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ScanMaster: Scan & Share Docs

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ScanMaster: Scan & Share Docs

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User Reviews for ScanMaster: Scan & Share Docs

Terrible App, Doesn’t Work

This app didn’t work for me at all. I tried to scan from several different locations (lighted rooms and darker rooms) hoping to get a clear shot. I even paid for the premium and it was no different. Now I don’t know how to get them to stop the free trial so I can get my money back. If I hear from them, I’ll change my review and let you know.

8266&Vera, May 12, 2021
Stop taking my money!!!

This site took over $115 from my account, refused to return it when requested and now has attempted to charge my account again. They should be shut down immediately! Months after sending the above message I still have not received a refund, nor am I showing a premium membership. If I don’t hear back from someone soon I will seek legal action!

carmen879395, Jan 28, 2022

I don’t like leaving reviews but thank you for no watermarks. There are limited features for the free version but that’s okay as you can scan with no watermark. I’ve recommended this to everyone I know.   ‌     

cristingretchenf, Jun 09, 2021
Works well     

This app is extremely easy to use and gives you every option you could possibly need to complete any amount of clerical work and gives you the ability to perfect your documents making them ready to complete and send or save right from your phone. ‌​   ‌ 

Dorethea Debra, Jun 09, 2021
Great app​ ​ ‌   

I no longer have to find a place to fax in the after hours and the money I save too! This app is so very easy I can't say enough of the elation I have for it. Awesome super great images fast easy no trouble receiving the images through emails and I am a satisfied user for sure.  ‌   

duval_arturop, Jun 09, 2021
Awsome ​      ‌ 

My scanner is OOS at the moment but I have assignments that need to be submitted. This app is super easy to use. And I'm able to upload the doc straight to my Dropbox. I don't have to email it to myself and then save it in my Dropbox. It does allow you to email and upload to other apps as well.     

JuneKimikok, Jun 09, 2021
Perfect!  ‌      

This app is saved me twice and quite frankly as much as this would've been OK to put in the fax machine tomorrow morning the people who need read these documents will have them on their emails ready to go. For a law office and not needing hardcopies this app goes above and beyond ‌     ‌  

Katelyn_Keithah, Jun 09, 2021
It is very good application ‌   

Making scans with this application is much faster than using a regular scanner. Without getting up from your workplace, you can make as many scans of the necessary documents as you like. Delight!       ‌

Lana Royer, May 25, 2021
Just perfect! ‌    

I have a newborn and was dreading going to the library to scan and fax my documents to my Human Resources Office. I downloaded the app and was able to scan and email my documents to the office without leaving the house. Thanks!!!!!! ‍   ‌ 

Mikki Alix, Jun 09, 2021
nice app to scan the documents​ ‌‍ 

This application is much better than a regular office scanner. Scans are made faster, and most importantly cheaper, because you need to spend money on expensive office equipment and electricity!        

mitsuko_jacklynh, May 25, 2021


ScanMaster is efficient pocket scanner app. With this app you can: - Scan multipage documents - Share them in PDF or JPG - Scan bills, receipts or sketches - Keep your IDs or important documents with you all the time - Save business cards - Print docs with local WiFi printer Scanner app is portable, easy-to-use but powerful mobile scanner. Forget cumbersome and big office scanners, scan docs at home or on the go.

It will help you to manage all your workflow wherever you are. It will become your everyday tool to work, manage all your documents and keep them in hand. How to use: all you need to do is place camera in front of a page and it will detect it borders and make a scan. ScanMaster is small but powerfull scanner app with a lot of handy tools and features to use in modern on-the-go life. Enjoy! -- Privacy Policy: http://p.homefitapps.com/com.future.fitness.p Terms of Use: http://p.homefitapps.com/com.future.scanner

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