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User Reviews for Salesforce

Designed by Non-Salespeople?

What is the opposite of intuitive?While engineers over at Apple are busy trying to figure out how to make their OS so simple my elderly mother could use it, the evil minions at SalesForce appear to have a singular focus: make the platform as confusing & difficult to use as possible, and then keep driving towards greater & greater levels of difficulty.Just imagine: a brainstorming session in one of the well-appointed conference rooms at Salesforce HQ…Product Delveloper 1: “What if we hid the contact info for the contact? Like, just buried it, where salesmen will spend up to thirty minutes trying to find the phone, email & address.”Product Developer 2: “Oh! That’s great! And to really get them foaming at the mouth, we’ll put info that’s completely irrelevant to making contact or to moving the relationship forward at the very top, so the mobile user has to scroll down and down (ad infinitum) to get to the ‘more info’ link.”Product Developer 1: “Ha ha I love it! But what if when they click on the more info link, it broadened the contact, but brought them /back to the top,/ so they had to scroll down /again/ to see what they were trying to see in the first place!”Everyone: *laughs*

Billy G. Gruff, Aug 29, 2021
New Update - OUCH

The latest update was recently pushed to my iOS device. I know this is a new design, but navigating is the most painful experience I’ve ever had with an App. As a project manager who travels periodically I rely on this application to manage my projects. I am no longer able to see a list of my projects or even access them without digging so deep into the interface that I am ready to pull my hair out once I finally get to where I’m going.The experience with this app used to somewhat mirror the desktop version of Salesforce. Those days appear to be over with this new update as the two now look like completely different interfaces. Someone please explain to me how I can view the list of my currently assigned projects. I have been digging through the interface for over an hour I can’t seem to figure it out. This drastic of an update is quite disappointing to say the least!

Centersj, Feb 28, 2020
Wish I didn’t have to use this

My market just started rolling this app out. I don’t think a single person I work with likes this garbage. I especially hate it when putting in my time for the week. It’s extremely frustrating just to put your time in. I’ve just stopped doing it went back to the old system we use. It’s always glitchy and people can’t get anything done on this. Just looking at the platform and how they have it set up makes me cringe. It makes everything we do harder than it is and this is just my opinion but why...WHY ARE WE USING THIS!??

colt____45, Nov 07, 2019
Poor app for as large as SFDC is

So many issues and poor UX/UI designs in the mobile app. The desktop version is great, but the mobile version lacks so many features and edits that it’s almost unusable. You cannot easily get section totals, tiles won’t scroll in place like the used to. The appear in a much more random order than the desktop app with no way to rearrange them for a better experience. It takes 6 or 7 steps to get into an opportunity which seems to negate the point of being ample to use a mobile device on the go. It’s almost unusable outside of a quick glance if using a basic numeral or pie chart tile. Good luck with anything else. Has not been a great 2 years with this app.

Crimson3one, Aug 30, 2021
It would be difficult to produce a worse SalesForce app

What a horrendous, awful application. This app is bad enough that it is often touted as the reason that people in my organization are unable to do 100% of their work from an iPad Pro - “I’d love to, but I need to use SalesForce on a consistent basis”. If SalesForce is Hugh Grant, SalesForce1 is Andie MacDowell; dragging down the entire operation, forcing constant recaptures of her dialog because she’s unable to enunciate properly, and generally making the whole process feel much more like a funeral than any of the four weddings. Let’s explore a scenario: You’re looking at a case record, and you’d like to communicate this case to your coworker. You swipe up and grab your company’s chat app to split screen - but wait, SalesForce1 doesn’t support multi tasking. That’s OK. You open up the share menu in SF1. Or rather, you try to open the share menu, only to find there IS no share menu - SF1 lacks ANY way to produce a shareable link to any record, contact or entity. You look at the case number and select it in order to copy. The cursor does not appear. You tap again. Yes, SF1 has also limited your ability to grab particular blocks of text. You’re forced to type out the case record, swapping back and forth between apps a few times to make sure that the 12-digit string is faithfully recreated. You weep softly into your Smart Keyboard and move back into your parent’s basement.

er_got, May 04, 2018
Ok, when it works

Using app on an iPhone X and have constant issues. When I click a SF link that opens in the app, it only works occasionally... most of the time it never loads the screen. Additionally, reports of any size are practically unusable. Furthermore, when attempting to log a call, it should be more intuitive (checking matching leads/contacts/accounts in close proximity to the device). Instead the user has to perform a specific search and hope the results are relevant (and actually show up). For the amount of money spent on SF, one would hope to see a better thought-out and more thoroughly tested app. Very disappointing; my outside sales reps continually tell me it is easier to boot up their laptop to log a call then try to frustrate themselves with the app.

jtr02a, Feb 16, 2018
PC Field Tech

My employer uses this app for dispatching tickets to myself and other techs to document work we do. I believe the app can have more features such as different statuses like EnRoute to Site, OnSite, etc. My previous employer used EFS when I started working with them and then began using Clearvision. I would have to say those are better and user friendly with more features compared to using this app. Overall, the app is not that bad but it can use more features and have improvements. That's why I only gave it 3 stars instead of 4 or 5 stars.

PC Field Tech, Sep 21, 2017
Horrible user experience -needs overhaul

A $112 stock, millions of users do business on their Androids/iPhone every day, but yet the developers of this app still don’t get it or flat out don’t care because they are more concerned with business to business functionality.The old Salesforce app that they made us delete Dec 2017 was hands down 100 x’s better then this app. I am on the go non-stop, need quick access to get to a phone number, call that person, jump out , go to another account, create a contact/acct etc....but u can’t do that with this app. Not even close.Pros:Not much -truly Cons: I don’t want to have to click 5 times to get to the clients phone number. Load times are much longer. The alphabetized account list on the old app was fantastic —hit the letter —accounts come up. Now I have to start typing, then I have to click “related “ to see a contacts list , then scroll down and hold to see more contacts ?Guys cmon....really? $112 stock and this is the the best experience you can give us. It’s like you want people to move on from your services.

Reese125, Feb 17, 2018
Great system, just never runs smoothly.

Salesforce would be a great system if it would run smoothly, which it rarely does. On a desktop it can get really glitchy and I’ll lose information I just finished inputting, it gets stuck scrolling, or it starts backing the page up every time I hit backspace. The mobile app is absolutely useless. It freezes every time I use it, won’t open pages I want to see, it’s extremely hard to click the right box to input information, it gets stuck at the top and bottom when scrolling, it won’t back up, and it often doesn’t display the text saved in any of the boxes on the page. I know it can be really helpful, but with how much it malfunctions, it almost slows me down more than it helps me.

rsearle13, Jun 29, 2019
UI/UX for timesheet

I’m a software engineer and my company(software consulting company) uses Salesforce to log work hours for employees or so. The website version is okay to use. I never used the mobile version in the old days because it sucked. I saw an update coming to fix mobile version of this app and I updated today. Hoped everything would have been fixed and would have worked like a charm. I went to fill my timesheet. Saw this long extended timesheet bar sticking out of the UI to the far right out of the margin. I closed my app and deleted ONE MORE TIME. Salesforce if you don’t have developers work on your mobile app. Hire some. I don’t know what’s wrong with your executive level of people that dared to release this kind of garbage out to public and still be proud of what you did. Somebody needs to get fired in your company. If you can’t find developers, leave a msg here I can ask my company to help you redesign the mobile app. We can do it a millions better than how the current look is. This is unacceptable.

woodmanhu, Jul 04, 2022


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