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User Reviews for Roll Call News

Is this app still active?

This app is non responsive. Is it still being used?

4annied, Mar 11, 2020
The update ruined it

This used to be part of my must-read daily routine. The best part was the ability to read on the metro, where there's not service. But, the last update has practically rendered this app useless. This is now the 3rd install I've done. It keeps freezing and is much slower. Often only part of a page will load and the part that is frequently left off is the back button, leaving me no way to navigate. Its a shame. I miss my morning Roll Call, but the app is too frustrating to use any longer.

AByrdintheHand, Mar 28, 2012
Great news but bad app

Update app for iPhone x

achillez16, Jun 12, 2019
Good news source, amateurish app

Roll Call is a great way to track news about the U.S. Congress and other branches of federal government. But the app looks and feels like the result of a high school coding assignment. Headlines and captions are routinely truncated, with no way to get the missing text. The top story is promoted with an annoying popup that frequently contains a picture and NO text. (I have yet to see it display a complete headline.) Photos and graphics are dumped into articles without scaling, so you only see about 10% of the whole thing. This might be amusing if the app had been designed as a guessing game. But in a news app — where the unscaled images mean lots of scrolling to get to the rest of the article — it's the opposite of amusing. Stick to the website.

alarob, Jan 29, 2017
The app is broken

The Roll Call app stopped working about two months ago. It no longer updates news stories.This is now a zombie app. Too bad.

Caveat-canem, Mar 01, 2020

• Can’t copy story excerpts from within the app• Attempts to send stories via SMS or email causes freeze-up• Attempts to communicate with developer met with unresponsiveness• Images with stories improperly oversized• App is now completely dead, i.e., does not update w new stories.

KLBALRN, Feb 20, 2020
Doesn’t work at all.

Just as the title says.

MarkXPII, May 01, 2020
Great App fo Political Junkies

There's nothing quite like Roll Call, the grand-daddy of the Capitol Hill papers. There's more than enough news here to satisfy the most demanding political junkie's craving.And you CAN remove the badges--I just did! All you have to do is go to the Settings--know what they are? And you can toggle on or off both the app badge and the section badges. You can also set how long the articles remain available.

Mongolianmonkey, Dec 25, 2011
Read fast before it crashes

Worth the quick glances at the political news. Come on, who is working on this app? Do you know that it crashes on almost every story? Fix it!

Mr. Ichiban, Apr 23, 2018
Add iPhone XS Max support!

App desperately needs iPhone XS Max resolution support. Please update!!

Pj0O7, Nov 07, 2018


Breaking news and analysis from Roll Call, the source for objective and nonpartisan coverage of the people, politics and personalities of Capitol Hill since 1955. From our vetting of Members of Congress to the investigating and uncovering of legislative scandals, reading Roll Call is an everyday ritual on Capitol Hill. When Congress goes home to campaign, we hit the road with them.

And when Congress works until all hours of the night debating a controversial bill, Roll Call reporters are up with them, bringing our readers up-to-the-minute analysis. Stay connected to the political debate in Washington. Download the easy-to-navigate Roll Call app today and become an insider. Features: - Stories, photos and video from inside and around the Capitol. - Breaking news alerts. - Customization: choose your personal topics; search and bookmark the stories you like; get Roll Call news to your inbox.

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