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Shipt Shopper: Shop for Pay

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User Reviews for Shipt Shopper: Shop for Pay

Great Concept App Needs More Work

Even with the new updates the application still needs a lot of work. Aside from the pandemic and overwhelming amount of business, Shipt wasn’t prepaid to handle this type of volume. How can you shut down your call center and switch to chat and text? This is a little frustrating to your shoppers. The app needs a new chat feature, when you minimize the chat to help us keep working on orders, and you don’t get notified when an agent comes on and the chat disconnects. You lose your place in line. I will say the app enhancements are much better including the scanner feature. I see good improvements but you’re gonna have to move faster at getting new updates. You need a town hall from your shoppers to find out what’s working and what needs to be added or changed. I can’t get a hold of anyone via text or chat and you’re leaving me out here to get abused by the customers that can’t get their orders due to extremely long lines, store closers (changed hours), or product out of stock. I’m very grateful for Shipt but the HQ support is lacking. If you’re having a shortage of staff from HQ due to this pandemic, find a way to allow people to work from home. Only the strong will survive. Not having support staff readily available is a recipe for disaster. My second day now trying to get someone via chat or text. Please fix ASAP. Still a great concept and service just needs help badly.

Bf529q, Apr 09, 2020
A joke that used to be great

I’ve been working on this app for close to a year and this app, despite its clunkiness, used to be really great. Open metro orders would pop up thoroughly throughout the day and offered orders were so bountiful you had plenty of options to choose from. But now this app is the laughing stock of me and my significant other, who also shops Shipt. For WHATEVER reason Shipt thought it would be a good idea to just release all the open metro orders ONCE EVERY HOUR. It creates a feeding frenzy that makes it impossible to get orders of you aren’t glued to your screen right at the drop of the hour. It makes no sense at all. I recently took a break from Shipt and when I came back I stopped being offered orders because of my inactivity. I’ve now been back working for a month and in the last WEEK I’ve been offered TWO ORDERS. I’m having the hardest time trying to make any money on this app anymore after a year of working it real hard. I swear the developers have never shopped or delivered an order in their lives. They’ve done a great job of fixing the clunkiness and making it look better but the actual functionality is nothing but a joke. I’m extremely disappointed in this app and would NOT recommend shopping for Shipt. You can make much more money doing almost anything else

Camden5224, Feb 27, 2021
App needs some more work

I have been a shopper for a little bit here. As far as the app is concerned the isle numbers would be appreciated for Kroger stores like the other stores we shop. Kroger has the slowest cashiers that also eats away at your time, pretty much every customer who orders there is also tax exempt too. So adding the isle numbers would help offset how slow the store is. When you go to text customer support, it is a bad design to have to click done then have to hit enter to submit your message to an agent. We can’t stop and wait to chat we have to keep delivering. Need it to be easier to send while at stop lights, etc. Another thing is when I minimize the app, I lose my place in queue and have to start over. Serious waste of time. I need to be delivering and watching my map. When you call customer support it keeps saying the easiest way to reach us is online/chat. I found that to not be true most of the time because of the issue I just mentioned.Update: The app today just showed me a map of the house to deliver the groceries to but when I opened google and Apple Maps they both agreed and it was in the complete opposite direction!!!! That is a serious flaw. Also, there needs to be a mileage estimate when you open the job. This is a disservice to your shoppers. We can not make a proper assessment before taking the job without correct information.

Cheese muffins, Nov 26, 2019
Shipt does not care about its shoppers. Try another app

Here’s my experience with Shipt. I did Shipt very part time as a side gig for a year and earned a great hourly rate, especially when I built up a base of preferred customers. But one bad apple can ruin the entire experience. In my case, a customer called Shipt and complained (lied) that he didn’t get his order. I shopped his order as I always would: I communicated the entire shop, I got all the items on his list (I even asked a Target associate to get a USB-C wall adapter from the back), followed his request to drop the bag at the back door of his house, and sent a picture of the delivery to the customer (and note, Shipt can see EVERYTHING you and the customer text to each other). In short, I followed all the rules and did everything I needed to do. But the customer wanted to take advantage of Shipt. He said he didn’t get his order and then rated me 1 star. When I requested that Shipt remove that unfair rating, they did nothing. They didn’t even have the courtesy to respond to my emails. By leaving that rating on my account, Shipt is effectively calling me the liar and siding with the customer who wanted to get free stuff from Shipt. SHAME ON SHIPT for punishing their hard-working and honest shoppers! Unless they remove that rating, I am done with Shipt for good. If you choose to do Shipt - I just sincerely hope something like this never happens to you, because Shipt definitely does not have your back.

Christine_____S, Mar 08, 2022
Fun app but the work for the pay is ridiculous

I enjoy looking for orders and seeing what they are and how much they pay that’s the fun part but the amount of driving for the pay is wayyy too much. Each delivery pick up I have done is at least 10 miles from the last delivery point and in the city that can be 30-45 minutes of driving just to get there. Also I have done 2 orders that weren’t even paid for when I went to check out and they always want you to pay through the app and they never put money on the card so I literally had to walk out of the store with unpaid items just to complete 2 deliveries and get paid which is ridiculous because even support couldn’t figure out how to get them paid for. Most of the time the shopping goes pretty smoothly but things like that make it too much of a hassle to be worth it and it’s obvious that the Silicon Valley tech bros just want a bunch of slave “workers” ( you’re not even a real employee when you’re a shopper but an independent contractor) to do everything including customer service and gathering items for order packaging while they sit on their arses collecting money off the top. But it just becomes more obvious every day that it’s impossible to make decent money unless you have a college degree and a prestigious tech or office job and you deal with real estate but things are changing slowly and it will change sometime soon because people aren’t going to put up with this ridiculous pay anymore.

