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Willy Kunz
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User Reviews for RPN-55 SD


Very realistic. A delightful calculator app especially if one doesn’t have a real HP-55 handy.

BobinSF94109, Mar 15, 2023
Hyperbolic functions

In the next update for this calculator please add the six hyperbolic functions. HSIN, HCOS, HTAN, ARCHSIN ARCHCOS, ARCHTAN.This is a five star appreciation.

challah nibler, Jun 29, 2023
My Calculator of Choice

The HP 55 was my first scientific calculator. It got me through high school physics and an electrical engineering degree at UC Berkeley. (I used a Pickett N-500-ES slide rule for high school chemistry.) These days, the RPN-55 app is my calculator of choice. It provides all the functions I tend to need, packaged in a way that brings back pleasing memories from decades ago. In terms of function, the standard HP 55 H.MS± functions are surprisingly useful (on occasion), and I don't "Replace Unit Conversions" because I find the unit conversions more nostalgic and useful.In a future release, it would great to have the "high contrast mode" feature implemented (such as in RPN-25 CE). You might imagine that my eyes have aged somewhat since my time with the physical HP 55, and any help would be appreciated! Even better would be an HD edition which can display the stack and registers (as in RPN-45 HD).But in its current incarnation, RPN-55 is eminently functional and fun to use.

dmng, Jul 22, 2022


RPN-55 SD is the first photo-realistic simulation for the iPhone of Hewlett-Packard's low-cost alternative to the famous HP-65 programmable scientific calculator. Produced from 1975 through 1977, it was the "Merlin" member of the classic HP calculator series, priced at $395. HP claimed that it featured "(...) more pre-programmed functions than any other scientific pocket calculator in the world." A main feature of the HP-55 was a crystal-controlled 100-hr digital timer with the ability to store times while the timer was running and later recall them.

On RPN-55 SD the timer may also act as a 12-hr or 24-hr clock, including date and weekday display. While the simulator works just like the original calculator – except being much faster and having twice the program memory – you can turn on extended features to make it even more enjoyable to use. RPN-55 SD comes complete with original HP programs built in. Features: • Photo-realistic look-and-feel • Vintage mode or Extended mode • Programmable (99 steps), conditional branching • Insert and delete steps with automatic address correction • Delete range of steps • Subroutines (4 levels) • 20 registers, "continuous", with unrestricted store/recall arithmetic • "Live" register view • Program listing view • Program library view • Store and retrieve any number of programs • 100-hr timer supporting 10 split times and 12/24-hr clock mode with date • Swap unit conversions with additional functions, e.g. hyperbolics • Sharing: e-mail, AirDrop, Dropbox, copy, paste, print • 112 programs pre-installed Calculator functions: • Statistics (linear regression, mean, standard deviation, correlation coefficient, x- and y-estimates) • Trigonometric functions (degrees, radians, grads) • Polar/rectangular conversions • Inverse, square root, logarithm, exponential, pi • Storage arithmetic (store and recall) • Percent, absolute, integer, fractional value, round • Factorial • Random number • Unit and hours conversions Details: cuveesoft.ch/rpn55

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