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User Reviews for Shop Your Way

Terrible app

When I signed up for this App. I was hopeful that I would be able to win and earn points to get what I wanted but once you finally build up the points which unexpectedly disappear without warning, it is difficult to find what you want. Once you find something, the price changes from when you look at it to when you place it in your cart. Free shipping changes each time you visit. It’s so confusing it is hard to redeem your points...I thought I was pretty computer savvy but after this experience...I was ready to bang my head against a wall...I finally found what I wanted and ordered it but found out the next day that they did not use my points. Tried to stop the order but I received an email that stated I was too late and directed to return it once it arrived. I received a refund minus over 8 bucks for shipping and handling...the return shipping instructions were so specific, down to the exact amount of tape to place on the box which was more then what was on it when I received it, along with adding padding that was not in it when I received it!!!!! Not worth your time!!!! I am deleting this app along with Winit! And I disconnected the gasbuddy card from Shopmyway. I would give it a 0 if I could!!!!!

Bren7726, Dec 07, 2018
Shopping made easy

I can't remember ever having a app that gives you so many options for shopping and it's ability to be able to bring it altogether in a easy to understand presentation is amazing. For a less experienced user there will be no problem getting started and purchasing items. Those who have a little more interest and time will find that you can customize this app to make your online shopping experience much more relevant to your interest. Ohh yeah and there is a rewards program with some sweepstakes that truly gives you rewards. Not like others which always get you with the "should have read the fine print" trickery. I'm not one to usally give 5 stars because there is always room to improve. I can give this app 5 stars based on my previous experience with other similar apps and how far superior the experience is with this app.

Chillytay, Mar 01, 2018

I’ve had good experiences with buying things through the Shop Your Way app and just a few months ago I made a purchase that unfortunately I had to cancel with Sears and I was told that within 7-10 business days I’d receive a full refund in points as it was from the beginning. I waited the 7-10 day and I received nothing and to this day haven’t received anything. Also, my account has stayed on 25 cents for a while now which is super weird considering that I drive with Uber pretty much everyday so I should be earning points at least every week and I haven’t gotten anything. There’s something seriously wrong with that app, their support (who by the way NEVER takes the time to respond to people’s inquiries and concerns), and my account. I have tried to contact support multiple times and even tried again with Sears and nobody responds or seems able to help in any way. I’m super disappointed and upset about this. Please do better in the future!

dainy246, Jul 15, 2019
Game and Shopping In One App

The App is Kmart and Sears based, and we saved so much money with the sweeps winnings, bonus games, surveys and just generous amounts of freecash. Plus, there are plenty of users who have bonded on Facebook. The reward is better than any game apps out there. You also want the Win It App. The two are hand-in-hand in earning a lot of money. Lately, they have been giving out $5 or more weekly, and just today, $10 worth of points to use online or in store after a very short survey.

Formosangirl, Jul 24, 2018
So done with shop your way

I am so done with shop your way, I ordered couches back in January, got the complete WRONG couches!!! Different colors and it was miniature! I have been fighting with the “merchant” through shop your way and it is a nightmare. I keep losing the dispute because shop your way is saying I still have the merchandise but I still haven’t received the return label that was supposedly sent months ago! The merchant hasn’t responded to my emails since I refused there offer for a discount. Why would I pay for something I didn’t order????? What’s so hard to understand about that? And shop your way customer service is the worse, automated system after automated system. The touch tone and voice response doesn’t work they’ll just end up hanging up in your face. This is literally a nightmare. Starting to look like I’m going to have to lay $1,300 for miniature play couches for a kid that I did not order. It’s been 4 months now.

JayR1234333, May 13, 2022
Cannot customize dashboard/tailor recommendations

Dashboard cannot be customized to view only what interests me or for things I would potentially purchase PLUS see more recommendations not only see to things I am UN-interested in but then can also see the interests of followers?!? Um, why do I need, have or want a follower(s) when I’m trying to shop for something? It’s a total distraction and by the time I get to what I was looking for in the first place, I don't even care anymore so I end up going somewhere else to shop. AND when I do finally sift thru all this and find something interesting, it takes me to an ‘error’ page when I click on it to see the details. There isn’t even a way to add an item to my cart at this point or a ‘quick view’ option. And why should the points I EARN expire so quickly? Both the app and the points system need a major upgrade...the old ShopYourWay was so much better!

jeepgirl_jen, Nov 04, 2018
Points Expire?

