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User Reviews for ShotPro

Ver. 3.5Must have for tv and film directors!

A virtual studio at your fingertips...If you can imagine it you can build it. Shot Pro has everything you need to build a PREVIZ so you can quickly communicate your vision to your cast and crew! As a working TV director I have found ShotPro to be an invaluable tool that every filmmaker should have in their tool kit!! Andy at Webgames is quick to address any issues and upgrade ideas! He has incorportated at leas a dozen of mine making this a must have APP Most Previz software on the market today like StoryBoardQuick charges hundreds of dollars and they cand do a fraction of what ShotProd can execute !! Get it now before Andy realizes he could charge more for this fantastic PreViz App! Cheers

camerabuddha, Oct 07, 2017
The Best Previs Tool For Filmmakers

Everything about this app makes it one of the best filmmaking tools on your phone!- The help support & feedback is very responsive & happily answers your questions- The app is always being worked on with new updates & improvements- The only cheap previs option out there- The only mobile previs option out there- The easiest previs option out there- The best option with planning cinematography with gyro & AR featureYou just gotta try it out for yourself. You can always contact the support for anything. I always keep in touch & up to date with the app’s development. I definitely see potential with this app

Colby Robison, Oct 02, 2017
Insanely awesome

This app was incredibly powerful the day it was released years ago by providing filmmakers a way of blocking and setting up shots easily while anywhere. The fact that you could experiment w lighting alone on a crowded bus if need be was profound but they added explosions, fire, animation, etc and now Character Designer. I can’t see a filmmaker who likes to experiment w his/her own ideas being without this powerful app. I’ve never had an issue w it crashing etc for the years I’ve been using it.

D-TECH, Apr 25, 2018
Not sure about this app yet

I purchased this app a couple of weeks ago, and was so excited to get it. However, I gotta be honest, I’m still having problems with the key framing part. I’ve watch the tutorial videos but the problem is, most of them are two years old and the look and interface of the app has changed since then. So some of the features are no longer present and it’s hard for me to figure out how to make this thing work. Basically at this point, I’ve spent 40 bucks for an app that I really can’t even use.

DrQuest62, Nov 11, 2017
Great app overall

I like what this lets you do, and it’s pretty helpful, but when controlling the camera, the X and Y-axis controls apply to the wrong axis. Normally X is for left/right panning and Y is for up and down tilting, but in this app, the controls are flipped but labeled as X and Y. I wish there was a setting to flip the controls so that if people use it the current way they can keep it.

GabrielNM, Jan 16, 2018
Glitchy at best.

I really wanted this to work so bad. I purchases the text package to go with it. Pros are all good for getting basic shots but now i am running to infinite glitches 1-when you set two different camera cuts. All characters items start moving to different positions and moving in a random behavior and no matter how many times i readjust them they go back to that erratic behavior. I am forced to break up a scene to multiple scenes based on the camera cuts. 2- text writing is basically useless unlike other apps which allows you to write on a specific shot or take. This one writes on top of your entire scene sequence. You cant move it unless you establish another sequence. 3- I am not sure if there is something to fix these aspects that i have not learned but their tutorials needs a lot more work and details to make them useful.

kotrob, Oct 06, 2020
Disappointed - but Willing to be Impressed

I purchased this application for its AR capability. My first disappointment - it’s a $20 add-on, pushing the price from $40 to $60. That should have been clear pre-purchase. I can see the potential of the AR, which is what separates this app from tools like Frame Forge which I also use.Unfortunately, I can’t match the ground plane to the floor. On my iPad Pro, the floor plane hovers about 3 feet in the air - making the scene float above me, rendering my reason for purchasing the app, entirely moot. There has to be a simple way to reconcile the ground plane - otherwise the AR function is useless. This issue exists on my iPad and my brand new iPhone. There is no documentation that I can find to help me solve this problem. I’ll post to the forum, but this seems like a pretty fundamental function.So at this point, I’m $60 in and all I have is a pre-vis tool that doesn’t do anything that I couldn’t do before with my existing software. That’s a disappointment. But I’m willing to be impressed.

MJCH45, Dec 08, 2018

Their new CHARACTER BUILD inclusion in V4 is phenomenal.This replaces everything you wanted in Adobe Fuse & the redundant Maximo which they killed off. Best of all, you just cut & paste all your existing old characters in old scene builds with NEW CHARACTERS made straight from your own specific design. This new feature is outstanding & makes Shot Pro the go to for Pre Viz & storyboarding. They have really elevated their game with every version.

