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Second Phone Number - 2Number

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Second Phone Number - 2Number

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BP Mobile LLC
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User Reviews for Second Phone Number - 2Number

Misled on weekly rates

Don’t use this app unless you have money to burn! It offers 2 different amounts for 2 different situations! It offers a weekly amount and a yearly amount! I entered the weekly and And was charged thirty something dollars for the year, a week? Then I go out of the app trying to her back in it charged me another thirty something within minutes! Wasn’t even sore I’d like out let alone want it so I’ve tried and tried to reach someone explaining what happened there is no number to call just an email, sketchy.. but nonetheless still haven’t heard from anyone or have I been refunded let alone have I even used the app!!?? Come on you can’t even rate them on the app??? Sketchy !!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK

Als1313, Nov 02, 2023

I am so glad I am a skeptical person, I downloaded this app and while I was waiting for it to complete I figured I would read some reviews. Honestly I don’t see how they are rated a 4.0 and I was just about to trust them with my business. In most of the reviews I noticed red flags like con artists, scam, overcharge, hidden fees, over priced, lack of customer service, sneaky, false advertising and so on. I also noticed you must pay for a subscription then pay for minutes on top of that. This is almost 2020 no one uses minutes anymore. GET THEM OFF THE APP STORE!

baytowncowboy86, Nov 07, 2019
Your phone app

I cannot really tell if it’s a good phone Apple or not you give a three day trial. But if I don’t have a business card a business mean ship at that time then it defeats the purpose if you really want someone to get to know you and I really believe that you should give them more free time to understand and see it if you’re not then who wants to waste your money on something that they not sure really will see what they mean or a comedy what they’re looking for thank you

citywide mental health, Jan 15, 2022
This app isn’t good

This is the first app I’ve ever used that constantly asks u every minute to write a review. So here is your review. Your app isn’t good at all. I’d say something different but I know that the app won’t let me because even when I’m texting my own friends I can’t joke around and say funny things because the app will block h from saying things that “might” be offensive! I was trying to write a name of a rd that had part of its name that was that another name for it is a piece. So that thing hwy was the name of the rd and it blocked me from saying it. On top of that this app isn’t free at all. Look further and u will find a second number that is actually free

Cover your a55, May 28, 2023
WhatsApp spy app

Recommend monitoring and tracking suspected cheating wife and activities at work. However some great app couldn't grant all access I needed to detect and catch my wife red handed in her deceptive ways. It all started when I had a suspicion on her with some recently inherited behavior like staying out late nights after work, being clingy to her phones and so on. I came to the internet to find a lasting solution to solve my marital problems. Thank God, faz came my way after checking through positive reviews, how he helped a woman catch her cheating husband red handed. I reached him via his mail at dennismaudlin04 (@) gmailcom and he requested for certain info such as my spouses phone number and phone model. Within hrs I got a notification popped up on my phone it was from Faz. he gave me a spy link which I accessed with my phone web browser there I was able to see all of his texts, call logs, WhatsApp, Snapchat, deleted conversation, social media shared pictures and videos etc as if I got her phone in my palms. It's really a great opportunity to use the services of dennismaudlin04 (@) gmailcom, if you got similar issues right now I'll strongly advice you write him for an excellent spying and tracking services. This is the most highly recommended and genuine services that works efficiently than the spy apps.TodayGamesApps

Dennis maudlin, Sep 12, 2023
Great clear calls but be careful of hidden charges

Hello, I feel the need to share this information with all future users. Calls are really load & clear, the sound is great. Messages go through directly and all the options they’re mentioning are true and work well. Unfortunately there is hidden information, By calling you don’t lose only call credit but also messages credit and vice versa, when you send a message your call credits are also taken! Ex: for 1:30 sec call, they take 2 min call credit and 7 sms credit! Just be aware of these hidden charges.

GmonkeyMan, Feb 22, 2018
Not great

I was using this to call my family in the US because I live abroad, but a poor old lady just called me and told me this number has been calling her in the middle of the night and waking her up. She was so upset and begged me to get out of her life! I have no record of the calls, so it must be an issue with the app. I have deleted it and I really hope it doesn’t wake her up anymore ☹️ The app worked pretty well to call my family, but didn’t work reliably for sending texts. Anyway, I’m done with it.

