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User Reviews for RUNA


Good game. I like the challenge. I think there is harder puzzles that can be come up with to add higher levels. Bigger as well with more jumps and movement. Can not wait to see.

BibleReader21, Feb 17, 2019
Clever puzzle game, but annoying ads

I enjoy the challenge of these puzzles. However, after completing about every fifth game, a dialogue comes up urging me to try a different game, or beta test, or something else. These are annoying, especially since I paid for the game. Fair enough if this were a free game, but it wasn’t free, I paid for it. Feels like a bait-and-switch to pay for a game that then advertises to me.UPDATE: Thanks for the swift reply! I do enjoy the game and the quality of the puzzles, which really make one think about how each solution is achieved. I realize 2 stars does not reflect that, so I’ve added a star. The ads I mentioned happened again, right after completing game 7 in level 3. A dialogue asked me if I wanted to also try a game called KLAC.

BobinHell, Feb 14, 2019
Beautiful Game

This game has a lot of polish. The tutorial levels make the game simple to understand. Quickly gets challenging, but still fun.

DGR69, Feb 07, 2019
Good game too short

For a 2 usd game is incredibly short... good concept though

Felp85, Feb 18, 2019
Super Puzzler!

Great puzzle games are few and far between. This is a great one. Deep, simple to grasp, and rewarding. I could add more but why?Buy it!

Gamer1st1, Feb 02, 2019
Great game

The puzzles look so simple, but they are much more complex Then one might think. I liked it so much I invested in the game .give it a whirl.

Ibanezer, Feb 01, 2019
Maybe skip. Can be short.

Finished in roughly 90 minutes. No fan fair after I did, too. Even closed the app and reopened just to make sure there wasn’t anything I missed. The puzzle mechanic straddles between clever and outright confusing.Didn’t care much for how every few levels it would stop to ask if you’d like to try another one of their games. Stop showing me this. It really takes you out of the flow.Edit: Suppose my score before was too harsh but I don’t think even if I had left it that it ‘destroyed’ your rating. Looks like you are doing just fine. I could go into more detail about how switching puzzle pieces felt clunky or that often it felt like I lucked into the solution to justify the rating. On positive, it looks well polished and has a style to it. It’s near flawless with its mechanics, only encountering a single bug in the later levels. The game crashed when the platform flipped, but the puzzle completed after I came back from restarting the app.

Senkrads, Feb 07, 2019
Good Game

It’s an overall good game. I would have given it 5 stars if there were clear instructions.

SoniaZ, Feb 03, 2019
Good while it lasts, but it doesn’t.

Solid game with a solid premise and some great puzzles, but it feels like it ends way too quickly. For $1.99 I expected a game at least one-and-a-half, maybe two, times as long.

SonicLoverDS, Jun 21, 2019
Ads and constant rating nags

Fun game, but they should cut the nag rate by half at least. When did paid apps start showing ads?It's also incredibly short. 40 puzzles including the training. Finally, the preview pictures are inaccurate. For example, puzzle a7 is nothing like the picture.

why must I ch00se a nickname, Mar 06, 2019


Arrange the blocks and spread the light. Irradiate the way up to the highest sky. Set the order, set the route, set the focus.

Let the energy flows on the path of the Light. RUNA - A way throughout the shadows. A unique journey among stars, skies and distant lands. RUNA is a gorgeous puzzle game with celestial graphics and delicate sounds. You'll make use of reasoning, logic, experimentation and research.

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