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User Reviews for Scenes - Guess the movie

An Honest Review

Very enjoyable for someone who studied film in college. I was stumped on a few because I had not seen said movie or it was hard to remember. Other than that it was very enjoyable. I think It would be cool if we could build levels and submit them for others to try to figure out.

Capt.Boedeker, Apr 12, 2019
Flawed but enjoyable

Good fun, somewhat challenging but you shouldn’t have to do all 10 to unlock the next batch. I got stuck on one that kept saying I was close to the answer but neither the internet nor my brain could come up with what I was missing in my answer

ClrntMstro, Feb 12, 2018
This is the best app ever

I have countless apps I have either purchased or downloaded for free. This app is the best app ever. I hope you come out with infinite more levels. Everyone should download it. That is all.

humanreviewer01, Nov 05, 2019

Interesting idea, but not really difficult enough. I just beat the first 20 levels in less than 5 minutes. After that it’s $3 for every additional 20 levels, which seems overpriced given how quickly the first 20 went.

Jschoeneck, Sep 18, 2019
Needs more levels!!!

Gave two stars because It only has 40 levels!! I finished them all within 2 hours:(Also, only 3 hints?? I got up to level 31 then I decided ok I need more help so I purchased more hints then shorty after realized there were only 40 levels. I unlucky used one of the 15 hints I purchased... so now what?

jz796h, May 10, 2019
I did not like this app.

The only thing good about this app is the graphics. The pictures are not even key events. They express the movies horribly. Why should you have to get all ten movies? No other game makes you do that. Think about rebus you only need 12 to open the next door. There is 8 in each set so.... Poorly made. Hints are very frustrating and do not help at all. Save your time.

Livin. Life., Jun 10, 2019

The idea of this game is great but it doesn’t let you skip and only gives hints so I got stuck on one card and neither the internet nor friends cant even figure it out. Hate to have to delete but it being non skip able there’s nothing to do but delete it.

mikebluescorpion, Mar 28, 2019
Fun game

I enjoyed this game a lot. I wish I had known you only get three free clues for the whole game and not per level like I thought. Please make more levels

sloppyjojo, Nov 06, 2017
Good concept

The idea and graphics are great but the game makes a lot of assumptions about what kind of movies everyone watches. Half of the first pack is Disney and the other half rated R. Not exactly fun for kids to play when they can’t guess movies they haven’t seen. And the price for the expansion packs is a bit steep considering there are only 20 more movies to guess in each one. Developers would do well to add categories and a lot more free content if they expect people to keep their app.

somethingsomething26, Mar 14, 2020
Add Ads and Randomize Levels

I really like the concept. I always appreciate minimalist games that don’t burn up battery and have simple mechanics. Puzzles are great too.I will say that, while I enjoyed it for the most part, some of the scenes don’t really represent the movies themselves well. Some are extremely simple, like Transformers. Others are a little far-fetched, like The Sixth Sense (I’ve seen the movie and could not guess it).As others have mentioned, only having a few skips is annoying. It makes sense why it’s like that since it’s a free game and you guys obviously need to make money. I would suggest adding ads and allowing the player to watch an ad for 1 or 2 free hints. You could even have an ad every few levels or something to monetize it a bit more. The reason I say this is because, at first, every time I got stuck, I would just quit the game. I’m the kind of person that would rather buy a game than pay for IAPs, hints, gems, whatever. If I could watch an ad to progress, I’d do it.The only other thing I’d say is to randomize the levels. I found a website online that had all the answers, so whenever I got stuck I would just go there (evil, I know). If you randomize the order of the levels, it would mess up a lot of these cheat sites and be better for you.These are just ideas. Really enjoy the concept. I’ve only ever left reviews for about 1 out of 100 games I play, and I really enjoy this one. Keep it up bois.

Stick-Man Stan, Apr 01, 2019


These screenshots are sample levels! See if you can solve them! If you can, chances are you will love this game :) “SO MUCH FUN!” “Such a cool concept!” “About time someone makes an ORIGINAL game!” “This game was an emotional rollercoaster!” We love movies, and so do you!

We made this game in order for you to relive your favourite movies without having to watch them all over again. Re-embark on the journey each of these movies has already taken you on in a fraction of the time. Each level consists of an all time favourite movie that you have to guess. The sets of icons represent "Scenes" from the movie. Hope you enjoy it! And please leave a review so we know what you think of it! FEATURES: - Full High Resolution Retina Display Artwork - Emotional Rollercoaster at Each Level - Addictive and Intuitive Gameplay - 40 All Time Favourite Movies - More levels coming

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