Jkcdkdscfj, Jan 16, 2022

What I mean by love is how much more I love this Apologies for dropping this here but it feels too great to visit your timeline, I always enjoy what you share here on Facebook but we’re not friends yet, I have tried several times to send the friend request but it’s not going through. Do you mind trying from your side? I will be happy to be friends with you. If you find this message embarrassing please pardon my manners Thank you

Lili255rich, Oct 12, 2023
👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 you will loved it 🥰

A great app that I have been using for a long time & I found it more compatible & convenient than its counterparts. Whether in terms of the quality & cost of making/receiving calls, messages, or the ease/smoothness of use, especially its latest versionThey all attention to customer inquiries/communication. It is really commendable work. Well done 👏🏾 keep your lead.

Mardi65, Jan 27, 2023
I don’t recommend it for the reasons below

I need to share this info about this app there is 3 things you have to pay attention to 1-this app always double charge or charge twice and every time I have to call to reverse one charge and it takes up to 14 days to get your money back !!!2-tricky thing is that the number of minutes and message go lower with each time you use only one of them so if you are texting both texting and talking go lower !!!!!!!! I been through all the info notes privacy and term of used there is nothing mention regard this 3- All of the sudden even if you have a credit in the number you have it will be expired and you can’t use the number again or to transfer the credit to another number !!!!!’ Lastly the help service are the worst and never get back with any explaination for any of these ,,, so better to not be tricked with this app

Marroo111, Mar 27, 2018


NEED A SECOND NUMBER FOR PRIVATE CALLS AND TEXTS? 2Number makes it possible to have different phone lines for your personal and business needs without an extra SIM, as well as call and text internationally. The app allows you to choose a custom phone number and make phone calls without displaying your real number. There is no need to buy an additional SIM card and swap it when you want to call from another number.

Now you can make calls from different numbers quickly and easily! Keep your international number as long as you like and add more minutes and SMS to your 2Number’s balance. Make international calls and text from another number at the cheapest rates. Use in-app currency to make calls worldwide! For example, you’ll need only 2 credits per minute to make a call to Mexico. With 2Number, you can get additional numbers and use them instead of your actual phone number for various situations like: • Buying or selling things on local e-commerce platforms. Use a temporary number to post your ads and receive calls! • Dating. Giving out an alternative number to your new acquaintance from one of those dating apps can be a good idea. Just in case ;) • Business needs (e.g., as a second work number). Try 2Number to separate work and personal calls. It's such a relief! • Hosting apartments or renting a car. Stay safe and anonymous when you give out your number while using any public services! • Signing up (for platforms that prompt for a phone number, including popular messengers and social networks) Share your personal number to people you trust. For everyone else, there's 2Number! Features: — Get extra numbers for calls and texting — Make calls within 25+ countries — Record calls, store and share your recordings with handy Call Recording feature — Send MMS (available for US and Canadian numbers) — Set Business Hours and have incoming calls outside this time period go directly to Voicemail (available for US numbers) — Send SMS and view text message history — Choose number from the list of available numbers — Access your contacts list and synchronize it with the app — Create and manage contacts in the app — Identify your numbers and find them easily using the Name Number feature — Add number with just a few taps — Make international calls Please Note Phone numbers of the following countries are available in the app: the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Puerto Rico, Israel, Estonia and Poland. When you activate or prolong your subscription, you get credits, an in-app currency used to make calls and send SMS. If you run out of credits, you can top up your balance. The credit tariffs can be found in the Home section. All users can protect their accounts with a PIN and install app widgets for free. 2Number Premium: - The subscription gives you unlimited access to all app’s features including Call Recorder, Voicemail, and Business Hours. - One subscription includes one number. For each new number, you need to get a separate subscription. - 2Number offers free trial subscriptions for you to get to know the app. - The subscriptions are billed automatically at the rate depending on the selected subscription plan. By using 2Number, you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use: http://bpmob.com/sphonefree/privacy/ http://bpmob.com/sphonefree/terms/ Have questions? Check out the FAQ page at http://bpmob.com/sphonefree/help/en/ Or contact our support team: https://bpmob.com/sphonefree/support/

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