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Rocket Royale: PvP Survival

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User Reviews for Rocket Royale: PvP Survival

A few critical flaws

Firstly the aim assist is so good to the point where you hardly have to aim by locking your crosshair into their chest if you are looking at their hit box. Secondly the guns are either way too weak or too incredibly strong. (Depending on rarity) which could either make a firefight last up to 7 seconds or just kill you instantly. Third there is no added bonus to head shots (as far as i am concerned) which could make the firefights more skill based rather than holding a button down. Fourth is that typically in other battle royale games players will go down upon their health reaching 0 if they have their squad alive. That doesn't happen in rocket royale, you will immediately die and have no chance to come back into the game even if your teammate saves the day a microsecond after you are killed. Fifth there is no real way to speed up the game (besides random events and rocket constructions) to make the game still have some action when there are 2 - 8 players left. Sixth it takes way too long for that rocket to build and can be easily destroyed with a sniper rifle or a rocket launcher from a distance making you have to go through the work of getting 100 metals again. There are probably others but these are the main things that are dragging down the experience of this game.

12/07/07, Aug 29, 2021
So, if you like fortnight (I spelt it normal to avoid “copyright”) you should try it out!!!

The controls on this game are very easy, as I started playing a few days ago and I’m actually fairly decent! The aim assist on it is ***cOUgH**** balanced, ;) and it is very fun to play! This review prolly sounds like it’s paid for BUT I didn’t rate it 5 stars. Or just cuz I speld stuf rite. **cOuGH** there are some cool things that set it aside from fortnight* like directional bounce pads in creative, and the fun quirky way to win in BR. there are some bugs that need to be fixed like when I made my first purchase earlier, the bonus didn’t register at all. *AHEM IF THE DEVS ARE READING THIS, IM STILL WAITING ON THAT.* sorry bout’ that. I do think weapon adjustment prices should be dropped *some* so it’s duable to obtain. I need them suppressors. But, all in all, in one fell swoop, in conclusion, okay enough of that. TL;DR it is very fun to play and u should give it a try. Also, before you leave, my user Is JOE HANDSOME, and I host public creative matches almost all weekend!!

a real fake tfue, Aug 21, 2021
Pls read this I really need u to see it!

So i played and I found the demon spawner thing and I was going to it I clicked on it and stood on it but it did not work than some other guy came and got it right away and killed me! Pls fix that. Also I have some updates u could add. Could u add more boxes in our inventory so we can pick up more things because I need weapons and health and it is hard for both. Make more special things like the demon thing and the cars maybe even make a mansion and if u can get to the top u can get something really good. The shotguns are way to powerful I got killed in one shot by them. And how about everyone starts out with a shield and a bad gun so at least people have something to defend themselves with at the beginning of the game. Can u put down the cost on in game purchases like the skins or real money ones like the vip or the legendary chests? Sorry for all of this but I would like to make the game better for everybody and so they don’t delet or rage quit every single game. Thank You!

An Dj dish, Jan 07, 2021
Update 1.9.1 STILL experiencing the game to crash

Such a shame a once great game has now become an ultimate let down and disappointment. The game was worth every bit of five stars, but ever since the 1.9.0 update that dropped December 9th, game is not the same. The supposed holiday update was supposed to be an exciting release, but quickly instead became a failure. Ever since the update, there has been an annoying bug that caused me to exit the game on its own. Every time I would retry getting back in, it would continuously kick me out. There was a supposed 1.9.1 update to fix the bug, but to no avail. Not surprised to STILL be at the same issue as before. A week later and is still causing problems. Because of this bug, I was forced to delete the game, causing me to lose ALL of my progress ( lost my level 26 status, lost all pro skins, lost all weapons upgrades, lost all weapon skins, lost over 1,000 in gold gears and another 13,000 in silver gears, lost my legendary Halloween hammer that I earned from a previous holiday challenge, lost all hammer purchases, lost avatar emblem, lost expensive and rare dance upgrades, and lost upgrade coins ). Ironically I’m not the only user that had to not only endure this issue, but they also had to delete the app because of it. Yet the developers don’t seem to really resolve the annoying bug. Not worth downloading.

angryboy1, Dec 16, 2019
Good game- some problems

I love this game! I have an experience playing games like this. I play a lot of “Royale” games and I also play Fortnite. However, the controls on my phone is very hard. It is very hard to shoot people. Is there any way the shooting can be easier? Like, can we have controls to hook up to our phones to make the shooting easier? I like playing games with controllers. This is the only fighting/shooting game that I have trouble with shooting. Besides that, the game is amazing and I love it. I would recommend this game for pre-teens and teens. Not for littler kids. Anyway, this game is fun but hard to level up. I’ve been playing hours and hours-non-stop playing, but it is hard to level up. Normally, it isn’t. And, to get non-default skins, it’s a lot of coins and everything. 10,000 for one skin. And it isn’t every marked rare or legendary! I think this game makes skins a lot of coins, because they want money. They want you to buy the coins to get skins. It isn’ really worth it. Also, me and my friends have lots of experience with this game, and building and shooting is hard on iPhone; phone, or iPad. It would be great if I can hook up controllers or if you make this game on the Willu or Nitedeo switch. Thanks for reading.

Derty54, Dec 11, 2020
Pay To Win.

