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Scary Baby Kids in House 3

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User Reviews for Scary Baby Kids in House 3

Nice! Chapter four coming soon!

I would like to remind you to not put as many ads in the game. Heck, put NO ads in the game! If you still have like, a buttload of ads in the game, I will keep writing reviews until you do, so put no ads in the game. I will keep you reminded.

Baby in Yellow #1 fan, Jan 21, 2022
I love it :D

Hi it was awesome but to many ads and could you do ghost instead of the Bears I would love that if you could but overall good game!

Bobcat3311, Jan 16, 2022
Great game

This game is really great it just has one problem when your playing there’s a ton of apps but the game keeps going so when there talking you can’t really hear what there saying but other then that the game is really fun and not really scary so in part four can you not put so many apps

didtivdj, Jul 07, 2022

Very weird game it is creepy at some points though, no glitches, only complaint is that there’s too many ads

Jazzy3307, Nov 17, 2021
5 stars

This was an amazing game to play it not that scary and it doesn’t have that many ads overall I recommend this game to anyone!

lamiah muhammad, Mar 08, 2022
To many adds

There were adds every single minute. This is also a really bad ripoff of The Baby in Yellow (go play that game its much better). I also encountered a glitch where I set the baby down on the changing table and changed it diaper but the task bar wasnt turning green. I realized you had to litterally look down toward the middle of the table to actually put the baby down and now I couldnt get any more tasks.

Starplayzgames, Feb 21, 2022
OK but good

You said you get this game but they should do a season four chapter 4 whatever it is and yeah I forgot to read the messages but it was a good

State loveer, May 30, 2022
Annoying but fun

I like this game a lot because it has jump scares it has puzzles the only thing I don’t like about it is that there is so many adds every time i grabbed something or picked something up there was a add it annoyed me so much I had to buy the no add pass without my parents knowing only play this is if you have money or do you like adds or if you like jump scares

tali Howard, Jul 19, 2022
It’s an alright game

So when I went to grab the bear and when it traps you in the box it was glitching and wouldn’t let me grab anything and when I did I couldn’t get out. Also there’s to many ads guys please go play baby in yellow instead. You can play this but it’s glitchy and does lots of weird things. So please oh please fix this and please don’t rip off baby in yellow!I will give you a three star. Bye!

unicorndevilgirl, Jun 27, 2022

This game was fun there were ads every 5 seconds it wasn’t scary I think In chapter 4 you should make it scary like some jump scares and maybe that haunted house looking thing you go in there and get the babies and the teddy bears try and attack you and some new neighbors move in and they get tied up on the roof

xfhzg, Jul 08, 2022


Welcome to Chapter 3! Can you keep control of three horrific kids? Try this game!

In this chapter, you will discover many new secrets about the Scary Baby Kids! The chapter comes up with complete new features and mechanics. It takes place during the Halloween period. There are multiple mysteries to solve in each scene in order to progress. Exciting surprise are waiting for you. Can you solve all the mysteries and make it to the last night? Download now and discover this brand new chapter. Enjoy!

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