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User Reviews for Si Music

This is great!

I really do like this app but there is a few things I noticed is wrong. When I get out of the app the music stops, I can press play to resume the music however I know eventually that could possibly get somewhat annoying and could potentially drive others away. So I suggest tweaking that. Ahh also whenever you search something up you get very few options to choose from to see if it’s there and that can get annoying.Ex. I decide to look for popular songs like from the musical Hamilton. So I search up ‘Hamilton Soundtrack’ and there are 2 hour videos of the entire soundtrack but I want the songs separately. So I go scrolling knowing that they all would show up eventually but when I scroll and hit a wall. Then I realize I have to search up the songs individually it could get tedious and annoying.See how that’s kinda annoying? So yeah be wary on putting a search limit.

8888888Asheline, Oct 06, 2019
Liked it at first, has gotten harder to use and worse in general

When Musi was taken off the app store, I wanted to find another music app similar to it, so I had downloaded this app. I really enjoyed it at first, it was easy to use and I enjoyed all of it’s features. The only thing that really annoyed me about the app was how long it took to start up, but that became more tolerable as I continued to use the app. But things started to go downhill ever since I had updated my iPhone to iOS 14. After that, the app had started crashing after playing 2 or 3 songs, it would overheat my phone, it would just go slower in general, etc. So, I had decided to stop using that app and go back to using Musi (since it was put back on the app store). The app really just stayed like that until today, when I realized that I can’t even open the app anymore. Whenever I try and open it, the loading screen comes up and then it just brings me back to my home screen. I found that quite upsetting since I had a lot of playlists on there that I wanted to transfer to other music apps. All I hope for is that the app will become less glitchy in the future.

Angry Cookie 🍪, Dec 13, 2020
love it !!!

I love this music app so much. It's very easy to navigate and I love the colors on it too. I like that I can also change the icon image thing for each playlist to my own image. The songs play nicely and I like that I can log in to my other devices and have all my playlists there, even when I delete or add new playlists or songs on one device. It updates on my other devices, but the one thing I find a tad annoying is that it doesn't also sort my playlist alphabetically on other devices but that's OK ! It's not that big a deal. Also regarding sorting alphabetically I had a playlist of 100+ songs and I was looking through it and noticed some songs weren't in the right place, so I went to sort it but they didn't move. It bugged me but I was fine with it. I assumed that it just didn't work as the playlist got bigger or if the type of letter affected where it went, ex. bunnybeach (lower case b) went before Bastille (capital b). Most cases Bastille would be before bunnybeach because of the second letter. But I think that is just my OCD being weird haha.Overall I love this app and I recommend it if you want to listen to music without having to stay in the app ! Most music apps I used before didn't play offline and this one does the same but that makes sense and it doesn't bother me at all. 👍

fron of rays fron of mine, Mar 27, 2020
Great app.

I’m enjoying this app great music, I like how the app is all set up and designed good job. I’m having an issue right now, when I click on the app it’s hesitating before I can start playing my songs or any songs. It last maybe 10 sec , then I can start playing music. Just a small issue. Hopefully it gets fixed. But I really love the app it’s a good choice. I also have problems when I look up a song that says no streaming available it says that with too many songs screaming should always be available I think for any song that you look up. I also got the Musi app and I don’t have no issues with that but I like silence music also so can we please fix these problems

greatapp., Aug 16, 2020
Good app but there's some problems. :/

First problem is that I can’t change my playlist covers at times and it’s annoying. Second the contact developer button doesn’t work. Finally whenever you exit the app the song stops and starts again and that’s annoying too please fix these issues. Here’s some suggestions as well, allow us to change the thumbnails of videos as it’ll be the only music app to do that, second allow us to change the names of songs, most music apps allow that but not yours, third allow us to change the name of the uploader as most music apps allow that too but yours doesn’t either and finally allow us to import our playlists! That’s all I have to say. Update: The syncing playlists thing doesn’t work and neither does the contact developers button please fix these problems.

