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User Reviews for San Fransymbols

Great app

The best out there to get the SF Symbols, very useful the the most important: always up-to-date. Only missing thing would be to give users the possibility to copy the symbol (maybe even export it as image?). The best one overall, keep up the good job!

Axl_magnum, Jul 20, 2020
Useful app for iOS developers

Thanks for developing this tool for developers and updating your app based on the feedback so quickly!

D3m0nAng3l, Mar 31, 2020
Killer app!

I love this app. It’s a great companion to Apple’s SF Symbols mac app to be used on the go or anytime you’re not on your laptop. Great job!

djacobsen1792, Oct 18, 2020
Please add share as SVG to Files, PNG to photos

Great app. Can you add export as SVG to the Files App & save image as a square 1080x1080 pixel PNG to the camera roll please? (to reduce pixelation when scaling).Nice app! Please add these two export features. ❤️👍

Ericlmercer, Feb 05, 2022
give us the bility to copy/paste

into other apps like affinity designer. i have the SF fonts installed on my iPad and i use your app to browse system glyphs, but there is no way to copy them into a text field in other apps

Konstantin Malaev, Jun 20, 2020
Amazing App, but

I love your app and use it almost daily. However, the one thing I would appreciate is if it were updated with SF 3.3 soon. I need to have the newer symbols available, and may have to switch if I can’t get those symbols.

Mcrich23, Apr 23, 2022
Use it literally every day

Great app. Use it every day I program.

Milton Thales, Aug 03, 2022
Viewer Only

Yes your eyes do not deceive you.I like the app and it is functional and elegant. Room for improvementI look forward to an export style / PNG / SVGAND SF Symbols V4 of course.Thanks Dev team !

Sean_Wong, Jun 18, 2022


Looking for an easy way to browse and find the perfect symbol for your iOS and Mac app? Look no further than San Fransymbols - the ultimate tool for exploring Apple's massive collection of over 4,000 SF Symbols. Designed to help developers and designers easily discover and use the perfect icon for any situation, San Fransymbols includes a range of powerful features.

These include automatic SwiftUI and UIKit code generation for each symbol and weight, semantic search, and the ability to preview symbols in different colors. With San Fransymbols, you can also easily compare different weights of each symbol, favorite symbols for quick access later, and create custom groups of symbols that sync seamlessly via iCloud. But that's not all - San Fransymbols also provides full support for keyboard shortcuts and pointer interactions on iPadOS, making it easier than ever to navigate the app and find the perfect symbol, with drag and drop support for generated code snippets. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, San Fransymbols is the perfect tool for discovering and using the power of SF Symbols in your iOS and Mac apps. Try it out today and see the difference for yourself! San Fransymbols is created to make it easier than ever for you to search for, compare and choose the right symbol from SF Symbols for every situation, with features such as: +++ SWIFTUI & UIKIT CODE +++ Automatically generate SwiftUI and UIKit code for every symbol and weight. Drag and drop support means you can drop the code right into other apps (such as Swift Playgrounds) on iPad. +++ SEMANTIC SEARCH +++ San Fransymbols is smart. If you search for 'fly', it returns symbols such as 'airplane' - making it easier than ever to find the perfect SF Symbol for your app. +++ PREVIEW SYMBOLS IN DIFFERENT COLORS +++ Choose from a set of system colors or define your own in the color picker. Any change is reflected in the auto-generated code for seamless UI prototyping! +++ SEE WHICH SYMBOLS ARE RESTRICTED +++ Some symbols may only be used to refer to certain Apple services. San Fransymbols shows a red banner for these, so you can be certain you are using each symbol correctly. +++ COMPARE WEIGHTS ON THE FLY +++ Compare every weight of each symbol by simply tapping on the desired weight. Will it look better in semibold or heavy? San Fransymbols makes it easier than ever to decide. +++ FAVORITE SYMBOLS +++ Tap the yellow star icon under any symbol to add it to your favorites. Perfect for keeping track of a list of symbols you want to incorporate into a project. +++ CUSTOM GROUPS +++ Create your own groups of symbols - perfect for keeping track of symbols you wish to use across different projects. These groups sync automatically via iCloud, so you can pickup where you left off on whatever device is on hand. +++ SUPPORT FOR KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS AND CURSOR ON iPADOS +++ Full support for keyboard shortcuts and pointer interactions on iPadOS. Change symbol weight with the keyboard, right-click to set favorite symbols, easily navigate buttons with pointer interactions, and more.

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