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SecureAuth Authenticate

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SecureAuth Authenticate

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User Reviews for SecureAuth Authenticate

Great App

Convenient and simple to use.

AnonReviewer2079373963963, Sep 11, 2017
App on Apple Watch fails to sync after updating watch OS.

Whenever I update the software on my watch series 3, it takes a long time before it will begin syncing the watch app to the phone app. Nothing I do seems to make it happen. One day it will finally start working but I have no idea why.

daylate&dollarshort, Jan 28, 2021
Watch app is broken

Says to open the phone app to sync but nothing happens. Also the send feedback link in the app does nothing so I couldn’t report it.

ddiiggss111, Jan 04, 2019
Issues with Apple Watch integration

Frequently the Apple Watch portion doesn’t provide the ability to authorize a login when the request is pushed to the watch. Usually after going unused overnight. And for nearly a year now it won’t sync the account on my phone to the watch. I’ve reported this to SecureAuth and have gotten no response. It is great, when it works…

Eric Sten, May 06, 2021
Works OK - home screen name is annoying

App does the job. It would be very helpful if the app name on the Home Screen was more descriptive than just being titled “Authenticate”

EricE4242, May 07, 2021
Works well, but no Watch app

This app works well and I have not had any issues after nearly a year of use. The only reason I haven’t rated it 5 stars is because there is no companion app for the Apple Watch. It sure would be nice to get the passcode without having to pull the phone out of my pocket.

ericgibson74, Sep 28, 2017
Where is watch app?!

We have to use this app at work! Which means we have to take it from the pocket and log in to get the number which is annoying! There is nothing fancy about this app but gets the job done. The app has been around for few years but for whatever reason the developer hasn’t made an app for watch.So one star for laziness!

frustrsted MD, Oct 26, 2017
Removed lock screen approval

App works perfectly well. Wish they had not removed the ability to tap the notification from the lock screen and directly approve the request from there! The Microsoft authentication app still has this capability.

Gsimon610, Aug 11, 2020
Watch app unreliable

Sometimes I open the watch app and the numbers are there immediately. Most of the time, though, I open it and it’s blank except for the blue authenticate text and the time. I eventually give up and use the phone app. Usually if I look again several minutes later the numbers have appeared, but I’m unsure if they’ve shown up because I used the phone app or if they’d have eventually displayed in either case.

Narual, Oct 21, 2018
We use it every day

Due disclosure, I am a SecureAuth employee. We use our own product, of course, and that means using this app for authentication. It works great, and gets the job done! Since I use it constantly, I've had the chance to stress test it, and it hasn't let me down.

TalonNYC, Sep 11, 2017


SecureAuth Authenticate is a modern mobile app that verifies your identity so you can securely access your apps. SecureAuth Authenticate supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) for personal, work, or school apps and accounts. The authenticator generates 6-digit one-time passcodes/tokens (OTP codes) used commonly in two-factor authentication (2FA) flows.

SecureAuth Authenticate for personal use Secure your personal accounts from account takeover with 2-step verification. SecureAuth Authenticate lets you protect your personal Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, Dropbox, and thousands of other cloud apps. Personal features: • Supports multiple accounts • Quick QR code set up • Works offline without Wi-Fi or data connection SecureAuth Authenticate for business use SecureAuth Authenticate provides additional strong authentication benefits when paired with SecureAuth IDaaS in corporate deployments. The app is designed to work with adaptive and passwordless authentication for cloud/SaaS and on-prem app single sign-on (SSO) scenarios. Business-critical features: • Push notifications – Prompt to approve/deny a login that requires MFA • Symbol-to-accept – High-security prompt requiring user to match a specific symbol • Unlock detection – Security protection when phone lock protection is disabled • Anti-cloning – Security protection when phone OS is cloned to another phone • PIN protection – Prompt to enter PIN to display OTP code • Offline mode – Generates OTP code for MFA-protected Windows or MacOS login • QR code or activation link enrollment – Convenient methods to configure the app Getting started Follow 2FA or MFA setup steps in the app you want to protect. Once you scan the QR code or enter a setup code, your account will be set up for 2FA. Visit https://www.secureauth.com/secureauth-authenticate to get started.

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