I love this game! It’s one of my favorite Battle Royale Games. But the thing that annoys me the most is that the game is really pay to win. You can buy supressers, increase damage and increase auto aim. My main concern is increasing damage with coins. After playing a ton of games, I realized I died to a lot of people on levels 4, 6 and 9. I would shoot people with a minigun like 8 times but they kill me with a AK-47 using 3 shots when I’m at full health. Also, some rich person could just spend a ton of money on the game making all their weapons over powered against people who just started playing. I know this could also be money gain for you and I understand that. But I feel like being able to upgrade weapons using gears isn’t really suitable for the Battle Royale genre. If you had another PVP game mode like Team Fight where people spawn with guns killing each other to get to the kill goal and you took out upgrades in BR, then that would be a lot better. I don’t really mean to spread some negativity but I wanted to say something. Hope you noticed and took the time to read!

DonomiteGAMER, Aug 12, 2019
Can I add some thing to this game please😃

Hi my name is Avhn and can I add some thing to this game please can you bring legendary chest and can you put a fire breathing dragon then and can you do a clabe with Godzilla vs Kong mechagodzilla and skull crallar and warbat and can I get 5000 gear coins and 5,999 gold gears and do a clabe with Super Mario Logan aka sml and add a scary monster and easy to find in rocket Royale and it’s Godzilla then make a mother one and it will. Be Kong please please please and one more thing can you put a scary. Monster with a wings and sharp teeth and sharp fingers and put a new map. And call. It hollow earth put in there with a battle axe fighting Godzilla and with. A cave and put Kong so we can turn into him and water can you put Godzilla so we can turn into him but can you swim and go I. The water in the real game every game to and one more thing put a skull crallar turn into hi. To and warbat to please sorry for asking for a lot of stuff but put of this stuff I said I’m the game please thank you 😊 bye

fgteev24, Dec 08, 2021
Review STAR #1 reporting

This games is really fun. I highly recommend playing it. I’m totally bad at shooting games, and I still thought it was really fun! For one, the sandbox thing is totally true. You can destroy and build everything. EVERY LITTLE THING. Even the trees! ( I recommend destroying the trees. You can get apples which give you health.) But my favorite thing is the diversity. For instance, you can go through portals, break into bunkers to find the best gear, turn into a mutant, demon, ice giant, and robot to kill people easily, find the alien crash and level up your weapons, go to a mysterious land with trees that attack you, jump to a floating island and turn invisible on it for some time, and who knows what else there hiding! PS: A flood that can drown you if you don’t build, wood creators, giant villas, 4 wheelers, pyramids, obelisks, health pyramids that can give you health or kill you…. and a blimp. Only recommendation? Add more terrains. Other that that, amazing game! Download it on your mobile device today!

h-tron94, Feb 10, 2022
This is an amazing game the best I ever played but still needs work

I love this game but there’s something’s I would change first I got on to the gold league and then I lost a medal then I was on the silver league I was so angry So in my opinion I think it would be best if you got on a league and you lost a medal you would still stay on the league you just got. Also I and my friends would suggest if you could add things with the seasons. Also Most of my friends have been so frustrated because we can’t do squads in this game I really think you should add squads first it would earn us more money or coins and we won’t get angry at each other for killing the people who we want on are team I really think you should add squads. Umm I would like to report a hacker I did not catch their name but I have the story that happened so there was about 20 players left and a player was shooting at a cliff side with a Vss and it killed everyone and they built a rocket right away the hacker was player3584 you need to ban him.

oaisoks, Jun 17, 2020
Loving rocket royale

I think rocket royale is a great game😊 but people disconnecting and it’s not just people’s WIFI Right now. This game is small but this game will grow I love this game it’s such an amazing game entertaining I’ve been playing for an while actually I got the iPhone 6s which is a pretty good phone, And I’ve been playing for about 3 months actually I had another phone it was the Samsung galaxy A10E which was a big upgrade to me getting the iPhone 6s. Y’all should add some new guns! Make the game more fresh! This game. Isn’t my favorite there’s millions of games out there I like I’m not just saying that, i really love this game a lot. My number 2 favorite game, Such a great experience, I don’t like how pepole disconnect i disconnect also, and I don’t like it. So please fix that bug!!! Stupid bug that makes everyone 😒 annoyed.... But yeah. My question is can y’all Fix everything in the game and make the game In a Better PLACE pleaseeeee!! My family plays the game they love it and we would be so happy! 😁😏

YoungBoySonicProMatch, Mar 14, 2020


Rocket Royale is one of a kind Battle Royale game, the main goal is to build a Rocket and fly away from the island! To do this you need to find crafting resources from falling meteors. Of course other players will want to hijack your rocket, so defend it!

Collect wood and Build a Fort to defend your positions. The unique battle royale game reveals a lot of tactics by crafting and building covers around you! 100% destructible environment, every building can be destroyed or dismantled! Rocket Rocket Royale has no parachutes or shrinking dead zones, but you can use portals to navigate your way around the island instead. Rocket Royale multiplayer offers Solo, Duo and Squad up to 3 players per team. All players are real people online, no fake bots! There is a lot of content to discover: characters, hammers, avatars, custom rockets, even dances! Progress by gaining XP and levelling up and compete in global Leaderboards! The game requires less than 200 MB without additional downloads, and very well optimized for low-end devices! Features: - Unique Rocket Battle Royale gameplay. - Everything is destructible! Real Sandbox mode. - Craft Defenses, Forts, Towers, Sky Bridges, anything possible! - Real-time fast-paced 25-Players online matches! - Play with your friends online, connect to your friend game via friend list. - Highest FPS (frames-per-second) you can get! - Tons of items and weapons to loot! - Large open world battlefield. Are you ready to be creative, act smart and cause massive destruction? Welcome to Rocket Royale! Join us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/groups/rocketroyale/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GameSpire_org

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