black even though the number didn't change. Too confusing.EDIT: Then that’s a POINTLESS GAME, developer response. SMH.

mendedseams, Nov 17, 2017
Bad reviews from people who don’t understand rules

This is a fun game and a good app. Reviews from people complaining are from people who can’t comprehend the rules of the game. The pegs don’t go in “order”. The amount of black pegs are the amount of correct digits in a correct position. The amount of white pegs are the amount of correct digits in an incorrect position. The challenge is to find which digits are in the correct position through intelligent trial and error; moving the numbers and seeing how that affects the number of black and white pegs, in order to deduct which digits are the correct ones before you run out of guesses.

Onesilentlight, Dec 24, 2017
Simple and creative

I love this game. The dot configuration would make the game too easy if they were ordered according to number position.The game is kinda like sudoku but faster (less moves). So it’s quick and easy.

Radioactive-235, Aug 04, 2018
Good but..

This is an interesting game, clever and not easy to solve. Because of that, my criticism is that the results disappear too quickly and there is no way to see the correct answer once you solve it in order to figure out how it works. It’s confusing that the positions of the numbers are not revealed but I understand that’s part of the difficulty and appeal. Still, that being said, we need the screen to either hold until dismissed once the puzzle is solved or the ability to go back and see what the correct answer was.

read'emandweep, May 02, 2022
Fun but has a couple of annoying flaws

Since it is not Mastermind, I will not make those comparisons. But, one very annoying and frustrating flaw is, When the game ends, it opens a new page or screen thus preventing the player from reviewing his or her moves. This truly mars what would otherwise be an enjoyable game.Also, it would be nice if the same number could be placed in a given row as a matter of honing in to an answer.

RonDycks, Aug 05, 2018
Took some time....

It took me some time to figure out what exactly I was doing, but once it clicked, the game became MUCH more enjoyable. I guess I should have read the reviews first, ad that would have saved me quite a bit of experimentation. Though.... figuring it out on my own was kind of a little achievement for myself. =DAs for the negative reviews... I don't know what to say. I think the developer handled himself in a very restrained manner (much more than I could have). I guess I could say that not everyone is going to enjoy game they try and play... and some people have more patience for games while others just want to win-win-win everything they come across without too much thought or effort (there's Checkers fans and then there's Chess fans.... and everything in-between... not everyone is going to land on the same spot across that spectrum - but those who don't land in the spot they envision themselves landing shouldn't fault the creator of whatever it is they're trying to play:;: that's just rude - accept that you landed where you landed and either be happy with it or strive to reach where you wanted to land). Thank you, developer (I'm sorry, I can't remember the name and hitting 'Cancel' on my review in order to see it will delete what I've written), for making this fantastic little puzzler. Endless replay value and very enjoyable. I'm definitely gonna have to keep my eye open for games you release in the future.=D

syntheticvoid, Dec 31, 2019
Great Game

Just like the old Mastermind. One request is to be able to go back and see the game you just finished. It instantly goes to your score, and you cannot go back to review your accomplishment.

Unimpressed2014, Jun 28, 2019


Do you like the classic Mastermind™ game? Then you'll love the brand new Smash the Code. You have ten tries to guess a secret 4-digit number.

After each try you receive a hint to see how many digits you have guessed correctly. This game has the best features from classic board game and paper-and-pencil Bulls and cows. That means you can play Smash the Code on your own or against a friend sitting next to you. Features: • play single or multiplayer in hot-seat mode or simultaneously on iPads • supports all devices and Dark Mode • lets you have fun with Game Center: unlock achievements and gain high scores

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