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User Reviews for Shirt App

Terrible print job!

If I could give this company a negative star review I would. I understand due to COVID items are being delayed, my question to SHIRT APP is WHY would you send out emails and advertise on your website that You “Guarantee items will arrive before Christmas”!? I placed my order of four items on December 6th!!! And 3 out of the 4 items didn’t arrive until TODAY December 29th!!! Oh to add on top this monstrosity of a business I’m still waiting on the 4th item to come in! Way past Christmas hu Shirt APP!? That’s not even the best part, I open the package all the shirts are barely folded and hoodies were assembled all over the place! Presentation was terrible and not uniform for a real business. Now onto the prints all of the prints and ink looks to have been smeared and not solid, the pigmentation of the prints were of low quality and not worth $30-45!!! I spent $155 ( I also payed for a rushed shipping rate) just to receive crap. One of my hoodies I designed was supposed to have a print on the back and they failed to apply that, there was brown stuff on the from of the hoodie. I need my whole refund back!!!

BasketballGirl41, Dec 30, 2020
Cancelled order twice

I tried to order a long sleeve shirt and a hoodie with my logo on it twice. They would send me a conformation email. I waited two weeks the first time and I emailed no one emailed me back. So I then went to the Instagram and messaged them. Someone then returned my email and said it was canceled for unforeseen circumstances. Which was disappointing because I had paid for rush shipping and I did not receive it in a timely fashion for which I paid extra for shipping on. I also had sent 4 emails before going to Instagram to express my concern. I tried to reorder the same design once again but it said I had already purchased so it did not allow me to try and repurchase. On the second attempt I order two shirts and once again the same thing happened only this time they blamed it on a “BUG” in the system. I no longer have faith in this app it wasted my time and got my hopes up of purchasing my shirts in bulk for my business with my logo already on it. Don’t waste your time if you live in the USA because it’s a waste of time better off purchasing own equipment and doing it yourself or taking to mall for them to do so.

M0nsterTee, Sep 23, 2020
Underwhelmed 1st Impression

My order came in!! I love most of the products and am overall satisfy with quality of you guys work. However, I wish there was some inconsistency through my order. There are some problems I want to resolve with you all. There are two hoodies missing from my order, they’re the only hoodies I had placed and payed for with this order. Also, a shirt had its design peeling off as I unfolded it. I’m not sure if it can be replaced or do I just have to deal with it? I’m hoping you all can help me with that. Following that, I had order the same shirt in 2 different sizes; a medium and a large. The “medium” is quite literally not a medium it’s larger than the other mediums in my order. Finally, there’s a design missing on the back of one of my shirts. I really hope we can work together to fix these issues. Thank you

megan samurai, Jan 09, 2021
It made me rlly upset

When I first got the app I was rlly excited to be using this especially since I had a pogo and everything. When i first got the app I did a trial run to see what would be the price for a black t-shirt( we did not put anything on it just to see ) the price was 10 dollars. After transferring 4 designs and working all day I was ready to purchase my 4 shirts. When it was time to check out the price was 113 dollars. This was a shock to me. The shirts were 28 dollars each, i’m guessing this happened because I added something to it. This really upset me. Maybe this on me for not adding a random design to see if the price changes. I just don’t understand why the price is 28 dollars each. This really sucked and i’m going to have to delete the app

Nailah Joseph, Aug 23, 2020
Limited Options When Adding Words

I really like the quality of both the printing and the shirts they are printed on. I’ve ordered multiple tees from you guys and love each one for many reasons. With that in mind, the app developers really should update it so that users can invert them/bend/change the shape words they add to their designs... at the moment users have to write them in a straight line with no inversion. It would also be helpful to allow frequent purchasers to get discounts seeing as they multiple purchases, kind of like a frequent shoppers discount. Finally, it would be great if users were able to to create their own logos or access a clip art gallery. This could be achieved by allowing users to create and edit designs and not just add pictures and what not to their designs. It would grant users more creative liberty. Thanks for reading this.

