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Cristina Buga
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User Reviews for Samplist

Fun but useful

So easy to use without being cheesy. Feels like a real piece of equipment to come up with legitimate ideas and when I get home feed them into my daw on the pc. Because I use a daw on the pc. This iPad needs to be QUICK, EASY and EFFECTIVE . This app makes it so.

Al Know, Jul 21, 2019
I like the app just have some questions

The app performs as advertised, it's just not as user friendly as I would have hoped. For example I cannot for the life of me figure out how to switch from the virtual pads to the keyboard. There is no such anywhere I've looked and I can't find a useful tutorial online. Developer, could you help me figure that out in exchange for this 5 star rating? I want to use my wired midi keyboard with the app.

ctulio, Jul 27, 2018
Reverse and loop...

I love this app. It is SO easy to use. I have almost every sampler/looper in the App Store.I have been beta testing many audio app for nine years now. Many are loopers, synths, drum machines, daws, video, and photo apps.This app is very fun and could totally be used in a live setting. When I play live (either DJing, playing a solo set, or with band mates) I always incorporate at least two of my iPads in my set-I am an iOS addict!The only thing I can’t find is reverse! I think that should be standard on any looper or sampler. It is so basic and should be implemented. I could wish for a million effects but I can always run this app through an app or hardware and get effects.I beg you please make a reverse and a looping function. I know you have not updated in a year but this app is SO user friendly and easy as pie so those two basic features could easily bump this app up to be one of my go to sampler/loopers.Please give a few more features so this app can be as great as it should be. The interface is truly fabulous and again so flipping easy to use that with a few more finishing touches this app could really be one of the bests sampling apps out there!!!Cheers

Eve Severe, Apr 16, 2020
Excellent start and more to come...

....this guy is doing what iOS still allows; seeing a spot for something that someone wants themselves and then that someone saying ‘dammit’ and going out and making it. A good machine that’s evolving quickly. Worth enjoying the app and supporting the developer.

fhdkhdsjkf, Mar 03, 2018
UPDATED Unfinished

Excellent! All apparent issues resolved and more great features added!Using this to create live drum, multilayer, sample sets for use in other apps. Quick and easy!————-I ran into a problem not yet resolved but this is a tight, fast, app to create sample sets with.I think my source file contains markers or other information that is confusing Samplist. The problem files were previously edited in BeatMaker 3 and originated in GarageBand.You’ll find this developer very, very, kind and courteous.(I sent you a GDrive link.)

Gern Blasnton, Mar 09, 2018
Exactly what I was looking for

Standalone devices that do exactly this are rare and expensive. For the couple bucks this app costs, it’s unbelievable how powerful it is. I’ve been looking for a good solution to recording samples and quickly being able to turn them into playable melodies via onscreen keyboard interface. This can do exactly that and more. Now I don’t have to spend $600 on a used Korg Microsampler. THANK YOU!

Haserhud, May 06, 2020
Inter audio with GarageBand

This app is the bomb sampler but in GarageBand it doesn’t work. Name shows up as Sender with the icon. Please fix this because I love the layout. Love how we can change location of the sample section to accommodate button sequences, sweet. Quality sounds better in your app imo so can you fix the GB issue.

Juanby2, Feb 24, 2022
An excellent start

Samplist has a clean and (mostly) intuitive interface that’s straightforward about sampling. It may be one of the best standalone sampling apps you’re going to find.All that said, there are just a few things that would make it a five-star app:1. Most noticeable: setting slice boundaries is clumsy. Based on my experience with other apps, I expected to move the slice start time, not the length of the whole slice.2. You can only play one sample on the keyboard at a time. If you want multisampled instruments, you’ll have to go with something like Beatmaker 3.3. There’s no “save as” option — or if there’s a way to do it, I’m not finding it.4. No filter ADSR or looping, so … you get what you get.

MCMorrise, Nov 29, 2020
Solid Sampler

The interface for editing sounds is good and the non-chromatic mode is the most useful at this point. It’s nice to be able to evenly split a sample into however many slices you want.Works well in IAA, Audiobus 3, and standalone.The area where I’d like to have more flexibility would be being able to manage files and slices more easily. If you create a slice manually and then delete it, your slices can get out of order. It’d be very nice to be able to name individual slices, and to put them in the order you want using drop and drag. The last slice in a sample can be problematic as the app frequently will prevent you from turning the last part of the sample into a playable slice.It would be nice to be able to combine samples together and to be able to create marker tagged AIFF output files for use in apps like GaragageBand and Beatmaker 3 in addition to the current export of individual slice files.

polarpaul, Mar 30, 2018
Great chops. But

Changing a duplicated pads chromatic sound is unknown. Recording appears to be unavailable. How do I record a melody of slices, with a record button that has no function. I imagine if the record button would record, it would record through the iPads microphone instead of an option to record the internal apps audio that was playing (for clarity). And that would not be original or ideal. Overall, great attempt so far.

voseone, Jul 12, 2021


Samplist is a MIDI Sampler Instrument which allows you to easily chop a sample into different slices. You can then play the slices with the velocity sensitive on screen pads, chromatically with the on screen keyboard or with via MIDI. All this with Realtime Timestretch (monophonic only).  Features: • Realtime time stretch with individual tempo per slice • MIDI in, both wired & via Bluetooth LE • Sample import from Files app or "Open in..." • Export slices as Zip file to other apps • Each slice has its own Filter, Envelope & Realtime pitch shifter. • Record your samples via Microphone. • Record your performance into an audio file.

More to come in the near future

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