Sean Kennedy Santos, Apr 26, 2018
Great for the Price - Need to Fix Posing

Make no mistake, for the price this is a very powerful program. You can do so much with this app. I love almost everything about it BUT the character posing. Posing characters is endlessly frustrating. Arms are always bent in the wrong direction. I can get joints to move where I want them. It’s always such a struggle to pose characters in Shot Pro. In fact, the character posing is frustrating enough for me to dock 2 stars until that element of the program is refined. The posing is especially difficult with the dedicate Mac App. I wish the developer would implement a rotating X/Y/Z orbital posing tool like what is used in Frame Forge. Because just grabbing a point on the skeleton, and wrestling with it endlessly, is clunky and not very efficient. Seriously, if they’d just fix the posing I think this would be the best PreViz app on the market, beating out the big players. I’d even pay more for proper posing.

Trouser Slacksman, Feb 22, 2021
Scam dont fall for it.

This company sells two different versions of the app i came across this app on my phone and purchased it and realized its too small on my screen and buttons are not visible and couldnt download it on my macbook so i reached out to the company and they said i need to buy the macbook version seperately for the same price and that its cheaper than other apps so i shouldnt have a problem affording both.This is misleading and disrecpectful.I am stuck with this app cant get a refund or get the mac version instead.

Yashibaba, Feb 13, 2018


Visualize anything with ShotPro. ShotPro is bringing true pre-visualization to Filmmakers, Directors, DP’s and Storyboard Artists on all major platforms. Easy to use interface lets you build compelling 3D sets and scenes.

Everything comes to life with animatable characters, props, cameras, and lighting. No more stick figures and arrows! Visualize your concepts quickly and easily! Videomaker Magazine named ShotPro "Best mobile app of 2015" What are ShotPro’s main features? #1 feature is EASE OF USE! you can literally make a 3D scene in minutes with no prior experience! Stage View: Intuitive interface for creating and working on scenes. * Main work area for each scene. * Object position and rotation Snapping. * Timeline with IN and OUT controls per scene. Includes keyframes and camera cuts. * Top Down View * Scalable Viewfinder with selected camera identifier. * Scene Editor and Manager. Lighting: * Spot lights * Point lights * Ambient Light - set the overall color and brightness of the scene. * Sun positioning Cameras: * Multicam - switch between multiple cameras in one scene. * Curved motion paths and key framing. * Notes per each camera * Lens zoom * Depth of Field * Avatars Characters: * Growing library of built in characters * Dozens of animations to choose from for each character * Facial Expressions * Poses * Animals - also animate Props: * 2000+ Ranging from furniture, buildings, plants, streets, vehicles, FX and many more. 700+ built-in and a growing library of prop packs (in-app purchase). * Position, rotation, scale can be key framed. Key framing: * Add movement to props, characters, cameras and lights. Simple to use key framing unlike the complex systems used in typical 3D modeling software Realtime Performance in 3D: * All scene manipulation occurs in realtime. This includes camera feedback, project playback and scrubbing. Scenes: * Set IN and OUT points * Time readout for precise control over video length * Notes per scene Exporting Movies: * Set Aspect Ratio * Export Scene only * Export Entire project * Export Stereoscopic for VR goggles. * Export Anaglyph * Set your final resolution up to 4K on some platforms. * Set frame rate Project playback: * Stereoscopic * Anaglyph * 360 mode can be used with other modes. Custom Backdrops: * Preloaded images * Import your own images * Panoramas * Sky Maps Weather Effects: * Rain * Snow * Smoke Music: * Add a music track from dozens of preloaded choices. * Bring in your own custom music track and synch your scenes (as in music videos). Voiceover: * Add custom audio to each scene using the built-in microphone. Post FX: * Add image effects like BW, contrast, noise, bloom, glitch, and others. Ground: * Preloaded with grass, asphalt, dirt, tiles, wood floors, grids for blocking and others. Project View: * Load, save and rename your projects. * Interact with Dropbox. Other Features: * Dropbox: Copy to and from Dropbox for backup or share with others. * Video Slate * Undo and Redo with History slider * Reset Rotations * Snapshot * Expanded Sharing * OBJ Import Searchable Production Notes: Organize your shoots with scene notes. Each scene can have notes regarding cameras, talent, set specifics, call times locations and more. Includes a highly useful search mode. IMPORTANT! ShotPro recommends iPhone 6s and newer, iPad Air 2 and newer, and iPad mini 4 and newer.

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