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User Reviews for SLII®

Better if

It’s a nice “on the go” resource but I really wish it helped do more...it would be great if the conversation starters for Managers AND self were in here. Basically...make this a mobile version of the “At a glance” resource!

Amyfam, Nov 08, 2019
Diagnosis tool to simple

It has literally 4 questions. Anyone with half a brain could influence this app to give them the conclusion that they personally feel is viable. To easily manipulated and an extremely poor tool for personal evaluation or the evaluation of someone else considering that the quiz is so simplistic it allows for far to much personal influence I do not recommend this as an evaluation tool of anyone’s abilities due to the fact it is so simplistic.

hardztyla, Nov 13, 2018
Super handy, for those of us trained on SLII

Nice app for figuring out how to apply SLII with your people. It's quick and handy. Management tips are short and helpful.

jay-soup, Jul 16, 2012
Poorly Developed App

I think the title of my review says it all. I didn’t find this tool to be one that I would reference or use. A piece of paper and pen is more useful.

Lex6, May 21, 2021
Ancient Looking and Simple

Update to iPhone X Max size, and update the GUI. Too simple, and too ancient.

MatthewGabe, Nov 27, 2018
Much Better with the Update!

I’ve used the app previously as an additional tool. I really like the updates, it’s more comprehensive and complete. Good adds!

MeLeading, Nov 12, 2020
Great app to use prior to important conversations

Use of this app will create clarity in the conversations you have with others. It will produce better outcomes and help people release their energy toward the organization's goals.

Tobyescondido, Jul 18, 2012
Easy to use and informative

I was amazed how easy and informative this app was to use. With a few clicks I was able to identify my direct reports development level on a specific task. It quickly took me to a few simple conversation starters that allowed me to match my leadership style to their development level that enable us to have a successful conversation to resolve the issue on hand.

Victoria in SD, Oct 13, 2012
Easy tool that can help every manager

It breaks down the classic SLII Model into a handy diagnosis tool. Very easy to use! For people who have familiarity with Situational Leadership II.

Wendiful, Jul 18, 2012


The SLII App is for people and their team members who have received an app activation code as part of participating in one of Blanchard’s programs that uses the SLII Model. A quick go-to reference tool, this app will help leaders and team members improve relationships and performance by applying SLII to the real world. It helps at critical leadership moments—when preparing for a conversation with a team member or when asking for what you need from your leader to help you succeed.

The app features: • A diagnosis wizard to diagnose an individual’s development level on important goals or tasks • Tips on what to do and what to say to help implement the principles of SLII • An interactive SLII Model shows the key characteristics of each development level and matching leadership style • Expanded information available on-demand throughout the app

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