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Shut the Box Classic

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User Reviews for Shut the Box Classic

Love it!

Been playing this for years, in England, in the U.S, in the bathroom, on the grass, you name it! I have a couple of table versions of this and now this app. Fun game known to have been used for gambling purposes in certain circles. Fun for the whole family!

A.R.Teixeira, Jun 05, 2010
Perfect shut the box!

The only app with all shut the box styles! Cool effects and addicting gameplay!Really nice game. I had it on iPhone 5 and it works great on both iPhone 5 and iPhone 6.

Banzai11, Nov 16, 2014
Feel Like I Got Scammed

So, the game is well made and plays nicely. Problem is, it's bricked after you lose 500 coins which takes about 10 minutes. Wanna' play again, then pay for more coins. Had this been explained CLEARLY up front, I'd have never bought it in the first place. Was just looking for something to pass the time while traveling. I passed about ten minutes. That's it. I really feel scammed. Glad the lesson only cost me 99 cents.

gdgdg13, Sep 17, 2016
Shut the box

Great game. looks deceptively easy but becomes very challenging and makes you think as you play. Kids can play and learn simple addition and subtraction while being entertained. Adults too can enjoy this, but be careful, it might become addicting. I found this a real bargin for a buck without the calories.

heron pond, Dec 18, 2009
Best Shut the Box!

All shut the box world games for all, no ads! Plus everything just works. Great gameplay. Well worth the money!

InZv17, Oct 09, 2018
Awesome game! Developer was helpful.

I really enjoy this game. Especially the dual American game. I reported a small bug and the developer got back to me right away and fixed it. NO ADS!

LightsOut56, Feb 20, 2021
Works after updates.

Another reviewer already said this (I should have read the reviews first), but you need coins to play. When you run out of coins you are required to buy some. I have the physical version of this game and I love it. But I'm not going to continue to pay for coins.UPDATE: Developer message said I could shut betting off so I could play the game. So I re-downloaded it and it works great.

MJSanta, Jun 10, 2018
Not impressed

The screen shots look pretty good but unfortunately, the game itself doesn't match the pictures. The boxes are basic white, not wood tone as the screenshots indicate and the nice red background doesn't exist either. I could deal with that, but the game play is boring too. Oh well...it was only .99 so I didn't lose much when I deleted it.

Oddsoxx, Dec 31, 2009
Weak graphics, Weak help, and Rude Developer

Game has weak graphics. No option to play against computer. Help appears to be limited to Coin Calculations. If you want to play variations and know the rules associated with them you’ll have to do the research yourself. Developer is also very rude in responding to reviews that aren’t positive. Suggest looking elsewhere!

RK-APPLE, May 25, 2020
Excellent game

It took some experimentation for me to figure out how best to play (I had never heard of this game prior), but once I figured it out, I was hooked. I especially like the Thai version of the game. Very addictive. I appreciate that this is a premium game for a very fair price, with no ads, and only optional IAP. It also takes almost no phone storage, and uses almost no battery. This has quickly become my favorite go-to dice game. Thank you, developer, for a great game, and for monetizing it in a fair way, too. We need more developers like you out there!

WRS15743, Feb 10, 2021


#1 Shut The Box app in the App Store Worldwide since 2009! One app for all your Apple devices! Purchase once, run everywhere! Don't waste your time and money on the imitators, get the best Shut The Box app with all world styles shut the box games and new "designed for Kids" gameplay options!

Designed for Kids Gameplay - under iOS Settings, select Shut the Box and turn off Coin Gameplay. This will turn on "designed for kids" gameplay for all shut the box games! At the start of the game all tiles are uncovered. Two dice are rolled and the corresponding tile or tiles are covered. The game ends if no tile could be covered on a throw of the dice. The final score is the sum of the numbers remaining uncovered at the end. The lowest score wins. Cover all tiles and you shut the box! Shut the Box Thai style, always roll two dice, but only cover one tile matching one of the dice or their sum. For example, if the dice show a 2 and a 3 you may cover one of 2, 3 and 5. Hint: you can also shake your iPhone to roll instead of using the Roll Dice button. Apple Watch app - roll dice from your wrist (use it as remote control for your iPhone game - your phone is now just a game screen)! iOS Dark Mode support! Plus you can now lock Dark Mode graphics too!

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