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Robert Bosch
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User Reviews for Rows Garden

Great App. One suggestion

Any chance that we could have the option of landscape and portrait. I like using my apple keyboard to type. Otherwise, great app!

brn2rnjk1, Jan 28, 2019
Very well designed RG app

I enjoy muddling through Rows Garden puzzles. This app is the perfect tablet version, I can’t think of any ways to make it better. I highly recommend it for any RG fans, it’s worth every cent.

Gddyuhgchgff, Dec 09, 2019
Absolutely Fantastic!!

I loves this app! I use it every day.There are very detailed directions on its use, and it is very user friendly. It was very easy to learn how to use this to solve puzzles.You can manipulate the layout to suit your preferences, and you can make changes in the settings to adjust the difficulty level of clues.I am able to check the accuracy of what I have entered without it showing the solved puzzle.There is information for getting more puzzles from other sources that can be used with this app.

Kshebmd, Jan 30, 2019
Great for online solvers

I’m sure I’ve missed some features, but after reading the directions, I found it very easy to work with. I used it on my ipad and tried it on the phone, but too small a screen for me. I usually start with the “harder” versions, but peek at the grid ordered bloom clues when I get stuck. The app makes it so easy to switch. Look forward to not having to find a printer when I’m traveling!

NYstudentessa, Jan 01, 2019
Only 11 puzzles?

Will revise review if developer informs me this is incorrect.

Peanut235, Jan 06, 2019
Just a few quibbles

I’m really delighted to have an app for these puzzles! I’d like to have the standard iOS keyboard; the keyboard in the app is extremely error prone. I’d also like the option of having the clues take up more of the screen, instead of showing the whole puzzle all the time. There doesn’t seem to be any difference between the “whole garden” and “width” view settings. I’d like to be able to check off when a bloom (not the clue, the bloom itself) or entire row of blooms is completed. But just having an app is a wonderful thing!

stavia, Dec 30, 2018
Update makes it perfect

Thanks so much for the ability to mark blossoms as they are solved - that’s all that was missing from a now perfect app.

Xwordsolver, Feb 05, 2020


Rows Garden is a crossword puzzle variant invented by Patrick Berry. Instead of the across and down clues and black and white squares of a traditional crossword grid, a Rows Garden puzzle consists of interlocking row and bloom clues whose answers are filled into a fully-packed grid of triangular spaces. Each row consists of one or more clues, with answers entered across the rows of the garden from left to right.

Bloom clues are grouped by shade -- light, medium, and dark -- and have six-letter answers that are each entered in a hexagonal bloom within the garden, with the starting point and direction left for you to determine. You can adjust the difficulty level of the solving experience within the app, providing a suitable challenge for both beginning and experienced solvers. The app comes with a number of puzzles and bundles (30 puzzles in all) created by leading Rows Garden constructors to whet your appetite, and includes links to their Web sites for downloading and subscribing to puzzles that you can import into the app. If you like crossword puzzles and are looking for a new challenge, or are seeking an interesting twist on the familiar crossword format, give Rows Garden a try!

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