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Simply Guitar - Learn Guitar

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Simply Guitar - Learn Guitar

  • Education
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User Reviews for Simply Guitar - Learn Guitar

One complaint

Hello, before I write this review i need you to know I know how to play over five instruments, all without using a simply app. And I already have a complaint about this app. When I first got the app it was amazing, I loved how they immediately taught me how to play chords, however I didn’t love the fact they rushed me into songs with little to know information. It was just 6 minutes ago I got frustrated with “Can’t help falling in love with you” because they rushed me into the song, I felt like they didn’t teach me enough about actually being able to have my fingers run through the strings and the chords faster. They had me play them but they didn’t have me play them faster or how to transition quickly. I wish they would add a quick unit before they rush you into these songs so they know you can play the chords and strings up to beat with the song. The least they could have done is given me a metronome. Other then that this app does teach pretty well and in an interesting way, but all I need is for it to slow its roll because some people are slow learners and need to take it steady.

✨👨🏻‍🦲✨, Apr 04, 2023
It’s fine but it’s frustrating

The app is nice! It really helps you learn chords, how to position your fingers, how to tune your guitar, and more! Thing is, there are a lot of flaws in the app, especially when it comes to receiving sounds. Sometimes when I try to tune the sound, it gives off different responses and I never know if my guitar is in tune or not! Not only that, but when strumming, it usually gets marked red and it keeps making me think I’m doing something wrong. Because of this, I try strumming louder, even if the phone is directly next to or in front of me. Because of me strumming louder, this caused blisters for me to form on my fingers, simply to just get all of the notes to blue and receive perfectly. Even I, a beginner guitarist, know that I should not be able to strum or hold my notes so hard to the point where I have blisters form all over my fingers only to get all of my notes blue. I’ve even asked my brother, a person who’s played guitar in the past, if it was normal to have blisters only for him to respond with, “No, you’ll only be causing unnecessary damage and pain to your fingers.”. Overall, the app is nice, and I’m happy I get to learn trending songs! I just hope you fix your sound system.

AlazyPotato, Dec 28, 2021
Too unforgiving, relies on mic too much

This app is ok. But it’s extremely unforgiving with the tuning of the guitar. I’ve used the tuner app (which is slightly off of my clip on tuner, but whatever), and it has a very hard time considering my 6th (E) string as in tune. Playing the thickest two strings on my guitar has a lot of variance, so it doesn’t hold the note on exactly the correct frequency. When I pluck it, it starts out high and gets lower as over time. Because of this, the app simply doesn’t acknowledge when I play certain notes. It *never* recognizes when I play open strings, which is pretty annoying.This gets even worse as you play up the neck unless your intonation is PERFECT (which is nearly impossible), or you’re constantly adjusting the tuning in the middle of playing a song. I assure you, my guitar is in tune, and I’m playing the chords. This app just won’t let me progress and just play through a song. Really disappointing.This app really needs to be much more forgiving about having perfect pitch on a guitar, especially for a beginner app. I’m simply not going to buy a $15,000 guitar and have it professionally tuned and intonated before every practice session.

Bahamat, Sep 04, 2021
Happy so far

I decided fairly quickly to give this app a go above others to aid me in finally learning to play guitar and I’m so happy I did. I was immediately draw in: it is fun, helpful, challenging but no so much so that I want to give up. I’ve been playing for a few weeks now and just got to the D chord section. I love that with almost every lesson you get a song or two to practice either a chord or strumming pattern or what have you. It has a feature where it listens to you play and offers correction and here lies the flaw: it often seems to be incorrect in its detection of whether you’re playing a chord correctly or not. This can be amazingly frustrating. But as you see I’m still giving this app 5 stars as this isn’t a deterrent for me. Other people have mentioned the cost and no it’s not cheap! I splurged on this app because I think it’ll be worth it. My gf has played guitar for years and years and she’s impressed with this app and the progress I’ve made. I even asked if she thinks I should add in person lessons at some point and she said the app seems adequate! I don’t know how many more lessons are left but I’m hoping to learn as much as I can and so far, the cost of the app is cheaper than real guitar lessons and I’m very happy and having fun as I go. Recommended.

