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Shutter - Sony Camera Remote

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Shutter - Sony Camera Remote

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User Reviews for Shutter - Sony Camera Remote

Great when it works

It’s so nice being able to toggle the controls of the camera with an app but the problem I face is connectivity problems. It’s always a pain trying to get the app to connect to the camera when first starting out. When it comes time to to actually taking the shot I have missed so many chances because the camera hesitates after clicking the button in the app. I’m not sure if the camera WiFi just isn’t the best or the app struggles? I will have to test the native Sony app to see how well connectivity works between the two. I have also noticed the in app preview of what the camera sees “wobbles” if you move your phone around.

#1 MUSIC, Apr 15, 2021

Updated review May 23, 2019I’ve been working with the developer and some beta updates, which have been implemented. The app is much more usable for me now. There is still some shutter delay (iPhone 12Pro Max) but that may be a general Bluetooth issue? Overall definitely a very useful app. ——————————-Can I get a refund? Really all I want is to be able to trigger my a7RIV using my Apple Watch. I do own and use all the time the actual Sony Bluetooth remote. I was hoping to have this app as a back up, however... I need to have the camera in a bracket mode and I need to trigger the camera for each of the brackets manually, when I press the shutter. With this app when it’s in single shot mode it overrides what I have on the camera. And as I say I need to control when (fire the shutter) each of exposures is made. Soooo setting the app in bracket mode is no good for me as the app triggers the full bracket (3, 5, or 9). Also it seems, even if I could live with the app controlling the bracket, this can not be initiated from the watch, only via the app on a phone or iPad. Sooo I’ve owned the app about 10 minutes and I can see in its current version it is useless for me. I wish there was a better description of its function here on the App Store, it would have saved me the pretty high cost of this app. Disappointed.

Bobo Pinky, May 23, 2021
Decent but missing one big feature/functionality

I like this app. It’s streamlined and has a simple unobtrusive user interface. The Tao to connect feature is awesome but it’s missing something pretty big in my opinion.It only imports/saves the image previews to the phone when the shutter button is pressed in the app but not when the shutter is pressed on the camera body itself. I would love to be able to have my camera connected and shoot with my on camera shutter release and still have the image previews transfer over to my phone cause the LCD on the back of the camera body isn’t as reliable at times.Another smaller missing functionality is to be able to control the time in which the app shows the image preview after taking the picture. Wish I could choose in app to disable the automatic image preview and shoot without the lag.Also it would be a great addition to have the camera control UI change orientation with the phone. If I rotate my phone landscape I have the ability to rotate the live view but the camera control UI are sideways.

DHilsonJr, Feb 06, 2021
Great little app and awesome customer service

I picked up this app hoping that it would be better than the native Sony app and it is. However it was missing an important feature for my work, so I emailed the company a couple months back. They replied quickly and said they would look into adding the feature and I forgot about it. Today out of the blue I got a personal email from the developer that he added the feature I had requested. I am FLOORED. I have never experienced such responsive customer service before. Very glad I paid for this app, and encourage Sony camera owners to pick this one up and support this awesome developer!

EveryOtherNicknameisTaken?, Mar 04, 2020
Almost good. Needs a new update.

I remember that this app it used to connect to the camera even if you were checking out your pictures on the camera but not anymore. I have a small rig cage and it’s a pain on the neck to connect it back again because it covers the N logo and I’m using my Iwatch to snap pictures with my family anyway the weird part that I found from this app is that somehow this app communicates with the imaging edge app from Sony while I’m using my watch to snap the pictures with a short time lagging and still focusing. I hope they can keep the app more steady on their future updates. That will be only reason for 4 stars.

Freoces, Sep 26, 2021
Love everything!

There’s nothing about this app to not love. It’s fun and effective! The only thing I wish would to be able to download images to phone from camera initiated shots. I often use phone interface to set up shot then camera after that to take real shots using intervalometer for time lapses or long exposures. I’d love to be able to pull this into phone or iPad for review and/or sharing. Keep up the great work. I also love your responsiveness to users.

Jjl19602, Aug 17, 2021
Almost perfect.

I purchased this app to take burst shots of my toddler and I, in a beautiful setting outdoors. I love that it allows you to take as many pictures as your card will allow, for as long as you want. You can change everything you need to perfect your shot on your phone, which is amazing. And I love that you can take photos with your watch, so you don’t have to quickly hide your giant phone for group photos. I just detached the watch band and kept the watch face in my hand. My only knock on the app is that I can’t use my watch for continuous shooting. This did result in me having to use my phone and awkwardly trying to hide it in some shots. Which isn’t a huge deal, but I only had a 100mb memory card on me so my first dozen pictures are of me placing my phone down, and picking up my child THEN trying to pose. Which by that time my camera started to slow down due to trying to process the string of rapid fire pictures. I will continue to use this app. I just hope that in the near future there will be a development of continuous shots on the Apple Watch. :)

julianscrocs, Jan 18, 2021
Elegantly functional app with a useless and fatal flaw for Astro-photography.

This App does NOT support RAW, ARW, or any other file format that is important to imaging. I wasted 12 hours of data imaging IC 434 using the intervalometer function thinking that when I get back to the telescope that the data was good. It was all .jpeg files. I troubled shooted the setting and the camera was on RAW and jpeg. I’ve also tried just RAW with the same results. My advice, do not support this app developer. I spent years struggling with cheap equipment before going to Astro-Physics and Stellarvue. This app is right there with cheap. And as a note to the developer: please do not reply to my review trying to defend your product. Fix the issue instead so in the future unsuspecting imagers like me aren’t disappointed by an advertised function of your app failing miserably, and costing time and money for “basic” functionality. Coding is not that hard. Actually, I will do it myself.

