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Sling: Live TV, Sports & News

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User Reviews for Sling: Live TV, Sports & News

New Changes Less User Friendly

I have subscribed to Sling off and on for the last 5 years and though I like the service generally I hate the new interface! The greatest advantage to Sling over it’s competitors apps was that you could search the guide at the bottom of the screen while watching something without disrupting the continuity of what you are watching. The new interface, however, makes this very difficult. It takes forever to scroll through the grid guide because of ‘visual enhancements’ to schedule data and now half the screen is filled with visual content (on Apple TV) that is redundant and unnecessary. Please return to your standard TV Guide-style grid and get rid of all this extraneous content. Also, make it easier to switch back to the last channel you watched. And, keep the guide preference (All, Favorites, Movies, Sports, etc.) locked until manually changed by the user. I am constantly having to move between screens now just to see what else is on. And, sometimes I lose streaming while trying to check to guide (which never happened with your easier, more stream-lined and more user-friendly older app). Change is NOT always better! And, if something is NOT BROKEN, DON’T ‘FIX’ IT! You had the best streaming app for user-friendliness and accessibility and you screwed it all up!

bartolomundo, Nov 07, 2021
So disappointed

To say I’m disappointed is an understatement, especially after paying for a subscription!! There were shows that I wanted to watch that I was able to through other apps, but not all episodes...so I thought ok, based off of other reviews and other family/friends experiences, what the heck....the APP STINKS!!! or the subscription, I don’t know! The amount of times that I spend, shutting down, all apps, my phone, the TV, etc (and yes, not that it matters but, I do have a new iPhone 11Pro Max...) it connects MAYBE 25% of the time and even then it doesn’t always stay connected, if I have to pause the show to (ya know, have a life for a moment) and hit resume, IT RESTARTS THE SHOW!!! Then, when I try and skip ahead back to where I was, it freezes, and says, oops, UNABLE TO CONNECT, AGAIN!!!! I spend more time trying to connect and get back to my show than I do actually get to enjoy watching my show (and I’m talking 60 min long shows) I don’t think I’ll be paying for another month. It’s not worth the hassle, great idea, but I’m so beyond disappointed and frustrated that it’s not worth my time or my money (PLUS, even after paying, I still have to watch commercials...so why?!?! What’s the point?! There isn’t!!) Nice try, but, bye-bye Sling...you’ve let me down and I would NOT recommend to ANYONE!

Bella serenity, May 11, 2020
Great potential, horrible results.

The concept of sling is great. An app that allows you to watch your favorite shows live and on demand, where ever and when ever, without all the equipment, hidden fees and insane contracts that regular cable a satellite providers are know for. It's a great concept, if sling was able to deliver. They don't though. There's still many channels that sling doesn't offer, like spike and TLC. They also don't offer the big channels like CBS,NBC, ABC, Fox, etc. The on demand shows rarely work, the app usually crashes. Often times it will crash in the middle or towards the end of a show, and the only way to ever see the end is to restart it from the beginning and pray you make it to the end before it crashes again. There are symbols that you'd assume were fast forward/rewind/pause buttons, but they don't do anything when you press them. Sometimes the pause button works, but the app crashes when you try to resume. So if the app crashes 5 minutes before the end of your show, you can either restart it from the beginning, or move on with your life and never see the ending. Take my advice, spend the extra money and go with a provider like dish or direct TV. Sling may be cheaper, but it's not worth $20-$40 a month considering it barely works. Spend the extra money of a different tv provider, at least their products and services function properly and you get all the channels you want and not just a few.

Briannajoy248, Nov 26, 2017

I enjoy watching ESPN, CNN, HGTV, and a few other channels of Sling TV. Although there is limited number of channels with either the (basic) Orange package or Blue Package and given me lack of time to watch a lot of channels, this $35 a month value is well worth it. You can also bounce back and forth at any time of the month between the Blue Package (NFL network, USA, Fox Sports 1, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, USA, HGTV but not have ESPN/Disney channel) and the Orange Package (ESPN 1/2/3, HGTV, CNN, Disney, but not have NFL network, USA, MSNBC, Fox News, and Fox Sports 1 channels). The other downside is you have to rely on internet connection. I do not experience too much “buffer” issues due to internet issues. You can also add-on channels to your basic package like for children, sports, Cantonese, Spanish, Christian channels, comedy, and so on starting at $3/mo to like $15/mo. I highly recommend this cable streaming app and it is tremendously an impressive alternative to paying hefty cable/satellite bills like over $100/mo from Comcast or Direct TV. I think there is a 3 day free trial for Sling tv, which I did try out.