Danr3dman, Jun 26, 2021
Terrible pay structure

This service has so many problems where do I even begin! Shipt it very clearly built for the member, not the Shopper, and this reflects in their treatment and pay of shoppers. The biggest issue is how pay is calculated, it is a flat $5 + 7.5% of the order total, which does not include consideration for mileage, time, or tolls unlike every almost every other gig delivery job. You quickly realize when you start this job that the math just doesn't add up, with sticking to Shipts suggested 2 items per minute formula it's pretty clear to see that the money to be made here is limited unless you are grabbing the best orders. I have taken one with 51 items before for a payout of only $16-18, with driving at least 10 minutes to the store, shopping for 1 hour and 45 minutes, 10 minutes to the members house, you are left with $8-9/hr before gas, that's assuming you dont have any issues (which their are almost always are, I rarely have an order with nothing I have to substitute, and if you have to call Shipt support prepare to be on the phone waiting for 30 minutes+). Seriously just stick to Uber or Doordash, outside of an occasional good order their is very little money to be made here and your only going to end up being frustrated, tired and overwhelmed (many of the members are not very friendly and act extremely entitled, my total tips from doing food delivery are at least double what I will get from Shipt members).

gig worker, Jan 12, 2020

This is one of the greatest apps I have ever downloaded one of the best ways I earn money and good money at that I left or other delivery platforms just stick with this one. love the way I could earn my own money and also love when I could work when ever I want and still make great money 💯 I left everything else just for this one here . I waited about 3-5 months to get accepted lol but it was definitely worth the wait I swear .. I was working with Instacart for almost 6-8 months and never made good money with it I wasted more gas driving to delivery the batches then wat I actually made in cash smh I was so happy when I got notified that I was in the process of being hired with shipt 🙏🏻 truly was a blessing on my behalf THANK YOU SHIPT . I will never leave this Delivery App ever ♾ only thing I want is when I do need cash on the spot is an Instant Cash out on our Pay 💰 even tho I like adding all the money up for the weekend but sometimes I’m broke and don’t have enough money for gas to keep on working or even have enough cash to get some food for my self . It’s definitely would be great to Update and Add Instant Cash out on what ever delivered batch u want to cash out . Definitely would love to see that on a update soon . But other than that everything is Perfect and Going Great for me . Once again thanks SHIPT

Green Cart, Jan 16, 2021
Okay App, But Great Pay

The pay out for each order is significantly higher than the competitor albeit the number of orders on the Shipt platform is more limited. So if you are doing this gig for full time, this may not be for you because you will have to go around towns more often to hit the same amount of total payout. However, for casual gig worker, Shipt is godsend. I also like how the customers are encouraged to tip which adds substantially to each order. Since the platform is owned by Target, order coming from there is usually prepaid, and that helps a LOT on completing the order on time and smoothly. I would still love to see a dedicated queue for quick Shipt shopper checkout. One more thing is that the app does not have a “timer” build-into the UI like the competitor. I think that is quite inhumane because it gives you very limited amount of time and makes you work like a cattle. Shipt just let you claim the orders as you see fit with your schedule, as long as you deliver them within the delivery windows. I really like this option and functionality because the company actually trusts you and treats you like an adult.

LeoTheLawless, Apr 08, 2021
Lots of trouble in WEEK 1

Just started shopping with Shipt. My app is glitching appears to be glitching heavily. I text customers but don’t receive any messages back (not a single one for 20 orders). When you are being rated for your level of communication, proper functioning of this feature is critical. I’ve even tried calling the customer for a more urgent matter and the system didn’t support calling. More recently, I’ve attempted to text my customers, but it opens up one of the prior communications I had with a different customer (not sure if that’s normal). I text the number anyway, but I’m not sure if my messages are going through as they should, especially since I am not receiving any feedback/responses.Finally, I selected a non-promo order today to for the requirements of and complete one of the bonuses. It was VERY far away (1 hour total) but I thought that receiving the bonus would make up for it. After I checked the bonus meter, I noticed that it had not moved and that they had tagged the trip with “promo”. This was very frustrating as it was an order I would not have taken if I didn’t account for the bonus. I accepted two non-promo orders after that. Same thing happened. I’m only a few days, but this is definitely worrying, disappointing, and deceptive. If you’re offering a bonus, offer it. Don’t be unfair. :(

Mieshaag, Apr 14, 2022
Where are the orders????

I’ve been a shipt shopper for a year now and I’ve never EVER had a problem getting orders. All of a sudden I have 5 locations selected on the schedule and I can go all day before I get an order. I’m not sure what happened with these past few updates but even with 5 zones I should get see at least 5 orders. Today I was on the schedule ALL day and only got a bundle order. I emailed shopper support 2 weeks ago and NOT ONE PERSON HAS EMAILED ME BACK. With being a single mother with 3 children 2 home schooled and a 3 year old I depended on this app to be able to be here for my kids and also provide. When I called customer service they told me they couldn’t help me and they knew nothing of why this is happening. Then instructed me to email shopper support, when I explained I did that and never received an response I was told that there’s probably a good explanation as to why. 🤦🏾‍♀️ I’m completely over it at this point and now I have to figure out what to do. Thanks shipt for thinking of and protecting your shoppers. I guess as long as these companies are making money it doesn’t matter if a shopper is having issues or is in need of help.

prettypussy73, Feb 24, 2021


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