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Screen Mirroring: LetsView

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Screen Mirroring: LetsView

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User Reviews for Screen Mirroring: LetsView

Works, but quickly deleted because:

Any document I open in Files tries to open in this app. This is particularly infuriating for my many .docx files. With no ability to change default apps in the OS, I had to make the pretty easy decision to either keep this app for a niche use case, or ruin my workflow every time I open a document many times a day.

alpha1141, Mar 25, 2020
I bef of you to listen to this one!

Been using this app for colleges and writing as I am not on computer and traveling. I have many applications to do on computer so the mirroring and touch screen feature is great. But. Later on you have to pay money for it which I want to be free honestly! Your probably the only app that does this and if it was free it would make life easier 100x better. So please letsview developers let us use touch screen for free is all i ask. Make me watch ads if i have too!

Austin Uynha, Sep 29, 2023
Works great, high battery usage, no auto-orientation

I have a setup in my room where I have to face away from my monitor to get a good angle with a camera for meetings and music recordings, so I was either hoping for a third monitor or some way to look at my monitor normally. I did a little searching and found this app and it fit the bill pretty quickly. It was pretty easy to set up, but for some reason once mirroring my computer screen to my computer, it wouldn’t flip the screen based off my phone’s orientation, so I couldn’t face my phone’s charging port to the left, kinda making it impossible to charge my phone during meetings or recordings or anything. Otherwise pretty useful app

Block523, Sep 30, 2020
Works, but quickly deleted because:

Any document I open in Files tries to open in this app. This is particularly infuriating for my many .docx files. With no ability to change default apps in the OS, I had to make the pretty easy decision to either keep this app for a niche use case, or ruin my workflow every time I open a document many times a day.

c.with, Mar 25, 2020
Preferred the older version…

I’m really sad about it but the newer version of this app just doesn’t cut it anymore. It freezes or crashes now when mirroring; pushes a subscription onto you and only allows a short amount of time to mirror. I even paid for a subscription to see if it fixed the issues I was experiencing and unfortunately it didn’t. I’m really disappointed at the drop of quality. I definitely don’t recommend it.

Celestirius, Oct 19, 2023
Very good! but...

It works amazing! However sometimes it randomly crashes or the connection im mirroring to doesn't show up at all. I don't know if its something to do with my internet connection or something within the app.

CloudsofFood, Sep 25, 2020
Error Upon Using Streamlabs

So, this app is really good except for one issue. Idk if it’s a bug or has been a problem for some time or not, but when I try to rotate the phone screen when it mirrors onto my MacBook Pro, the screen shrinks to a small size and to the left, leaving a big chunk of black space. It’s not a problem on portrait, just landscape. I’d like to use this app for streams, but I don’t know when it will be fixed or not. Please do fix this! 🙏

DJ Dragon Girl 101, Nov 04, 2023
It works but…

It technically works and is pretty simple to use however there is a HUGE delay between what is on your tablet/phone to what’s on you computer and it can get really annoying as there’s no way to fix it you just have to deal with it or find another app which is really annoying and inconvenient

GabyKitty22, Aug 02, 2022
Great app, but small pixilation issue

This is a great app and it works for my purposes, but when I turn my iPad’s screen into landscape mode the images on my computer get much larger than when the images are in portrait and this causes the image to become slightly pixilated.

hghjyvhg, Aug 04, 2020
Constant pop up ads

I used to love this app but over the past year they have constantly been making terrible updates. Their most recent update has added pop up ads that show on your phone AND the desktop app. They have also gone to a monthly subscription and blocked functionalities that used to be included unless you fork over their monthly fee. Sorry to say I’m going to have to find another app.

Jmrfw, Jul 12, 2023


Looking for high-quality and free screen mirroring app? Look no further than LetsView! Easily mirror or cast your phone, tablet, or computer screen to your TV, PC, or Mac.

With LetsView, you'll have endless possibilities for communication and entertainment in your daily life. Key Features: *Screen mirroring between mobile phones and PCs Mirror your phone screen to your Mac or Windows computer, enhance your favorite live stream viewing experience, or present content on a bigger screen without any limitations of your phone's screen size. Also, you can even control your computer with your phone. *Screen mirroring between mobile phone and TV Whether you're watching a movie, watching a sporting event with the family, or giving a business presentation on TV, mirroring your phone's screen to a larger display has never been easier with LetsView. LetsView perfectly fit most of the TVs on the market. *Screen mirroring between PC/tablet and TV In addition to the mobile version, LetsView covers various platforms. Our desktop version also enables mirroring between PC to PC, and PC to TV. *Remote screen mirroring Screen mirroring is also possible when you are on a different network. The remote screen mirroring feature will help you cross the network, just enter the remote cast code, and the two devices will share the screen over a distance. *Additional features Drawing, whiteboard, document presentation, screen capture, and screen recording of a mobile phone screen are also available. *Why LetsView? ● Ad-free. ● Uninterrupted and unlimited usage. ● HD screen mirroring. ● HD screen recording. *Primary use cases: 1. Family Entertainment Mirroring movies, games, photos, and more onto a larger screen for a better visual experience. 2. Business Presentations Share your PC or mobile phone screen content onto a large screen for presentations or meetings, demonstrate your product to potential customers remotely. 3. Online teaching Share the teacher's device screen and combine it with the whiteboard, enhancing the visual experience of your online classes. 4. Live stream gameplay Broadcast gaming content on a big screen, share gameplay with followers, and keep wonderful moments. *Easy to Connect: Connecting your devices is easy with 3 available methods: direct connection, QR code connection, or passkey connection. Ensure that all your devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and your device will be automatically detected for easy connection. If your device isn't detected, simply scan the QR code or enter the passkey to establish the connection. *Contact: We appreciate all your feedback! Contact us at [email protected] or send feedback from Me > Feedback on the LetsView app for suggestions, comments, questions, or concerns. LetsView supports Windows PC & Mac. Go to official website https://letsview.com/ for more information.

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