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User Reviews for SAP Concur

Seriously glitchy

I can’t even log in to the app with my correct password- the only way I can get on is on my laptop... Which I thought the point of the app was to not have to use the computer. Even with a password change, there is no way to log in. Only my IT department can fix this in the back end somehow... and it eventually breaks again. This is the third time!Let alone the fact that is you travel a lot, it is very poor for that. It doesn’t recognize at least 20% of US cities, and only lets you enter 1 hotel rate and multiply it over however many days you stayed there... despite the fact that hotels don’t have the same rate every night, and sometimes your total adds up to a number not divisible by the number of nights you stayed... And concur rejects the itemization! This has been a problem since day 1 and they haven’t fixed it yet. If I had any control over the situation I would use something else. Concur has cost me more time troubleshooting and working around their stupid glitches than it has saved me in reports.

androidsdontrequirenicknames, Dec 04, 2020
Expense Report Made Easy!!!

It Use to Absolutely make weekly Expense Reports a breeze! BUT NOW I'm messing up last few reports due to Changes in View of the Report/Expences on the APP! It no longer shows BOTH the Reciept Icon & The CC Icon under the $dollar Amount of the expense view! If I post a receipt waiting or CC Charge arrives to associate with Expence, when I do it FAILS to show both CC Charge Icon & Reciept Icon under the Dollar Amount In Expense View & I’ve missed several and decovered after submitting the report for Approval! I have to NOW CHECH EACH & EVERY EXPENSE by taping each on to physically see that both the receipt and the credit card charge are associated with each individual expense, very time consuming, and I have missed several expenses where I did not associate the credit card because it doesn’t show that with the receipt icon under the Amount as in the past!!! It use to work well with credit cards charges but now very time consuming to do a expense report! PLEASE FIX THIS BACK to original way to save TIME & having to correct Reports!

Cowpen, Sep 02, 2019
New release fail

This was updated 3 weeks ago and I have nothing but trouble with the app. It crashes when I try and open camera, photo album, or 30% of time it freezes when I’m trying to select the category. Almost every receipt has to be uploaded multiple times, this is requiring me to do expenses from the desktop which severely impacts my productivity. I will suggest we (work) move to an alternate software if it does not improve soon. Very very challenging. Here was my past review on old version:I am so grateful for the app that I am afraid to say anything negative. It is so handy to be able to enter receipts on the go and so much about it is great! Only issue I had was that I took images of receipts when offline and lost all entered receipts as they never uploaded once my flight landed and I was back online. So I no longer take pics from within the app but take them from camera so I always have images in my photos as a backup. I also only enter expenses when I am online. Great app, though!

googlegirl, Nov 16, 2019

I’ve been using Concur for years, on my Windows laptop and my iPad and iPhone. This latest version for iOS is driving me up a wall. I have always saved my cell phone receipts as PDF files. On the Windows version, uploading a PDF from a file, to an expense is very easy. The iOS version only gives me the option to upload a receipt from my photo album, directly via my camera, the “Receipt Store” or declare that I don’t have a receipt. There is no option to upload from a file?! Well, I thought I would navigate to the “Receipt Store” and see what options I had there. Low and behold, there is an option to upload from a file. Now is where this gets really aggravating. When you choose “From File”, you a greeted by a black screen with three options at the top. One option is “Cancel”, the next is “Recents” and the third is an icon that seems to toggle single page or multi-page. Neither of these options do ANYTHING to allow me to navigate to the receipt I’d like to upload “FROM FILE”!!! The only way I can complete these expenses is to switch over to my Windows laptop and perform the task there. If I didn’t have the laptop, I would be out of luck on my cell phone expenses every month. PLEASE FIX THIS SOON!

NdYAG, Mar 30, 2021

Concur is a wonderful expense tracking device that keeps all of my receipts right were I need them. It would be even better if, every time you signed on, they didn’t ask you to review their app. I find that when I review their app and write a review it gets in the way of what I am trying to do. MY EXPENSE REPORT. This morning it used suggestive questioning; if I loved Concur. Of course I Said yes. Then it asked me how many stars. Of course I said, five. Then it asked me to review their app again, and that is what brought me to this long review to ask them not to have me review their app every time I sign in. I hope that after the fifteen review, they realize that I like their app and that I send them a note to say I am unpleasant with it, that they will realize that you don’t have an issue with your app

