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User Reviews for Scourby YouBible

Dishonest practices

So I purchased this app back when everything was included in the high price($20) for this app. Then with some of the recent updates it suddenly needs to be a subscription. I reached out to them the first time this happened and they never responded but my app suddenly unlocked and was back to the original “everything included” except for a few features. Now today I got back on to do my reading and it’s back to wanting me to do a subscription for something I already paid for. This is very dishonest and if this is a subscription based app it should be less than $10 for the interface of the app and then the other features (Bible reading plan, speed, etc) be subscription. Scourby’s recording has been around so long and I’m sure they’ve made money on this charging $20 for the full app. Now they get greedy and start double charging. They must not read the content of this app. I’m very frustrated because before I’ve had these problems I would have rated this 4-5 stars and only mentioning a few bugs in the system, but now it’s not something I would recommend. I could buy the recording elsewhere and reading along I’m a free Bible app or a hard copy Bible. Much cheaper and not a rip off.

Amichelle22, Mar 01, 2023
Still doesn't function like it used to

I gave it a chance. I submitted videos. They were not hard to understand. Since my lengthy time reviewing this updated version, my mom ended up almost dying and I eventually moved her with me. Since then not one of the fixes I mentioned over a year ago has been implemented. I will be deleting. The Word of God is important. How I read / learn / like was with Scourby before the change. I don't mind small amounts to keep things going but the other bible app I'm using now at least stops where its supposed to and goes back to where I began not past that point. I have access to all features and donations are encouraged. Like I said free Apps only will eventually cease from working. One time paid apps the same. In order to keep apps going you must help out the developers. Also... again... I am deleting because implementations were not ever done. I do think donations should be encouraged. I do not mind if its a yearly thing but instead of charging to get the item and charging a yearly fee why not build that in? $20 for the first year and $10 each additional year. It is turning some people away that think apps are forever. People need to understand that apps to keep them running are like games... yes you buy the initial but to keep tech support up they have to keep adding more content and charge for that content. However, how much more content can a person add to scourby? It needs reimagined.

christinaess, Aug 03, 2023
My go to Bible app

I use this daily, as I love to listen and read simultaneously. I was disappointed with the latest version, because the index search had the screen for the Bible books completely blank. As it turned out was NOT an app problem, but an iOS 13 problem. I got prompt response from the developers, to change the Apple settings from dark to light, which immediately fixed the problem. The app is even better now, with a speed selection option for $4.99. It is well worth it to me. Thank you for helping me keep this great app in top condition for bible study.

Dawvidjr, Nov 13, 2019
Love the content (Bible), hate the app

This is the most expensive app I have ever purchased. I had it on my phone and my iPad. I paid for the extra speed on my iPhone because I had it on my iPad. After an update, extra speeds were removed from my iPad - forcing me to buy it if I wanted to keep it. Spoke to the developers and basically they said tough luck. Now after a couple of years they change the speed so there is a 3-second delay between each and every verse. It is extremely annoying. Do the developers ever listen to their product before releasing. The app upgrade said they added the delay at a user’s request so they could think about the verse. That is ridiculous to change an app so they could do so. First off, those users could play the verse at a slower pace. Why offer a faster speed only to put a 3-second delay before each verse at 1.5 speed. I did not test f the delay remains the same in all speeds. It doesn’t matter. This needs to be fixed. There are lots of good Bible apps out there that are free. I paid more than $20 for the app and speed upgrade. Please fix it.

ER of Arkansas, Oct 27, 2019
Phone issues NOT app issues

My Scourby Bible app kept crashing so I reached out to the app support team and explained the problem. Rob was very helpful and gave me step by step guidance on how to fix it. Turns out it was a problem with the phone and not the app. A quick clearing of the cache and tuning off the cellular data toggle made it work just fine. The app is self sustaining and doesn’t require cellular data or internet therefore by taking these simple steps, the app now works great like always. I truly appreciate the fast and helpful guidance I have received from the app support team. I use this app multiple times a day through out the day for my personal quiet times and bible studies and I truly can’t live with out it. GREAT app, great support and well worth the price.

Jjnoname, Oct 23, 2019

After years of considering this the best app and main reason for encouraging others to have an iPhone, I am quite perplexed at what has happened to this app. I am wondering why the changes. I can possibly understand the financial need for asking for a minimum fee. Yet, I do not understand the changes made to the format in downloading the playlist. I was continually encouraging others to purchase this app, but I can only do this now with hesitation and warning. I am finding it cumbersome and time consuming to add to the playlist. Maybe I do not understand how it actually works now. Although, I have had others share the same concerns and disappointment. I have used this app for so many years, but I am now praying that the developers will go back to the original set up and design. Thank you for making the authorized KJV version of the Holy Bible available and for the time & work involved to produce can app with such eternal value. I do hope that I will be able to download as before soon.

Joyful child of the King, Aug 09, 2023
Daily Driver

I use this app almost everyday to read along with my regular bible. It’s nice to be able to adjust playback speed and create playlists. The navigation is someone lacking. It would be nice if when every time you go to a new scripture reference you didn’t have to re-select the book, then chapter, then verse; YouVersion app has this function right. It would also be nice to advance whole chapters at a time instead of just verse. The sounds seems alright to me, Alexander Scourby is a house hold name when it comes to bible reading. He reads with clarity. The way he empathizes words and phrases it helps to understand the KJV language. You can also tell this is not the first time he’s read the Bible; he reads it as if he knows what’s going to happen next (kind of hard for me to explain what I mean). I’m thankful for this app. It helps me get through my bible reading.

