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KLU, KLU & KLU, Inc.
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User Reviews for SIMS Pocket

Need to fix

Need to make it where we can continue the "out of service" status without having to actually put the account in service then take it out of service. Other than that it is a really solid app. Saves a ton of time.

Alarmsinc, Feb 28, 2013

Crashes on me all the time. I have to delete and redownload everytime I want to use it.

db83, Apr 23, 2019

Unable to put system on test because it does not scroll down to the DONE button. I'm only able to put on test using my ipad in portrait mode. If ipad switches to landscape the app screen will freeze. Screen is also frozen in landscape on iphone (4s). There is not enough contrast on screens when choosing from customer lists making it very hard to read when choosing a customer. 2 versions later (Version 5.3) still not fixed.!

DG1860, Oct 16, 2017
Push notifications keep on coming.

Please fix this!!!!!! new update when panel is returned to service push notifications keep coming over and over and over again

gouldshtone, Apr 05, 2012
Amazing product

Just an amazing product and the time it saves my people you can't put a price on.

Hakus, Oct 14, 2011
1 feature missing...

I would love to have a favorites list, or at least be able to select from a list of the last 10 accounts I have viewed, rather than having to start a new search every time I log in. Other than that this app is excellent! Thanks!

jDerekSmith, Mar 13, 2013
Was 10 stars

Was a 10 star app, removing auto login was a major feature loss. Please put the feature back for full 5 stars. With auto log out still working, I must log in many, many times per client on a call when testing. I have many clients a day. My device does not have the finger print option.

Mralrmguy, Jun 30, 2015
This app needs a serious update

This app started off working well. It seems to get worse and worse every IOS update. It’s now virtually inoperable. Please update.

Nicholas306, Mar 30, 2022
Buggy, unstable, slow as heck

These guys have barely touched an old app from the past. Yes it runs on the latest OS, yet has actually become worse over the years. Many of the bugs have not been even considered. They seem to develop everything in house. The sad part is, they are 100% a mission critical software company! They can’t even make a solid basic iOS app. Crashes very often. Bugs with logins. Slow as molasses now to actually see an account, or to change status or make edits. Adding, changing, editing contacts or zones has always been flaky, and is still very very unreliable. You can make changes to critical data in a database, yet you can’t rely on it to work, and have to check back to see if it worked. As I often have made a mess when the app just won’t do what it’s says it supposed to do. I totally need the app for my work, and it is a huge benefit, to use it is also a frustrating, stress provoking experience. And they clearly don’t care, despite the big money they charge to maintain and support the main software this works with.They keep adding bugs too, and clearly don’t notice or care as they simply don’t fix it. They don’t even update this app often at all. Sure they have added things, and have added more bugs. Can’t see the account number on the main account screen anymore, rather critical. Can’t see older history on the app. Editing is maybe 50% reliable. Auto fill options are totally limited. Making certain changes is destined to crash the app. Scary making changes. Love how now and then I login and see data from some other part of the North America that has nothing to do with me. Can even mess with their customers info! Scary. I’m sure they are quick to blame the provider. Which is a joke as they are 100% of this functionality. Wow, even looking at their mobile website looks like software from the 90s. A retro looking mobile website!I have no choice but to use the app, or switch to another provider that isn’t stuck with this developers software. That’s a huge issue, probably why the my get away with this crap.

Quantum Chris, Jul 07, 2019

Great app, easy to work with and saves time. No more calling the central station for signals received! My customers love receiving monthly reports on site right to their printer. Great Work Guys!

TBM Security dba AAA Alarms, Sep 20, 2013


The SIMS Pocket Edition application is an iPhone application that when used with the SIMS iServer allows secured access for Alarm Central Station personnel, service technicians, installers and the central station clients. This application is for use only by authorized personnel and will only work with Alarm Central Stations supported by software from SIMS, Inc. Features supported by SIMS Pocket Edition are as follows: • Access is controlled using the standard Operator Maintenance screen in SIMS.

The WEB operator type limits what reports/functions they can perform. • Dealers can access all their accounts (and only their accounts) with one login. Customers are restricted to just their account number. Accounts can be searched by Number, Name, Address and Class. • Numerous styles of history reports, summary account listings and full database reports. • Installation personnel can use the app to enter zones and contacts during installation, thereby improving accuracy of information since it can be approved on site by end users. • Dealer technicians can modify Premise Name, Physical Address, Mailing Address, Email Address, Zone and Contact information. • End Users can modify Premise Name, Physical Address, Mailing Address, Email Addresses and Contact information. • Technicians can place accounts on test, monitor signals being sent during testing, then return account off test with out Central Station assistance. • Technicians can see a list of the current Pending Work Orders which is sorted by the closest to their current location. • Dealer, Customer and Service Work Order History Reports for streamlining daily operations. • Complete audit trail of activity performed by users written into SIMS II/III/SQL history as well as detailed access logs. • Data sent between the server and app uses a 1024 bit encryption protocol to protect the data being sent. App is configurable for central station's IP/Hostname and port number. • Compatible with SIMS II, SIMS III Flat File and SIMS III SQL installations. For Testing: Server: demo.simsweb.com Port: 50111 Username: SIM Password: 005 Requirements: Your central station must be running a copy of our SIMS iServer product and you must have a designated login. You will have to contact your SIMS central station for this information.

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