Kirk1778, Jan 24, 2023
Works Fine

This app works fine and the pairing process was easy. The only issues I experienced was the noticeable delay between taking the photo versus the time it actually registers to your camera. The second challenge was disconnections—I was standing a few feet away from my camera and the app disconnected within a few minutes of purchasing it. I have to manually close and open the app to establish a connection. My third problem is that during Shutter usage and after closing the app, I’m not able to send or receive texts. I’m a product photography who also uses airplay to send images to my TV—which I use as a backdrop. Whenever I have to use Shutter, it interferes with airplay even after I close the app. After using Shutter, I have to turn my phone off completely to allow my phone to receive messages and to use airplay, even though I have consistent Wi-Fi and cellular data. At this point, this works fine for in-studio shoots, but it’s not reliable enough to use at offsite shoots. I hope in time this app improves in its funactionality. 😊

Madame Thinker, Dec 31, 2022
Customer Service

Incredible Customer Service. In this day and age when it’s so difficult to get someone to help when you need it most, it is quite refreshing to work with a company like Shutter who has incredible and caring people that want their customers to have the best experience when engaging with their product. I can tell you first hand that when I experienced an issue, I received a response within minutes and the issue was resolved. For the record, it was my fault. The app worked as it should and incredibly. Thank you for the great product and service!!!

MowitLowH2O, Jul 14, 2023


Easily capture photos with Sony Alpha and Cyber-shot cameras (supported models at the end of this description.) Shutter comes with a full-featured Apple Watch app. ADVANCED SELF-TIMER (INTERVALOMETER) Shutter's timer allows you to specify an initial delay and intervals between photos. You can control waiting sound during the countdown, and photo capture sound when the self-timer triggers.

You can remotely control exposure settings. Included histogram ensures you don't clip highlights or lose shadow details. RAW TIME-LAPSE WITH INCREDIBLE CONTROL With the help of intervalometer, you can get rid of a dedicated cable release. Capture RAW photos and use your regular RAW developer and video editor to put together incredible time-lapse movies. FAMILY AND GROUP PHOTOS WITH YOU INCLUDED With timer app you can finally include everyone in family and group photos. Set up timer and allow it to capture multiple frames at one run. Timer sounds will make sure everyone smiles at the exactly right moment. PERFECT TRAVEL COMPANION Ever been to a perfect travel destination with no one around to take a picture of you? Strangers cutting off your limbs? With our intervalometer, you can capture those sunrises and sunsets in the most remote locations. Shutter's optimized battery usage allows you to enjoy the day to the fullest. WORKS GREAT WITH EYE-AF With the recent Eye-AF update for 3rd generation cameras, our remote controller can always focus on the eye. You've never had selfies and group photos this sharp! REAL-ESTATE Use exposure bracketing to easily capture multiple exposures of the same scene. Recover all shadow and highlight details in post-production. ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY By combining ("stacking") multiple photos with the same composition, you can drastically reduce camera noise in post-production. Use Shutter to catch multiple exposures of the night sky. This will allow you to produce stunningly clear images of the Milky Way and Northern Lights (aurora borealis). LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHY FOR INSTAGRAM AND SOCIAL MEDIA No one better understands your Instagram business than yourself. Compose perfect shots and improve your Instagram engagements. With Shutter's timer you can take as many photos as you want without hubby's bored face. Your Sony camera will take care of the rest, giving you the sharpest and most flattering pictures! FEATURES: * configurable initial delay * configurable interval between shots * set exposure values from the app (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, exposure compensation) * support for BULB exposure * exposure bracketing * focus bracketing (see compatibility below!) * audio feedback - know when to smile * continuous shooting * video - see compatibility notes below * live view * optimized for low battery usage * histogram to preserve highlights * control timer from the lock screen * transfer low-res photo previews from camera * Dark Mode SUPPORTED CAMERAS: * Sony a1 * Sony a7 I*, II, III*, IV * Sony a7R I*, II, III*, IV, V * Sony a7S I, II, III * Sony a7C * Sony a9 I, II * Sony a5000*, a5100 * Sony a6000*, a6100*, a6300, * Sony a6400*, a6500, a6600*, a6700 * Sony FX3, FX30 * Sony RX1 II* * Sony RX10 II, III, IV* * Sony RX100 III, IV, V, VI, VII * Sony ZV-1, ZV-1 II, ZV-1F, * Sony ZV-E1, ZV-E10 * Sony HX400V*, HX60V* * Sony HX80*, HX90V* * Sony WX500* * Sony NES-5R*, NEX-5T*, NEX-6* FOCUS BRACKETING SUPPORT: Cameras: a1, a7C, a7 IV, a7R IV, a7R V, a7S III, a9, a9 II, a6700, FX3, FX30, RX100 VII, ZV-1, ZV-1 II, ZV-1F, ZV-E1, ZV-E10 Only Sony AF lenses are supported! WARNING: a7, a7R, a6000, a5000, RX1 II and NEX models do not support video. WARNING: a7, a7R, a7S, a5000, a5100, a6000, RX100 III, HX400V and NEX-series cameras do not support burst shooting. WARNING: a7 III, a7R III, a6100, a6400, a6600, RX10 IV don't allow tap to focus. LEGAL: Sony, α, Alpha, Cyber-shot, NEX, RX are trademarks of Sony Corporation. Uses the Camera Remote API by Sony

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