Chinese Guy 100, Sep 20, 2021
Commercials follow you everywhere...

I like convenience of sling. I can run it on multiple devices simultaneously and it works great... well, when it does. However, the biggest annoyance I’m experiencing with constant advertising. It seems that 99% of the time, when I start live streaming, I’m getting 5 min. of commercials staring away. At first I thought it was just coincidental, but after using this service for several months, I can see a clear pattern. Also, commercials would continue popping up and you can’t even escape from them when watching archives. Today, I started CNN live and was presented with 3 min. of commercials right away, then there was a small 2 min. segment of CNN programming, and then it went back to commercials again. This is ridiculous. I’m sure sling people would dismiss it by saying that they are running the channel normally and commercials are being delivered as scheduled. But, my experience begs the difference. I’ll be probably canceling my service in the near future in favor of commercial-free services like Netflix. In the meantime, I’ll mute the sound and go do something else while commercials are being played. Those practices are very unfair, especially if you are a paying customer. At least, others would let you opt out of commercials for a bit extra money. Not sling.

Commercial-free guy, Aug 08, 2020

Your on demand programs crash and won’t cast to the TV, and in spite of several attempts via customer service to escalate the matter to get them resolved, after nearly a month, nothing has been resolved - even with proper error codes provided. To make matters worse, your customer service department says that you don’t credit back for the services you have failed to provide. This is INCREDIBLY unethical when a customer signs up in good faith to get a service and the provider fails to correct a problem, then adds insult to injury by saying they can’t credit back anything! The worst part of all is that I paid for your service unawares for 3 YEARS and never once used it until I researched charges on my bank account, and in good faith decided to try it out anyways - without complaint - and even upgraded the service to add STARZ and it doesn’t even stream on-demand without error codes and crashes (I never have gotten to watch a single on-demand show to it’s end). On-demand is the only reason I want this service to begin with, and your company simply can’t provide it- as is evidenced by bad review after bad review on Apple’s App Store! Your so-called customer service reps keep saying “sorry, but there are no refunds” and nothing ever gets fixed. What kind of business are you running there? This is outrageous!

Dutchgirlmel, Jan 14, 2019
This is beyond atrocious...

.Vue went away. Fubo is FUBAR (the one good thing about it being that I was finally able to make my own profile, then star channels in the order I want them in the guide.) I'd like to try Dish but like Sling, it appears to be missing a particular crucial channel, somehow. I mean, what year is this? It shouldn't be too much to ask to have ONE perfect service with every channel that isn't an intelligence-insulting ripoff. You'd have all the customers. That I can't create my own profile, login on the site, arrange a custom channel list in my desired order, and save it, is disgustingly prehistoric at this point. I've got a list of about 116 channels, of which none should be missing from a service; don't you want the widest, largest audience possible? (Note: I cut out all the boring news, sports, etc. I should be able to choose the ones I want.) Also? You should be able to watch while scrolling. The guide boxes should include as much text (episode titles, descriptions, etc.) as reasonably possible. It's probably best to see a highlighted channel's program info at the top of the screen so that only one click is needed to select it. I guess it'd just be a miracle for the free over-the-air channels (with the vastly superior guide) to be able to be added in with the rest instead of having to be separate.

illgmkeanedu, Jul 16, 2020
Pretty much flawless

So first of all I just don’t write reviews. But I just had to do it because the app deserves it. It’s really good. Second I was skeptical about the services they provide. I didn’t know much. But once I found out more and signed up for it, it’s what they advertise. It is tv a la carte. I signed up for the Spanish channels and I even get an Argentinian channel I can’t get anywhere else. When it comes the app, it is flawless. It simply never crashes. Regardless of what channel I watch it always comes up without any problems. Once you choose the channel, you have to option to watch the program that’s on form the start, to start it over, or to watch it live. Once you stop watching, you can always come back to the same spot. It saves your programs so you can come back later and pick right up where you left off. You can do that with countless shows. You can also watch from a different source. If I’m watching on my phone, and stop watching, I can watch from the iPad or the Apple TV app and watch it also without any problems. Tv quality is fantastic too. You also don’t have to sing on every single time. I haven’t to sing in or log in since I first logged in months ago. This service along with the apps in the different platforms are simply seamless. It’s really one of the best, if not the best I have on all platforms. It’s literally fantastic. 10/10.

