Icon Sexy Slang Adult Party Game of Charades & Drawings

Sexy Slang Adult Party Game of Charades & Drawings

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Sexy Slang Adult Party Game of Charades & Drawings

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User Reviews for Sexy Slang Adult Party Game of Charades & Drawings

Great game - witty definitions

Better than Heads Up - we played this tonight and it was so funny. Great energy and creativity

Bill Online, Nov 20, 2016
An evening of fun for NOT the whole family

This rollicking, clever adult party game tickles your funny bone as well as your libido. If everyone isn't laughing or hooking up--or best, both!--after an evening of this sexy, sassy game night, well...you need to get new friends.

CriticalUES, Nov 20, 2016
Hilarious and fun!! Great party game

We had so much fun playing Sexy Slang last night. Better than Cards Against Humanity! The definitions are so funny

Daisy app user, Nov 17, 2016
Awesome app, very funny

...also sexy. A lot more fun than Cards Against Humanity or similar games meant to make you gasp. Fun for a group of "liberated" couples...

Ghjaseppu100, Nov 17, 2016
This app is hilarious!

There's so much fun to be had here, drawing with different colors and all the funniest terms that everyone knows and loves, we couldn't stop laughing!

Hilarious Party Fun!, Jan 02, 2017
Best adult party game!

We've played a bunch of party games and Sexy Slang is the best adult party game this year! Highly recommend.

Italianonyc, Dec 14, 2016
My Fav Adult Party Game

I loved this as a board game. I was so excited to see it come out as an app!! It is my favorite adult party game!!

nycmichelle, Nov 25, 2016
Fun Fun Fun

Such a fun app and I may have actually learned a few things ;)

RiceKristiCA, Nov 21, 2016
Soooo FUN!

My best friend's bachelorette party turned into the party of the year when we broke out the sexy slang! We were laughing so hard the neighbors complained. Hilarious and so much FUN! Like sexy, funny grown-up charades. Perfect party game!

storygirlnyc, Nov 30, 2016
Hilarious and Sexy

Very fun game to get things going with another couple.

XXX Happy, Jul 01, 2017


Tired of traditional "bored games?" Then get the party started with SEXY SLANG, the adult party game of charades and drawings with hilariously naughty terms! Based on the original Sexy Slang board game, if you are looking for a fun game to break the ice at your next party, then Sexy Slang is the app for you! • Sexy Slang offers the option to draw or act out each of the hilarious terms. • Sexy Slang is an All-Play game so there is never any boring down-time waiting for your team’s turn. • Play up to 500 dirty, sexy, flirty, and just plain funny words and phrases with more card decks coming soon! • Learn something new! If you don’t know what a term means, not to worry!

Just push the “definition” button and you will see a fun definition that is sure to make you laugh even harder! Sexy Slang is great for dinner parties, ski houses, beach houses, bachelorette parties and more. You can also modify the game and play as a couple just so you can see your significant other act out something like “tie me to the bedpost.” Great when played with 4 or more people as an all-play game where each team can act out or draw the same term at the same time. For even more laughs feel free to sneak a peek at the other team’s drawing or take a gander at what their actor is doing. Our favorite rule is “the less rules, the more fun!” Whichever team guesses the term first earns a point. The first team to 10 points wins the game. However, if you are playing Sexy Slang, then we all know you are already a winner. ;) We are an indie app development and board game company and we love to connect with our fans! Our founder also designs greeting cards and creates cocktail-infused walking tours of awesome cities. Check out some of our other cool products and apps at www.icebreakerentertainment.com If you have feedback, ideas, comments, photos, new SEXY SLANG terms or just want to say whassup??, connect with us here: [email protected] Facebook: www.facebook.com/sexyslang www.sexyslang.com

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