Rease Wilson, Oct 16, 2020
Great app and company

I have used or tried to use several different T-Shirt design apps/companies and this is by far the best. The app allows you to import via Apple Photos or via the Files app. The bad thing about importing from Apple Photos is if you create a PNG file with transparency then import that file to Apple Photos you lose the transparency. Photos doesn’t support transparency. So the other T-Shirt apps won’t honor that transparency. The great thing about importing from the Files App is the PNG image will keep its transparency. That, from a design point is awesome.Print quality of the shirts and printing is also excellent. Customer service is fantastic. When I had any question, a quick email was sent and I got a reply very quickly. This company is great. So many of the other T-Shirt apps the service is terrible. In one case I left a couple emails a couple of times and never got an answer. If you need to unique T-Shirt of what ever, this is where to go!

skyking95, Apr 06, 2022

This app does not have good quality in their product… 2 shirt i got looked like they were wash and worned… the print is cheap and blurry even if you give them high def pictures or logo… The first 2 shirts were pictures and kinda worned down, they looked like they were put thru the wash a couple of times, definitely dis not have that new clothes feel. Then i sent a sweater with a business logo, it came back crooked, and literature barely visible, unlike how it looked like on the preview in the app. They offer refunds on they policies, they just can’t take the product back…. I sent them pictures about the logo and all they said was user error, bad logo def and only gave me a refund of $11 for shipping… F this app, cheap and petty in not trying to keep a customer specially when I bought 3 items all sucked and i just wanted one to get reimbursed. Do not use for any big others, rookies in the field… one star is too much for these punks

Steen Sixx, Jun 10, 2022

First thing I’d like to review is their amazing customer service. I ordered a hoodie and someone else’s address ended up on my order, I emailed customer support right away and they fixed the issue for me in a polite and timely manner! The second thing I will be reviewing is the hoodie, I went through so much to find a picture to put on my hoodie that would not be copyrighted, but the time spent was definitely worth it!! I read so many reviews saying that the fabric quality was poor and I can officially say I disagree. Although the hoodie did have a factory smell to it, it was SO SOFT and the first hoodie I have ever bought that fit me perfectly!! Long story short, the printing is amazing, the fit is perfect, the fabric quality is way better than I expected, and the customer service is outstanding. If you’re still questioning whether or not to order something from them, just do it YOU WONT REGRET IT!!!

thisisannoyingashell, Oct 16, 2021
It’s amazing and I got a few update suggestions

So I’ve been using this app to make designs for my brand I’m trying to build and they look great. The pictures and logos look amazing in them even tho it’s so simple, the app is amazing but I have a few suggestions that could make it even better. 1) Why not make an update or add a feature where you can customize the sleeves of the shirts and hoodies, like add words, lines, zigzags and pictures.2) Make more symbols available and usable for text, like emojis and kanji. They don’t work on it now but it would be amazing and helpful if they were.3) add options to make the entirety of the shirts a certain pattern, like leopard print, hounds tooth, vertical and horizontal lines, checkers, and abstract stuff too on the front, back, sleeves, hood, pocket and all.4) add more payment methods like cashapp, cards, cash, or a simple expansion of the variety of payment options. 5) Add an option to have the hoodie be made with a zipper down the middle.6) You should also add a color wheel for more than just 12 colors.I hope that who ever reads this would take these ideas into consideration and apply them to the app, I really think adding features like the ones I described will be a big up for the app and I would love to see that.

ufjrnskjfisdjocej, Oct 13, 2020
Not what I expected

To be honest with you. I love the idea that you guys have some might like it, but I didn’t think you guys are as good as you promote yourselves. I got an order of three shirts (XL) and a sweater (XL). Two out of three shirts were right size (XL) and the other was wrong (L). Sweater was the right size. I thought the printing was going to be much better, but it just seems like it was digitally put on. Quality of the print was awful. Quality of the shirts and sweatshirt was fine. I read some of the reviews after I bought my order and hoped it would be better than they said. To be honest I’m not bashing the Shirt App, but if you’re looking for some custom shirts or sweaters go to your local screen printer. Because it was worst purchase I’ve made this year. As soon as I pulled out the first shirt and seen the printing. It was a sad day. Spent like $150. Wish I wouldn’t have made the purchase and still had my money. No hate towards Shirt App, but I would not recommend it. I’ll probably make a donation to make local goodwill. I was so hyped for my custom shirts too. Well thanks I guess..

UsielH20, Feb 26, 2021


From your phone to your closet, Shirt App is the easiest way to design, order and receive custom garments. Instantly add any image from your camera roll or text with popular fonts to get started. Shirt App currently offers many product colors for shirts, hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts and more with front & back customization.

Find inspiration on our brand new Discover page. Choose from our library of Stickers to enhance your design, new graphics are added daily. It's never been this fast or easy to order a high quality custom t-shirt or hoodie from your phone!

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