Billy Stumbliene, Apr 19, 2021
Not as good as Simply Piano

I love Simply Piano, and have renewed my love of the instrument. Simply Guitar, however has many more intonation issues. It rarely recognizes notes played correctly on the 6th string, and frequently has issues with the 5th string as well. Since many of the songs are playing the base line, it becomes quite frustrating. I now understanding rock guitarists smashing their guitars! Seriously though, I have tried electric and acoustic guitars. I always tune before, and sometimes during the lesson, and the errors persist in the lower register. I have found a solution to one of the chord issues. When I played the same chord in rapid sequence, it didn’t register the second one. If I deaden the strings between, it helps, but really interferes with the sound I want. It is also extremely difficult in situations with quarter- and eighth-note timing.I’m sure developers are making improvements as time progresses, so I hope to revisit this review later with an improved score.Despite the issues, it is still worth the money for both programs. Also, response time is quick and courteous when asking questions.

Cards86Fan, Mar 07, 2022
Fine, but disappointing.

I’m currently taking a guitar class, and was hoping to use this app to keep my skills sharp for when I eventually finish said class. After finishing most of the extremely easy steps, it was time to finish the first lesson by playing this particular song that I got to pick from a list of 4. However, instead of playing the song and moving on, it wanted me to sign up for some premium subscription before I could do anything ( without the option to decline and play the song anyway.) I understand as a developer, premiums and memberships are a way to make money, and that’s important, but when that subscription prevents people from being able to learn using your app, it gives you a bad representation. All in all, if you want to charge money for people to use the app, I’d suggest you just have the app itself cost money, and allow people to continue on with the lessons without needing premium. While I would like to give a better review, as it does actually teach you some guitar skills, this barrier is a major turn off for me. Hopefully one of the devs reads this, but If not, I hope this helps someone decide whether or not to download this app.

JackalPlays, May 10, 2022
Thinking about getting this app?

If you’re thinking about getting this and are looking at the reviews to see what the people say (as I often do) then you’ll want to read this: This app has a subscription that you have to pay to get all the lessons. It will teach you: how to tune your guitar, everything you need to know about frets, and the Em chord. Afterwards you need to pay a premium subscription for any more lessons. This is not me complaining about this as it makes perfect sense, I’m just informing anyone who was thinking about downloading the app about it so they know about it. I myself will not be paying the subscription because I’m an unemployed teenager with no money to spend and I’d feel bad asking my parents to pay for it. They’d say no anyway. I am rating it four stars because the little bit I could do for free was very useful and pretty entertaining. The videos were informative and humorous, but deep belly laughs level but they made me chuckle. So I bet that the rest of the app is great but, unfortunately, I will not get to experience it. Cool app, if u have the money or are willing to pay the subscription I fully recommend it 👍

Nerdy Old Guy, Apr 01, 2021
Amazing App but some key flaws

This is an incredible app, with an amazing team, and awesome lessons. It is so intuitive, fun, entertaining, and really helps you actually learn the guitar and start playing real songs without you even realizing it, because it makes learning just that enjoyable and seamless. The app is made very well, the lessons are very good and really give you all the advice and tips you need to start learning the guitar. There is also this amazing song library where you can play and choose between over 5000 songs to practice and learn while actually playing along with the real song. But there is a few major problems with the app that can make it very frustrating and upsetting sometimes. The problem is with how the app uses your microphone to listen to you play. Every time I try a lesson and try to play along or follow the instructions on the screen, it always says I Al playing the chords wrong even though I am playing them perfectly right. Then when I even play the chord wrong on purpose just so I can progress, it says that it was right. I literally can just play one random not not even strum the whole guitar and it says I was right. But when I actually try and play the chord right following all the directions perfectly, with my fingers all in the right place, and when I know I am playing it right, it says I am wrong. So I am forced to just randomly play notes and it says I am right just so I can progress and get passed a section or lesson.

