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Russian Readers: Learn Russian

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Russian Readers: Learn Russian

  • Education
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User Reviews for Russian Readers: Learn Russian

I just didn’t know.

As a beginner Russian learner, I’ve been searching for an app that would allow me to use their interface free of charge. That’s where I went wrong. The app itself was amazing, I just wasn’t aware that I was unable to read any of the titles shown without a membership. I also was not pleased with the fact that after I made an account, I couldn’t find a way to delete it (seeing as the account was now useless). So for anyone looking for an app that is great for reading on and does not mind paying for a membership, this is your app. Otherwise, you’re out of luck.

Annie laBanc, May 22, 2022
Most amazing Russian language self tracing tool ever!

I am so thankful to have found the Russian Readers app! I have spent so much money on useless gadgets promising to help me fix my Russian language woes like my little vocabulary & lacking grammar skills! I knew that this could only be remedied by giving myself INPUT which is comprehensible ( Krashen’s comprehensible input hypothesis) & finally I have found it! This app has various levels & enables learners of all levels to acquire a everyday functional vocab in CONTEXT & in a no stress setting so that it all get’s absorbed into the memory in a natural way. I know that with this tool that 2023 is the year I will make my Russian language phobias be a thing of the past!

Anzia23!, Jan 13, 2023

I rarely write reviews, but in this case I feel like people need to know. This app is extremely beneficial in learning a difficult language like Russian. Instructions are clear, helpful, relevant and impactful. You will learn this language on this app. It’s not common to find an app where so much thought has gone into the project by the developer. Regarding the developer, the team at Russian Readers has been the most responsive I’ve ever experienced. Questions are addressed quickly, and help is provided. I’ve been genuinely impressed with the app and simply blown away with the support. If you’ve been on the fence about this one, as there are many language apps out there, then just know I’ve tried the majority of them and Russian Readers is 100% worth the subscription. Highly recommended!

Barney13Frank, Aug 28, 2023
Great app for beginner and intermediate levels

I have been looking for an app like this for a long time. It’s difficult to find material that bridges the gap between beginner vocabulary/phrases and advanced text. This app is the perfect way to improve comprehension and vocabulary. It’s difficult to read Russian, because I’m never quite sure if I’m pronouncing new vocab words correctly. Having the option to listen and read, with or without the aid of English text, has made a HUGE difference in my comprehension. There are plenty of stories for each level, and you can tap and re-listen to any section, in case you miss something. This is a simple but extremely useful app. I don’t usually subscribe to things, but a few dollars per month is WELL worth the money. I figured I would only do one month, but immediately realized that it would be worth the money for a longer time, since they are constantly adding new material. Additionally, I emailed them about a question, and received a reply within only about an hour. I would highly recommend checking out Russian Reader. Great app, and solid customer service. 5 stars, all day.

Bass-trom-ben, Aug 15, 2021
Can’t Afford

This seems like just the thing I need but I can’t afford it. I have a hard time at home and I am studying so I will be able to live with my boyfriend and his parents who all speak Russian. I would love to move in and end the current situation I am in but I don’t have any money to my name. I was hoping I could get accesses to the books for free and for your kind doing I return the favor by advertising your guys’ app? :( I wish learning could be free

Bob McAffy, Jul 13, 2023
Good app!

This app has been very helpful for me. I love the slow audio reading of the stories. After I read through a new story and make sure I’ve learned any new words, I can listen to it repeatedly and try to absorb it without translating everything into English in my mind.The stories are great bc we remember words much better when they’re linked to a story (vs just on a flash card).I also love how you can turn the English translates on and off. This helps to immerse yourself in the Russian after you’ve learned all the vocabulary for a given story.

DonViola, Dec 07, 2022
Superb app for learners of the language

The Russian Reader app boasts a large array of stories for beginner and intermediate students, all of them with available audio for you to read along with (and improve your pronunciation with), and all of them charmingly illustrated. The app is designed to give you so many stories that reading can become a regular habit, without the need for you to search on your own constantly for stories which will match your level. Additional stories are published in the app very often, and so you never have a scarcity of things to read. The stories are categorized by their difficulty, and any new learner will be afforded material perfectly suited for their level. One of the great features of the app include the many videos describing tricky or unique grammar points throughout the story. I have improved rapidly in my ability to engage with a Russian text, and to enjoy myself in stories told in a language other than my own. I highly recommend the app to any learner

Eric9117, Feb 14, 2022
Russian Readers is AMAZING!

I am in love with this app. I love how they have everything broken down in different levels. I am much more confident in my reading abilities now. I love how I can toggle off the English translation and how I can hear the correct pronunciation through the narration of each story. The illustrations are super cute and make me smile because they are a perfect match to each story. I also love how they are constantly thinking of ways to improve the app and add more content. I am so happy I found Russian Readers because this is definitely my favorite Russian learning app. KUDOS to the entire team of Russian Readers!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

EvaDiva211211, Oct 22, 2022
Accelerated progress in learning

I find this application very helpful not only for 4 year olds as it is suggested in the description but for any beginner reader. Learning couple of languages as an adult, I find these initial steps especially difficult. It is great to have an additional tool helping to overcome such difficulties.

KC57apple, Mar 15, 2021
A new way to learn

What a fun way to help me learn Russian. Reading a story is much more interesting than wading through a text book. It is so helpful to see the Russian word and hear it spoken at the same time - this should give me a start on learning the written language. The video lessons are super! They explain those little nuances that make a language unique.

LoSMT, Mar 04, 2021


Learn Russian with stories read by native Russian speakers and professional storytellers! New books are added regularly, so you’ll always have fresh material to enjoy. Our stories are written for learners of all ages and abilities!

Each word is highlighted as it is read, allowing you to easily follow along with the narrator. Learn new words and vocabulary! Every Russian word is translated to English, so you’ll never feel lost when enjoying a new story. Feel like a challenge? The English translation on each page can be hidden with the tap of a button! Give Russian Readers a try with your 7-day free trial! There are two types of “subscriptions” available: · The Monthly Subscription gives you an ongoing monthly subscription that is renewed automatically. · The Yearly Subscription gives you an ongoing annual subscription that is renewed automatically. The cost of the subscription will be debited from your iTunes account after the purchase is confirmed. The renewal can be deactivated at any time in your iTunes settings. To prevent the subscription is renewed automatically, it is necessary to cancel the renewal at least 24 hours before payment is due. If the renewal is active, it will be debited within 24 hours of the previous subscription ending. It is not possible to cancel a subscription for the period underway once it has been activated or renewed. Our website: https://russianreaders.com/ Privacy policy: https://russianreaders.com/policies/privacy-policy" Terms of service: https://russianreaders.com/policies/terms-of-service Contact us: [email protected]

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