hecc64895, Oct 08, 2019
Not music but will do fine for now

So the app seem pretty cool at first since musi got taken off Apple Store I was really looking for that one app that was like musi in a way. I liked it at first. Its easy to add to favorites I just would’ve loved that when you added a song to your favorites it will highlight the heart to let you know the song is already placed there. And once you add the song you can’t delete it off of your favorites playlist also when you Search one song After another the song that you previously search before pops up a little while after scrolling when you search up a new song which is very annoying but I can live. But now that I got the updated version from two days ago now you have to be a pro member to save songs to your favorites I’m not paying for 4.99 for a Music app there’s not even fixing its own bugs. You all gave off the impression that the app is free now you have to pay is it because more people are starting to find the app and use it because we all missed Musi? I feel like that is very unfair and no way I’m paying for any subscription especially to an app that I think I’ll be deleting soon

Jada_Lovee00, Nov 17, 2019
Great but…

Okay, don’t get me wrong I love this app to death but lately it’s been really buggy like I would put a picture as the background and I’d come back and it’d be black and I’d have to change it again, I doesn’t do that as often but now the problem is anytime I get off the app usually the song that’s playing would be in my notification cent (the thing that you slide down to see all your notifs) but now it won’t show up unless I keep opening and closing the tab but it will still disappear so I would have to actually go back to the app to skip the song or go back to a different part of the song and it’s kinda annoying I’m considering going back to Musi 😅 please fix it cause I already bought the 4.99 subscription thing and it would be a shame if I had to delete the app after I spent money on it.

kuromi_babes⚡️, May 24, 2021
Pretty good

I think this app is pretty close to the og musi but still not the same, for musical lovers it’s a bit hectic beacuse not al the tracks of the show you look up show up individually. Ex. I was looking for the Heathers Musical soundtrack and Beetlejuice the musical soundtrack and there are a lot of 1-2 hour videos with the whole soundtrack and not too many individual songs. Also anything turn off is that I was hoping I could listen to my music with WiFi but it doesn’t play anything and you must be connected to some sort of WiFi, but overall the app is great you can listen to music and close the app and you can also add as many songs you want to a playlist! If you can just fix those minor minor bugs this app would be as amazing as the original Musi or maybe even better

lexilyds, Oct 30, 2019
Smooth, but can’t give full review

From what I see, it’s essentially the new & improved “Musi,” or Musi 2.0. I can’t give a full review though because the devs are asking for a one-time $4.99 purchase in exchange for full access and the additional benefits of no ads and all that nice jazz. I’ll put it out there for all to realize: It’s WHOPPINGLY expensive just to have the app-publisher membership that Apple requires of you before you can even publish your work onto the App Store for the general public.So, for as little as $4.99 in credit, it’s a more-than-fair trade for the users, and the devs have to make SOME kind of income-funding for this app, otherwise they won’t be able to keep the app updated, much less on the store, just like what happened to the Musi app we knew and loved.Here’s the missing 2 stars: You are giving free users the ability to stream one track at a time, and not even save them or keep a single playlist, and the ads are timed for 30 fricken seconds before you can cancel and get on with life in the app. Interface isn’t buggy, it’s smooth so far, but that limited access is basically forcing the purchase on us. I shame you for that much. But I’ll get back to this when I’ve tried the full version after $4.99, and see about a 4th star, not that one more or one less star on this one review will make much of a difference among the crowd.

Slayer-of-67, Dec 12, 2019
best app but needs work

i love the idea with this app, and despite the constant bugs, i continue to use this app daily. more navigation options would be nice, like directing to the profile from the track, or see profiles following. as for bugs i’ve encountered many, doesn’t show full search results, frequent crashes (while using the app, not listening), broken video streams, broken profiles, and a few more. this app has many great features from customization, to an equalizer, libraries and party play. If a bit more work was done too it, it would be fantastic. but i do recommend trying it, even the premium account is an easy 5 dollars final, no monthly payments or subscription.

thesaucekydd, Nov 18, 2020


"I love this app so muchhh!!!!" - by jasminn!!! "Excellent app with excellent customer service! Thank you." - by Beam Jirayu "This app is amazing. I love being able to listen to YouTube videos with my screen off.

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