Nickman12cool, Dec 21, 2021
It’s $15 and doesn’t recognize when you are playing

If this happens you will need to you, what fixed ours was deleting and adding it back. Then we had to start the process over of tuning but thankfully it wasn’t that much off. Not sure what caused the glitch but that is what we did. There are a few things I’d like to see improved. One being that you can go back to what you were learning. It doesn’t seem to want to all the time. I have to make sure all my background apps are closed before we start a lesson as well. Which that’s fine but the not being able to practice a lesson over again with ease is not awesome. Old post: So we thought this would be cool. Read some reviews and the first day it worked really well. My son went back to redo the stuff he learned and it was glitchy. I’ve shut down other tabs, made sure it was the only one open, turned off all background sounds, shutdown the phone a few times. Closed the program down, reopened, tried to go over other programs on it and still it will not pickup the sound. The guitar was tuned to the apps specifications. I’m a little miffed. This was supposed to be a nice way for him to learn. He is upset. One star for frustrations.

pi'dpiper, Jul 14, 2020
I love to app as well but need help too!

I have tried everything to learn the guitar but I just couldn’t get passed my E,Em and Am cords! When I heard about SimplyPiano and what it did for my friends I wished that I had one for my guitar. When I saw an ad for SimplyGuitar I downloaded it immediately. I was so happy that I could play for more than ten minutes a day and that it would actually listen to me. When I got to the E cord I was excited to finally get passed the E,Em and Am cords for the first time in years, but every time I played the E it would say I was wrong when I knew I was right because that was one of the few cords I could actually play! To be honest I was kinda frustrated with myself and thought it was something I was doing wrong or I was tone deaf. I decided to go back to my other app and play E. It said I did it perfectly. I love this app and I want to continue to use it but I can’t if I can’t get passed this lesson. Other than this detail I believe this app is amazing and is the best way of learning guitar that I have tried. You really have ability to change the game for so many more people than than the people that reach out to you. You guys are really amazing at what you do and I can’t wait for you to make more apps in the future.

Puppy1ove2, Mar 20, 2020


Learn to play the guitar at your own pace with step-by-step tutorials, made by world-class music teachers, and receive feedback from the app while you learn to play your favorite songs! No experience needed | For all ages | Works with any guitar --- Make your musical dreams come true --- • Play chords & songs straight away! • Learn step by step with high-quality video lessons • Receive feedback from the app and know when you are playing correctly or need guidance • Learn all the necessary techniques to play the songs you love: - Guitar fundamentals - Read and play tabs - Playing chords - Chord switching - Strumming techniques - Invaluable tips and tricks for playing correctly - Technique boosting exercises • Track your progress • Learn to tune your guitar (professional tuner included!) • Receive fast support from our musicians • Have fun and quickly improve your skills --- How Simply Guitar works --- • Place your device (iPhone) in front of you and play; the app will immediately recognize what you are playing • Get feedback on your playing to quickly learn and improve your guitar skills • Discover the magic of music with fun songs and complete lessons to start sounding like a pro • New songs and lessons are added regularly. --- Good to know --- Simply Guitar is developed by JoyTunes, creators of award-winning apps Simply Piano and Piano Maestro. JoyTunes are experts in creating educational and fun music apps for learning to play quickly and easily.

Recommended and used by tens of thousands of music teachers worldwide with over 1 million songs learned every week. Awards & Recognition: - “Editors' Choice” by Apple - SF Music Tech Summit Startup Innovators Challenge Winner - Best Tool for Beginners, NAMM - EMI Innovation Challenge Award --- Contact --- Have questions, feedback or suggestions? Reach out to us at [email protected] Enjoy playing! Privacy policy: http://www.hellosimply.com/legal/privacy Terms of use: http://www.hellosimply.com/legal/terms

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