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User Reviews for Shutterstock Contributor

High Unapproved Rating

Too many pics don’t get approved because the title is not descriptive enough, or supposedly not in english, even though it is. Or title doesn’t describe the image. We are artists, we title a picture how we feel like it should be titled. As a creator, song writer, photographer, producer, it just bothers me that a majority of my pictures get declined because of the title.. It should be based on the quality of the photo, not the title or description. Two people could see the same image and title it and describe it in two different ways.. and I don’t see a rename title or rewrite a description feature to update it once it gets declined. I just get frustrated because most of my pictures get declined for the wrong reasons. Very few seem to have legitimate reasons to be declined.

Chitanian, Feb 24, 2019
A waste of my time

I honestly just regret wasting so much time uploading images just for them not to be approved for things that have absolutely no relevance to the image it’s self. Example: image with a clear and noticeable focal point that is in focus - you can identify details effortlessly with in the image - color correction is on point - composition is fitting for subject - image was not overly compressed or adjusted in post - they will then sit there and not approve it for being out of focus yet every single other sites I have used had no issue with this with the same images. I sell my photography as prints regularly, never once had the issues I’m having with shutterstock. Such a waste of my time. Who ever or what ever does the reviewing process failed miserably and I’m not bothering with it again. Too much work. Found a better option. 👍🏻

Courtney Stroup, May 01, 2021
A waste of time and effort.

The app came up in a job listing as a website. So I wondered if it was an app and, sure enough, it was. So I downloaded it because it would be easier for me to use than a website.The good thing about this app is that I can work on multiple photos at a time; like while one is being loaded onto the app I can type a description and such for a photo that’s already loaded. I went onto it once I got the notification that my photos have been reviewed, expecting that all of my photos would be ok. (considering that I have NO nudity, gore, brand names, or anything else that could be bad in any of the photos) However, this was not the case. I had uploaded 17 photos and all of them got rejected for reasons that didn’t seem to apply to my photos. I even had one that said I had a logo in it, when I didn’t.Then, right afterward, I went into the reviews of the app to see if this is a common occurrence. Apparently it is, and it really frustrates me. I’ve also read that this app doesn’t even give you much money for the photos that actually work.Overall, don’t buy this app.

Eli_Fitzgerald, Jan 04, 2022
It’s ok I guess

The app is very very strict. Sometimes as a photographer we like to get creative with our images and sometimes the look we’re going for might have some grain or the main subject might be out of focus, which was intentional. More recently it hasn’t been letting me upload pictures saying they aren’t more than 4mp. I know for a fact my DSLR shoots way above 4mp even after post production editing it still looks crisp and clear. And in the past they’ve uploaded just fine use the same camera, editing software, everything remained the same I’m not sure if this is a bug or what. Haven’t received much of a payout either. kind of wasting my time, money, and gas to go shoot what they recommend sells for each month.

evanbuck, Jan 31, 2020
Not very useful

There is a very low approval rate for images, and they get rejected for all sorts of reasons, some of which don’t even apply. One photo I submitted got rejected for one, very specific, reason. I fixed the issue and resubmitted it. The second time it got rejected for two new issues.This wouldn’t be a huge problem if you actually made a decent amount of money from the photos that do get accepted, but you really don’t. I’ve never made any money off the photos they’ve accepted, even after being up for months.If you want the possibility to earn a few cents after submitting hundreds of photos over the course of months, go for it. But if you want to use it to make money, look elsewhere.

glitchykitten, Jul 29, 2021
Low Approval Odds for Photos

I’m giving this 3 stars for the app. As far as photo approval odds, 1 or no stars. I’ve wasted my time submitting over 30 photos and none of them have been approved for various reasons. Some of these same photos were approved by Adobe, who I’ve actually had success with in getting paid. So I think I’ll just stick with them and not waste any more of my time here. I only gave it a try because it was highly rated and I wanted to try and broaden my exposure, so to speak. It looks like others have enjoyed success here with their photo submissions and I’m happy to see that. I guess this platform just isn’t for me.

God_Chick, Sep 04, 2022
Decent Contributor

I’ve been a contributor with ShutterStock for a couple years now. It has its ups and downs and I haven’t quite figured out how to get consistent sales yet even with a couple thousand photos. But, sometimes I hit it big and sometimes I make 37 cent. It’s fun, easy, and only soaks up as much time in a day or week as I personally want it too which makes doing this convenient. That said, I wish ShutterStock would change a few things just to be a bit more consistent on pricing. Otherwise, the app itself works great.

Kochampftt, Aug 05, 2023
Great for uploads on the go

I went 4 stars only because the app is little limited. Otherwise I am very satisfied!PRO: The huge advantage IS being able to upload while on the road. As long as you have wifi or data, it works well. I have heard some people think it is compressing images, but when I double check on my computer, they look fine to me! That could be their device settings, not the app. It also updates earnings and sales, sometimes before I even get notification of a sale on my phone. Phone is set for notifications and not my iPad. Just an FYI, notifications seemed to blank out volume in spots when shooting video footage!CON: Does not have all the options of the browser version. I wish I could move photos to the published folders on the app! Still logging in computer for management.

MicheleMidnight, Nov 08, 2018
I intentionally submitted a grainy picture,they labeled it out of focus. Don’t go here

Please take this from someone who does this all day long…Shutterstock is the worst of the worst when it comes to stock footage websites. They used to be reasonable but when they had a merger few months back everything has gone down hill.I am on 13 stock photo websites including exclusive ones. I used to think dreamstime was the worst but that changed over last few months.Shutter has been rejecting more and more photos for reasons that don’t make sense. I will put that same picture on other markets with no issues. I will take that same photo, resubmit it, and have no issues. I don’t make any changes to it. The review team is incredibly inconsistent and I’m pretty sure has no sense of what they are doing.I have complained. I have… they don’t care. Customer service said they are changing policies too much and that could be why. Apparently that makes sense to them… I intentionally submitted a grainy picture… they labeled it out of focus.

nealj121, Jan 14, 2022
Basics are good but lots of UX issues

Overall the app is a great idea. Yet, lots of problems still. Would say this is a MVP at best. 1. Let me work on more than 10 pictures at the time. 2. Let me copy keywords. 3. Let me not just save multiple at the time but also submit them all at once. UX on this is pretty disappointing. 4. App crashes frequently or tries to upload for several days (not a network issue, other apps uploading don’t have issues and tested connection) saying “starting upload...” as it is loading...for hours per picture. 5. Why can’t I change profile settings (such as payment details) in the app? It’s always opening a browser window. If I keep getting redirected to the website I can just use my browser from the start and skip the app. Please take this feedback into consideration and make some serious improvements to the app, for the benefit of you (Shutterstock) and me (user/customer). Would be very appreciated!

Pw95, Aug 08, 2020


Visual artists, photographers, and content creators- earn money in your creative field no matter where you are in the world. This is the Shutterstock Contributor app. We can't wait to showcase your incredible content, so you can earn money through your creative work.

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