paxeman, Oct 24, 2021
Used to be simple lameeeee now, please fix all

This app can be much better. Selecting photos of my receipts used to be easy, it doesn’t allow me to access my entire photo album, and there isn’t feedback on the help page how to get your photos into the app, finally figured out I need to go to my photos outside of the app and I can only select one at a time and have to upload it to my receipt bank. It wasted a lot of time. And the app has too many steps to do a report, example...you add a report, then you save, then you move to create the report? Which seems redundant, cause your doing it twice? Then you save again and it won’t let you input all the info needed but you still save all the some of the info, so then you have to go into the report again to make corrections and add the extra info needed, so you can submit it, and on top of that the new way to add the photos was overly complicated and I didn’t see detailed info on the help page for it. Advice: one report with all the available fields to enter, with easy access to phones photo album with ability to select multiple photos. With one save and then done. Please take out the extra 4 steps, it’s not efficient.

Rox198765, Apr 10, 2021
Great and convenient, but very clunky

Overall the app is useful and great for on the fly expenses, but it’s too clunky to use for more than one or two entries at a time. There’s no way to quickly jump between screens (for example, to add more than one expense to a report, you have to move the expense, then click about 4 times to get back to the list of expenses that you can move. Try doing that for 8 or 15 expenses and you’ll really resent it. The same holds true for lots of other functions. If you want to add a receipt image from your photos, you can’t zoom to see the image. I have dozens of receipt pics stored on my phone, and in thumbnail size there’s no way to tell them apart. If you choose to attach a receipt, the name of the vendor and the amount disappear from the screen while you pick, so again it’s very hard to match up what you are looking for and I find myself exiting the attach screen (2 clicks) to re-view the data, then go back in...re-find the receipt image. It’s just really not made for more than a simple add on the go. Definitely not a replacement for the online concur site.

saleen8927, Aug 27, 2019
Can not edit field in report name detail screen!!!!!

Recent update broke the app. Portion of screen get cut off on top using iPhone-12. It does not take into account for the notch on the top of the screen on iPhone-12, which now uses the space to the left and right of the notch, so some screens gets hidden behind the notch. Don’t you even try to any quality checks before pushing out an update???? Once a report is created, if go to “detail screen” and try to edit any of the field “Report Name”, or Report Date” , or “Business Purpose”, the field moves way up to the top and so far up that it is no longer viewable, and now can not edit it. Fail!!!!!!!!!!!! Opened a ticket with support, but they just blew it off. Saying, if it works when you initially create a report, it’s not a problem. And if you have a problem trying to edit the report name after it’s created, and you can’t get access to the data on the report name line, it’s not their problem, and just delete and start over. Lame support to say the least.

skipoleski, Jun 13, 2021
Such much improvement...

My company used to require paper receipts be retained, taped to 8-1/2”x11” paper, and submitted along with a printed copy of the expense report, via snail mail. With this App, I open it and snap a photo of each receipt as I get them, and they are stored in the receipt store until the charge appears as an expense. No need to retain the paper and hassled with the tape, anymore. The charges are moved to a report, the receipt is attached, a few other details are filled in, and wha-la - the report can be submitted.The one area I’ve noticed for improvement is the use of Uber. Depending on whether a driver is tipped before or after a trip is marked complete by the driver, one or two expense charges will show up. Uber does send two receipts in this case - but the proper one for each charge is a bit difficult to properly identify on the Mobile App; this is much better done on a desktop interface.Overall though, my company moving to this system has been great for productivity and efficient use of time.

Tdarst12, Jul 18, 2018
4.9 but that’s not an option

This app has made my life extremely efficient with the amount of business travel I complete. Receipts have become less annoying and I can upload them immediately before even starting a report. My only complaint is that some fields don’t fully expand in the app so unless you are familiar with the web based version, you won’t know what every field says in its entirety. Other than that, a must have! It also makes approving my employee’s expenses a breeze. They don’t have to wait for me to open my email on Monday to see that I have a pending report to approve. Even if I wake up on a Sunday morning, I don’t mind opening it because it doesn’t seem like work. Easy breezy. And they get reimbursed faster!

TheShast, Nov 13, 2017


If you use Concur® Travel, Concur® Expense, or Concur® Invoice at work, then download this companion app to your iPhone or iPad to manage your travel and expenses when you’re on the go! With the SAP® Concur® mobile app, you can: • Review and approve expense reports, invoices, and travel requests • Snap a photo of your receipt and instantly add it to your expense report • Book a flight or rail ticket, reserve hotel rooms, or rent a car • Update or add new attendees to meeting invites • Get hotel suggestions based on your preferences • Capture and track mileage automatically • Integrate your itinerary with TripIt to get real-time travel alerts and updates *This is a companion mobile app for existing users of SAP Concur solutions.*

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