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RPG Scribe Pathfinder & 3.5

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User Reviews for RPG Scribe Pathfinder & 3.5

Missing LOTS of info but really well made

So, I’m playing a Seducer Witch with the Enchanting Courtesan Prestige Class and even though literally NONE of the information I need to PLAY this character are on the app, it DOES have this really great “Custom” feature that allows you to fill in the missing gaps which has worked pretty well. I paid for all the bonus packs, thinking my missing information was in one of them, but I’m honestly not even mad about it because the app is fairly well done and the team seem very hands on and eager to help. Vvvv Having someone actually CARE enough to help me figure out how to build my character made me feel like I was dealing with a friend. Which is amazing. Also, they update information CONSTANTLY. I feel like every time I log on, I see “we’ve got an update, would you like to download it now?” 🥰

£mett, Jun 25, 2023
Great for 3.5e Core, Useless for anything else

Whoever said this app supports supplemental rule books is entirely wrong, at least as far as D&D 3.5 is concerned. Only supports core PHB1 classes, and custom class creation is useless as it doesn’t support by-level stats or custom effects (e.g. Warmage edge, which I get in particular might be hard to do in a generic way), but 3.5 has been out so long there is no reason to not support additional classes. For the core classes, however, it does excel, despite small bugs such as failure to calculate skill synergies during entry (does show them correctly afterwards, but can be disconcerting while entering) and clumsy entry support for special items (have to add them to your “backpack” first, and then add them to your worn equipment. Would be easier to be able to add from either and specify worn at the time). If the developer could address its shortcomings, it would be the best character tracking app bar none.

AKSMountainBiker, Mar 18, 2019
Become more powerful than your DM

I recommend this app to everyone. I have a group of friends who likes to play one shot campaigns and they have to make a new character each session. With this app I’m able to create full characters in minutes while completely understanding race traits, skills, feats, and spells by the time it takes them to decide on a class. I discovered a small glitch in a feat and emailed the RPG scribe team, they responded promptly and even noted the change on the apps update notes within a few days. The app is constantly improving and is already infinitely better than pencil and paper. My entire campaign is now run using this app and the resources the app provides makes it easy to become as knowledgeable as the DM. (Well worth purchasing the expansion pack.)I don’t have ties to this company, I’m just a very satisfied customer ⚔️

Andrew_Adasme, May 15, 2018
Good, but

Having never played pathfinder I thought I would use this app to help me out. Now with that said I’ve some of the books and figures this would make it easier. Then I started using it and the areas I wanted help with it was lacking. It’s also missing several hybrid classes. Now yes they have added some so it’s heading in the right direction. So I thought adding them would be simple and it’s relatively easy but then you can’t make your own archetypes. Ok fine. The copy option makes it easier. But then when I went to finalize some ideas, I went to change racial traits and couldn’t do that either. I figured the app would make it easier to keep track of what I had replaced. And it does, by not having that option. Now it does have some traits. And it has pretty much every feat ever, but it’s equipment section seems lacking to me. Overall it’s good but for what I wanted it either doesn’t seem to have what I want or it’s hidden.

Daggothnargil, Nov 18, 2018
Best Pathfinder App

Hands down, this is the best pathfinder app on the market. As a new player, I can’t imagine playing without it! It’s the first thing I recommend to other players as well. The customization is awesome, too! You can even create custom conditions to toggle when using certain feats and weapons that alter character stats. So useful!The only thing I wish it had was the ability to select custom icons when creating new items, rather than the default base one. A few items are missing too (instruments for bards, outfit options, improvised weapons). Also, syncing to Dropbox or iCloud would be a nice option for those of us with multiple devices. There is an export/import feature, but even so, auto sync would be nice.All said, buy this app and the upgrade. You’ll be glad you did!

Daren Stottrup, Feb 12, 2020
Great app for Pathfinder

I’m a DM and player and this app has made all the difference in the world. I’m able to create varied and interesting NPC’s easily and with very little hassle. The app has an abundance of rules and content from most the core rulebooks! It even got my wife more into character creation and that was her most hated part, but this app makes it easy and takes the boring calculations out of 90% of it. As some users have said it does not have every rulebook and spell out there from all the AP’s and books ever released, but it has a TON. It’s also always growing! Every month they release new content with more archetypes, races, and classes! I look forward to it every month. I’ve made well over 300 characters with this app and strongly recommend it for any and all Pathfinder use.

JHarris7217, Dec 16, 2021
Best D&D character manager I’ve used.

