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SharpScan Pro: OCR PDF scanner

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SharpScan Pro: OCR PDF scanner

  • Business
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User Reviews for SharpScan Pro: OCR PDF scanner

simply the best

I've tried many scanning apps, this is by far the best. SharpScan is the most easiest to use, modify, and share your docs. one tiny thing that I didn't find out how to link my MEGA-share account since i use it more then other clouds services.I hope the developers will add the MEGA-share to SharpScan app.thank you developers

5am!r, Dec 31, 2018
Do not use with Dropbox

HUGE bug when uploading to Dropbox. Pictures are named by the date and minute, so if you scan 2 documents in the same minute, they will have the EXACT SAME name. The app will not warn you, and the second scan will overwrite the first on Dropbox. I've lost hundreds of scans this way. App is unusable until this is fixed.

All the pennies, Feb 16, 2018
It is a great app doing the scanning thing

It is easy to use. And it can upload to OneDrive etc. The scanning camera needs some improvement recognizing document borders. But overall, it is a good app for the job.

gpseek, Dec 31, 2016
Great except for border detection

I have several of these type of apps and this has been the one I use the most. Not only will it scan documents, you can also use it to do clean captures of white boards. OCR is hit or miss but when it works it is a huge time saver. Options for where to send scans are plentiful. There are only two complaints. Often I need to manually set borders on scanned documents - not hard but an extra step. The other issue is please stop harassing me to rate the app. I have used this to scan pages and whole book chapters. It’s an essential tool.

hal2k, Aug 03, 2018
Nice app to use easy

Allows you to scan multiple pages and send through email.

Honey Fitzy, Mar 02, 2017
Love this. Scanning on the go!

I work from home. I use this app daily. It auto crops pretty terribly. But nothing I can’t adjust! I recommend this app all the time. I receive documents from people all the time in jpeg format and this app allows me to upload and crop accordingly.

pettijohnjj, Nov 25, 2019
My go-to app for scanning text!

Man! It’s very nice when something just works. I just scanned a major recipe and placed the three scans into AnyList to shop it. The text recognition is excellent! A few minor tweaks to remove CRs and an hour of typing saved! Fabulous whenever I’ve needed it. Buy.

snorkfire, May 08, 2020
Use all the time

As a person who works in the field all day long without the access to a fax machine this is a perfect app to fax and scan documents to my main office. Works wonderful

Tim11731, Nov 13, 2017
Nice app

Simple to use & works well for my needs. I usually have to define the boarders after a scan. Biggest complaint/issue is the constant requests to rate the app. Even after numerous times telling it that I did not wish to post a review. And even continues to pop up after posting a review & also rating it. I’ll keep using it for now until I find something that doesn’t prod me every time I open the app.

TomSexton, Oct 28, 2021
Really fast, just what I was looking for

Needed a quick scanner app where I could email myself. This fits the bill nicely

wakeboardr99, Aug 04, 2017


Turn your iPhone into a jet Fast multi-page document scanner with SharpScan! Recognize and Share text in Images on 50+ languages (OCR)*. *For text layer sharing an additional in-app purchase required. ***** I have an iPhone 6 and works great. Not much else to say (KidsITManager) ***** It's easy, intuitive, & rarely fails.

Good editing capabilities. Excellent free version. Saved me many times. Thank you for making such a terrific & useful app!! (Maricopa Maggie) Perfect companion for busy users, SharpScan automatically produces small, clear, and legible standard PDF documents from any photos at a very high speed. Share documents as a tiny Black & White PDF. Convert them to Color, Grey or Original anytime with no pixel loss. Are you on the go and urgently need to send an expenses receipt, business card, presentation slide, or any other document to colleagues? SharpScan offers a perfect solution to your problem. Check it out! WHAT MAKES SHARPSCAN UNIQUE ◆ MADE WITH SPEED AND QUALITY IN MIND Perfect combination of image processing Speed and Quality - takes less than 3 seconds from the image shot to a ready-to-use document without any annoying manual adjustments. ◆ SMART CROP Fully automatic document boundary detection, cropping, and perspective correction without manual interaction. Of course manual adjustments are also possible. ◆ SIZE DOES MATTER True Black & White image processing to produce tiny documents with lossless compression. Compare to ordinary JPEG: ~20x smaller with no pixel lost for compression. Can scarcely be overestimated in case of a slow or expensive network connection. ◆ PRO CAMERA Enable Camera Stabilization to get sharpest documents you can. Use Touch Focus and Exposure to shoot crystal clear photos. ◆ MAGIC COLOR Content oriented adaptive Color processing profile automatically generates perfect documents. ◆ SAFETY ASSURANCE Feel free to experiment with your documents - with Non-Destructive image editing you can always revert to the original image. You can share a document as a tiny Black & White PDF and then convert it to Color, Grey or Original with no pixel loss. ◆ EVERY PIXEL COUNTS Highest image enhancement quality - get rid of noise, shadows, distortions, and other shooting artifacts at full resolution. Special mode for strong shadows processing - every detail will be revealed. ◆ PDF POWER Create industry standard PDF documents. - Manage document and pages: Move, Copy, and Merge. - Protect documents with passwords. - Automatic page size and orientation detection. - Custom page sizes including flexible (like long receipts). ◆ NO MORE MANUAL WORK Image processing and enhancement in full auto - no tedious manual adjustments necessary. ◆ WORKING WITH LARGE VOLUMES Harness the speed and convenience of Batch processing to scan and manage multi-page documents on the go. ◆ SHARING WITH EASE Share documents as PDF, image or text files on the go. Free version has advertisement, scanned documents generated with watermark. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time and send your suggestions or questions to our support team www.pixelnetica.com/support.html We’ll do our best to answer to your questions as soon as possible. TWITTER: @Pixelnetica FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/Pixelnetica YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/Pixelnetica

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