Michael Bigelow, Oct 09, 2019
Not a 1 star app, but the feature fail is 1 star

There is no better investment of one’s time than to listen to the bible in my opinion, although the king James has flaws as all English translations do, this is not really relevant to this app, it is mainly a purchase of the audio recording of scrourby. Whilst I appreciate along with many, the need to charge for software development as well as for audio recordings that likely have royalties needing to be paid, the main focus of the developers here should be ease of use and feature development. This is where I rate this as 1 star. Making simple changes or customising a reading plan or playlist are really the very basic plus features that would make a $20 app worth the investment. If done right they could have charged $50 for this app, but the application is basic, clunky, and really just audio attached ever so nicely to some third party reading software. Having the ability to create and edit or delete and stop reading plan(basic)Being able to create playlists the whole bible long, without doing it a single verse at a time(basic) Having a simple interface that appears to having endless options, but is really just bad design with too many doors to nothing.I would still recommend people buy this app and listen, but the developers should really do better than this and sell a grown up interface that matches the grown up content.

NathanDanielG, Nov 02, 2021

The chronological reading plan is bugged. If you finish the whole plan, it shows the congratulations box, and then if you immediately click “play” to start it again, it starts again at Genesis 1:1, but it is bugged. If the app shuts down and you restart it, it thinks you are back at Genesis 1:1 again, and doesn’t save your spot anymore. And then if you click back button and then click the button to open the plan again, the app crashes. And restarting the app, it instantly crashes. And you can’t open the app anymore, it’ll always crashes, until you reinstall it.

needHymn, Jun 17, 2022
Dishonesty from a Bible app?

I purchased this app many years ago and enjoyed all the features I had PAID for at the time. Now with the update, I can no longer without a paid subscription as many other dismayed owners of the app have mentioned. Do you even recognize that people had previously purchased the app??? What did I even purchase? A more honest approach would have been to treat your grandfathered owners of the app as sincere customers and only have any new ‘owners’ subscribers to the app pay the large monthly fee while offering your cherished grandfathered owners any new features for a subscription price, features they didn’t previously enjoy. What a sign of the times it is to feel hustled by a Bible app!! I would have gladly paid $50 for the app when I bought it at the time, if that’s what you needed to maintain the app, knowing I wouldn’t feel duped years later!! What’s next? I buy my home and then am told years later that it’s moving to a subscription plan and I now have to pay rent?? I know the analogy isn’t exact but I hope you understand the frustration and disappointment. I have recommended this app to many family who decided to PURCHASE it as well, but I will not recommend it any longer.

Peachie490, May 11, 2023


Thy Word is a lamp unto thy feet and a light unto thy path. Psalms 119:105 The Scourby You Bible App is ranked number 1 by Theology Degrees. The 5.3.0 Version is for IOS devices 8 and Higher.

The Scourby audio, newly re-mastered, is downloaded directly to IOS device. No internet connection is required. The App is resolutely designed and functionally useful, with an efficient user interface (UI) enabling users to redeem their time and to enjoy their Bible Study. The App has a Bimodal presentation with Text and audio Synced together. Studies show hearing and reading increase understanding, comprehension and memory. It’s a perfect Bible companion, and Alexander Scourby is the Voice of the Bible. The Chicago Tribune wrote Scourby has “the greatest voice ever recorded” and is the “best audio Book narrator, bar none”. The core app comes with: • The entire Bible narrated by Alexander Scourby, over 70 hours of audio. • The Bible reader. • Easy to Navigate Hamburger Menu with a clean UI. • Full search engine, by Book, Chapter, and verse, or by word(s). • Bookmark your favorite Bible verses. • History page tracks all Bible verses read. • Bible verse of the Day. • Settings page. • Different font selections • Adjust the font size from small to large by a taping icon in the Bible reader. • Help page with both text and video tutorial. • Maps of the holy land during Bible days. • Video page with instruction videos of all features. • Video About the story of the King James Bible. • Video about why the King James Bible is still the best translation. • Day and Night Mode. • Volume Control and mute button. • Stop, start, fast forward, or back up • Jesus Words in Red, Blue or Regular • Electronic Bookmark that takes the reader\to where they left off. • Additional features below are available as in-App purchases: • One of a kind Playlist permitting users to create custom playlists of favorite Bible verses. Once in the playlist, users can move verses around in order of their choosing. The app will play back the verses with text and audio synced together. No other app can do that. • Three different Bible Reading plans. Standard Reading Plan from Genesis through Revelations. Users can select various time periods to read through the Bible. • Chronological Reading Plan. • The very popular Robert Roberts Reading Plan. • Cloud backup and restore, permitting users to back up all their Bible app Data. If app data is not backed up and saved, there’s no way to restore it when users get a new device. Therefore, it’s recommended that users create an iCloud backup and restores feature if user create a lot of app data. • Audio Speed control, permitting users to speed up or slow down the audio. • Loop/repeat, permitting users to loop verse, verses, Chapter and even a Book. • Sleep timer can be set from 10 to 480 minutes (8 hours) permitting users to listen to the Bible while sleeping. • Note feature. Users can create notes, import Bible verses into notes and then select Bible verses and notes to share with others, and or print. • Social media sharing. Users can share Bible Verses and notes, on social media. Users can also share their playlist with users who have the Scourby Bible App. • 1 month free trial on all in-app purchases. Three Bible verses about the Hearing of the Word: 1. Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, Revelation 1:3 2. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” - Romans 10:17 KJV 3. “Blessed are they that hear the Word of God, and keep it.” - Luke 11:28 The You Bible app will be your most valued app. Listen to it every day and let it become a Lamp unto Your Feet, and a Light unto your Path. Many blessings as you listen to his word.

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