This app is incredible, and here are my favorite features that make it perfect: 1. The ability to make custom items, Feats, etc. that are then all automatically calculated into your ability scores, AC, etc. for you. 2. Custom trackers. My DM will often create new skills or abilities and being able to set them up and track usage/and reset free each rest is so very helpful. 3. Organization. This app has the best workflow I’ve seen. Everything is easy to find and easy to work with. 4. Last but not least, the developers are CONSTANTLY making improvements. There are updates with improvements so often, it is obvious they love this app as much as the players who use it. Drop whatever app you’ve been using and purchased this today. You’ll be glad you did.

PastorGamerGeek, Feb 24, 2022
Best 1e app for Apple…

It is the best 1e app for Apple. However other options are more complete and there are new PC options so now there’s really no reason to pay money for this app anymore. I did pay money and I don’t regret it, I even tipped because I really enjoyed the continued support and communication from the devs. This app is really good at what it does and I really enjoyed using it. However, I’ve moved on to 2e and despite the developer saying that it’s coming I honestly don’t believe it. This might be a passion project from 1e/3.5 diehards or 2e just isn’t a priority. I don’t begrudge the devs that at all but I’m porting over to Pathbuilder2e and I’m also using Wanderers Guide on the PC and they are doing an amazing job. TLDR: If you’re stuck with Apple it’s the best 1e app, otherwise there are better options. Also don’t hold your breath for 2e support. I know I’m not.

psgrv, Dec 18, 2021
Great App, especially for casual/new/returning players

It had been a couple decades since I played D&D. I picked up this app a couple years ago for a Pathfinder campaign. I thought it was useful/cool enough at the time to drop a couple bucks and pick up the expansion. But our campaign fizzled out after a short time and it sat unused until a couple weeks ago. This app makes creating a character a breeze even for novice players. Equipment management took a little bit to figure out how to use, but it works great once you understand what’s going on. What was once a rather daunting exercise in “getting up to speed” to create/manage a character is now simple and mostly automated. I recommend having the Players Handbook available to reference tables and descriptions while using the app, though the built in descriptions are really good too.Game play with the app is fantastic. Swap weapons, manage conditions, leveling up; it’s all pretty straight forward and logical.Props and a big “Thank you” to the devs.

Troppoalto, May 31, 2020
Great app, but maybe not if you like tons of non-standard options

I’m not normally one to pay for an app, but I think that this one was worth the $2.99 for the app itself and the $4.99 for the Pathfinder upgrade. I play in a play-by-post group and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out somewhere and unable to update because I needed to refer to something on my character sheet, which I keep at home on my computer! I especially love that it makes all most of the calculations you need for you.That said, it does not have every single Pathfinder option ever released. Among the things missing, I noted story feats, animal companion-specific feats, the elemental arcane schools for wizards, as well as most magical items that aren’t worn in one of the slots and many of the mundane items, though you can add some of those yourself. I also could not figure out how to add magic properties to weapons, though that may be a user error on my part.But if you don’t need to venture too deeply into every PF option ever offered, this app should work just fine for you.

Truebluegeekgirl, Dec 17, 2018


RPG Scribe is a smart character sheet with built-in reference for Pathfinder (1E) and D&D 3.5 (PRD, SRD respectively*). Here are some reasons why thousands of players and dungeon masters love the app, and why you will love it too: • SMART: RPG Scribe knows a lot about Pathfinder/3.5e and does the math for you. Change one thing and all associated stats are recalculated on the fly! • STEP-BY-STEP: Character creation and level-up are performed step-by-step.

It takes only seconds (instead of hours with pen & paper) and you just can't go wrong with it! • MANAGE EVERY ASPECT: Every aspect of your character is covered: all basic statistics, skills, feats, spells, inventory, equipment, special ability and ammo tracking, class-specific features (like domains, bloodlines, etc.) and more. • ELEGANT & EFFICIENT: With intuitive layout, attention to detail and extensive use of graphic icons RPG Scribe is designed to be easy and efficient to use while being rich with useful features. • BUILT-IN REFERENCE: RPG Scribe contains built-in PRD reference that can be browsed and searched. Relevant information is always available when you need it! • CUSTOMIZE: You can extend built-in content with your own races, classes, feats, spells, weapon types, etc. • GREAT FOR DMs TOO: As a DM you can easily generate random non-player character or make use of quickly accessible reference. • ALL IN YOUR POCKET: You will never want to go back to a paper character sheet again (nor any other digital)! Check http://rpgscri.be/pf to learn more about RPG Scribe Pathfinder. (*) Pathfinder Reference Document and System Reference Document. Check our website for information on included content.

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