What a joke this is. Their sister app WinIt! and the social community on FaBo Win Club are also jokes. You can’t post anything negative on the FaBo community. Kind of reminds me of the brainwashing of people leading them to believe that nothing is wrong with Sears and Kmart. The only posts you see are of people winning.Back to ShopYourWay. In the midst of a failing company, they have increased the free shipping threshold from $35 to $59 even for priority members. They’ve hidden the notification of when the points you win will expire hoping that they will expire so they get you to spend actual money. What a way to treat the last of your customers. Not surprising that Sears and Kmart are closing stores left and right. They just simply don’t care about their customers. Sad that I have to post it here because every time I’ve posted it on FaBo it’s been taken down. It’s like they don’t want to hear criticism and continue to believe that what they’re doing is the correct thing to try to save their company. Good luck Sears and Kmart.

Pharm13oy, Nov 19, 2018
I love this app. Something for everyone

I love that there are sweeps to play for people don’t want to or can’t always shop so they can also participate. I love how quick to respond the app is while shopping and sorting items. The ability to make all the list you could want. The list goes on an on. Even though I personally don’t shop through other stores on the app I do see where I could be convenient to compare pricing with Walmart or target for example. I do wish there were a way to save your preferences, like I would like to search and get Kmart & Sears products only- by default. Or save my filters, I always sort the pricing, sellers etc. or to be able to save multiple searches would be great too but I don’t really have any complaints at all.

SattireSam, Dec 07, 2017
It used to be good but it’s just a scam

I used to love this app, at first I linked it to myUber account and I would get $2 for every Uber ride I took, I was able to get a few items from sears and Walmart. Then one of my itemsI had sent to sears was either stolen or given to the wrong person. I complained to shop your way and sears and both said “well it shows it was picked up” and it wasn’t. I let that situation go because I got to frustrated with their lame excuses. Then all the sudden the program changed and you only got $1 per ride. 2x now when I’ve tried to use $40 worth of points itKept telling me I couldn’t add the product. I emailed and called just to be sent in circles and get no response through email EVER. This is a scam app and scam company.

Str8g26, Aug 01, 2019

THIS WEBSITE IS AWESOME! $120 in 1 week! Delightfully shocked! Never in a 1 million years did I expect within the week of being a member would have $120 in FREE MONEY to spend. 😳 My first order/$60 was spent at Kmart where I purchased enough dog food to last me at I’m writing this review sitting out front of my local Sears. I didn’t give it five stars is yes it is a bit daunting initially figure out the system but once you do it starts to make perfect and is definitely worth the time I invested. I have one of my friends signing up as we speak. Most importantly drive for Uber or ride with Uber I think you need to join this club!! $2 back on every ride the take! AWESOME!

TheJennerator, Mar 18, 2019


Shop Your Way® is a free membership program designed to make everyday life less hectic and more rewarding. SAVE TIME with personalized services that fulfill your every need, and SAVE MONEY with access to thousands of brands, national and local partners, and deals that reward you for every purchase. We’re here to help you get more done every day so you can enjoy more of life’s moments.

Let us show you! Download the Shop Your Way app Features: • Membership is FREE • Get rewarded on every day activities like grocery shopping, dining, pumping gas and more when you sign-up for the Sears Mastercard® with Shop Your Way® • Create and share catalogs with your friends • Tag & share the products you own, want and like • Connect with Partners like Uber and fuboTV to get member exclusive deals • Choose from dozens of services that help you get more done, like our Personal Shopper • Shop hundreds of your favorite brands with our extensive affiliate network and get rewarded • Enjoy FREE 2-Day Shipping with Shop Your Way MAX® and more • Elevate your member status to Shop Your Way VIP and earn up to $500 or more in rewards and savings • Play games & sweepstakes daily to get rewards and great prizes • Use rewards on MILLIONS of products within our partner network

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