False advertising

Sling tv advertises that they have the movie “Malignant” when I couldn’t find it I asked for a refund. An agent told me they could help me with that, then asked why I wanted a refund. When I explained the situation they looked in to it and I was told I needed. To get the “con tv” channel. Sense I wanted to see the movie I decided do that. After spending more money on the con tv channel I sat down to watch the movie only to find out that the movie that played was not the movie advertised. Different actors, different story, they just threw the cover are from “Malignant” on a different movie and falsely advertised ad having it available. When I tried again talking to a sling tv representative I was told they don’t to refunds, and beyond that he said that it’s not there fault that their con tv channel was Mis advertising the movie, and do was sling tv. Now not only did I not get the refund I was lead to believe id get from the first agent but I also spent more money on the channel the told me I’d be able to watch the movie on. Most important though sling tv is false advertising “Malignant.” How many other movie do the advertise falsely? How much money do they get from people because of these false advertisements, and then just say, nope no refunds? How much money is the actual movie “malignant” (and probably other movies) missing out on because of sling tv’s false advertising?

kegangowens, Oct 18, 2021
I’d rather be IN a sling than try to use Sling

Every time I go to watch the World Cup something on the guide is wrongly advertised/ labeled and I can’t watch the games. I will go out of my way in every town, on every street, in every restaurant, in every home remodeling expo, in every pool supply shop, in every discount tire waiting-room; to make sure no one I meet uses this app. I’d absolutely recommend people hold their ear up to their neighbors wall to listen to what happens in the games rather than even bother trying to watch through the app. It will be an infinitely more enjoyable experience. I think I’m going to throw my computer out of my window if anyone would like to come watch that instead of trying to watch something unsuccessfully on Sling. I just finished tearing out my hair and I think I’ll start sawing my limbs off now. I’d rather watch my own birth on tape than use Sling. I’d rather watch YOUR birth on tape. I’d rather hold my hand in a tank of piranhas than hold my phone trying to watch Sling. I’d rather swim upstream in lavaflow-without a snorkel. I’d MUCH rather swing from a tree by my own nose hair than try to watch Sling. This has been therapeutic. I actually feel better. My mind hasn’t changed though. This app is pure, unadulterated, uninhibited bungholio.

Mdndjdksksnskakanabs, Dec 04, 2022


The TV you love for a price you’ll love. Stream live sports, news, popular shows, movies & more. Get customizable channel packages, 120K+ movies and shows On Demand and 50 hours of DVR storage included.

No hidden fees and no long-term contracts. Pause or customize your service at any time. Sports Sling has the live sports you can’t do without. Stream college basketball, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, college football, MLS soccer, golf, NASCAR, combat sports and more. Catch your favorite sports on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, TNT, TBS and more. From college to pro, soccer to football, it’s all on Sling! News Sling keeps you up to date on breaking news with channels like CNN, MSNBC and Bloomberg, plus free channels like ABC News Live. Entertainment Stream today’s most popular shows and movies live and On Demand. Sign up and start watching channels like Bravo, Freeform, A&E, Investigation Discovery, TBS, TNT and so much more. Lifestyle Get your daily dose of gossip, home envy, competition and reality drama. Take on DIY projects with HGTV and satisfy your cravings for new recipes with the Food Network. Plus, get access to Hallmark, Cooking Channel, truTV, TBS, Bravo and more. Kids’ Shows There’s plenty for the whole family to watch with channels like Boomerang, Cartoon Network, The Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Jr. and more. International Sling TV is one of the best international streaming services in the U.S., offering programs in 22 languages, including Spanish, Hindi & Arabic. Watch More On Demand Choose from over 120K binge-worthy shows and movies On Demand. Access hundreds of titles available for On Demand viewing. Rent new blockbuster movies to watch On Demand and purchase the biggest live pay-per-view events to stream on your favorite devices. Record Live You’ll automatically receive 50 hours of DVR storage with your Sling subscription! If that’s not enough, you can upgrade to DVR Plus and record up to 200 hours of storage. Record your must-watch sports, news and shows, then, watch them on your schedule. Sling Free Stay informed and entertained with thousands of hours of FREE live and On Demand TV with Sling Free. No credit card required. Stream full seasons of hit shows like Hell’s Kitchen or Forensic Files, watch free movies and see what’s trending for paid Sling subscribers. Download the Sling TV app on your favorite devices. Sign up and start watching today. Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software that will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information.

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