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Shattered Ring

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Dachary Carey
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User Reviews for Shattered Ring


This app does nothing but allow you to manually add notes. It is no better than the note pad on my phone. Hope they get good use out of my $3 donation, because this was not worth anything. It should have some sort of content, even a few pre filled out locations or boss names. It has no real information or tracking system. It should have been free, then we pay to get content added. App market should flag this as soon as possible.

Bill11122, Mar 16, 2022
Very Bareboned

This app is a nice little notebook you can have at your disposal to track things in not only Elden Ring but also other RPG campaigns. Other than that, it has very little going on with its design and detail. In the future I would like to see more customization and maybe even a database of locations, NPCs as well as objects your character can use in Elden Ring instead of having to compile all the information myself. This app has some potential but at the moment, it is not worth the $3.

BreadmanEDO, Mar 12, 2022
VERY high potential

This is my first review I have ever written for an app and felt the need after reading other reviews. I do find this app extremely useful even if it is just a basic “notebook “ outline. Elden rings is such a massive game you need something like this. Before I found the app I actually considered old school pen and paper. I do find it rather basic, but that is what updates are for (which I hope IS in the works). That being said I would like to see category breakdowns such as caves, forts, etc. in the location section. That would definitely add another star. There is too much exploration to have just a basic locations category. If more work is put into this app I see it being an extremely helpful tool in the exploration of this massive land. Regardless, this app is worth the $3 if used what it was intended for….keeping track of what you have completed.

cory montoya, Mar 16, 2022
Just a blank notebook basically

I just looked at 3 Elden Ring apps, including this one. The others offer places for notes but also maps, preloaded lists of npcs, bosses, quests, etc. I will say this one is cheap but just know it’s basically just blank pages.

Doc_Daddy, May 22, 2022
You can improve

I see a lot of points where you can improve. I was trying to add NPCs and Locations and the app crashed, luckily changes were saved. I think you can add all NPC, Locations and Quests Names into the app so the user doesn’t have to type. Please add the possibility to edit NPCs and Location Names without having to delete it. Adding a Map would be great as well, if possible. I love the game and I'll keep using the app expecting updates to improve game experience You are definitely on the right track. When taping on a text box open the keyboard, screen should move up to focus the view above the keyboard, you can do this with First ResponderAdding a Location while adding a NPC make the app crash

Erickookie, Mar 11, 2022
Basically a notebook

This app is effectively a note app broken down by locations, npcs and quests. The user must populate all this data. There is no list of quests, npcs or locations. You must type it in.Is it useful? I could see that. Would your included os notebook be as useful. Yes perhaps a little less organized but yes. Is it worth 3 bucks, I regret my purchase.

Gerkenator91, Mar 11, 2022
Amazing idea

Love this for Elden Ring and will definitely help with tracking DND. One thing I can’t seem to do is rename locations, it’d be nice instead of having to delete. Overall wonderful I appreciate the hard work on this!

John_moreno95, Mar 12, 2022

I play elder ing and am a die hard fan and want something exactly like a quest, location etc. tracker and I’ve just bought this and I really hope for improvements with it all, I can definitely see potential and I give all props to developer and hope for better future updates especially with layout and things named so you can just select it

Ling long ding dang yosef, Mar 18, 2022
Excellent DIY Journal for RPG fans.

This app is exactly as advertised in the description. It is a fully DIY journal system for tracking NPCs, Quests, and Locations and can be used for any game you want to play or track. I do think that certain media outlets are advertising this as an “end-all” Elden Ring tracker, which it is not. I would love to see some features added such as being able to make listings for individual items, or a separate section for NPC inventory, but I am loving this blank slate journal thus far. Looking forward to future updates!

mdashlin, Mar 16, 2022
Have to add everything manually

A little deceiving, I thought this would have everything in it and you would check off boxes. This is basically just a notebook in digital format, and while it’s well done, it’s just a notebook. You have to add all of your NPCs, Quests, and Locations manually with titles, descriptions, and notes. It’d be cool if there was a tagging system where you could see other peoples entries for games and just copy them, but alas, it’s just a notebook.

Njwernynkn, Mar 14, 2022


Stop flipping through massive notebooks, or losing your notes entirely, while trying to keep track of your role-playing game progress. Save and easily search for non-player characters, game world locations, and quests in your favorite RPGs. Track NPC locations and quests, filter on complete or incomplete quests and locations, and view at-a-glance stats for your games.

Must-have companion for massive RPG video games like Elden Ring, or your favorite Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Shattered Ring is the easy-to-use iOS RPG game task tracking app you never knew you needed. Add notes to NPCs, and search not only on NPC, location, or quest name but the contents of your notes. Enter as little or as much information as you'd like. Create new NPCs with as little as a name, or add details about quests and locations when you create the NPC. You can always go back later and add existing locations or quests to an NPC you've created. But locations and quests aren't tied to NPCs alone! Enter quests you stumble across as you explore large, open-world video games. Or enter locations into the app when you discover new points of interest, and store details to remind you to come back later, such as the presence of a helpful merchant or a note that you didn't clear so you can come back later to see if there's any good loot. There is no limit to the number of games you can track in the Shattered Ring RPG game tracker. Store details about multiple Elden Ring playthroughs, track multiple D&D campaigns or other TTRPG sessions, or mix-and-match video game playthroughs with other RPG details.

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