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Fabio Piccio
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User Reviews for Robuxian Quiz for Robux

Roblox and the quiz

The quizes is to see how much you know about roblox and to be honest there kinda hard for me because I didn't study roblox like others did I just played for a long time then started to get interested in it that I started to study it for a little but didn't get much to study

babybear2102, Aug 29, 2021
Hello people

This app is very good I would recommend this app to everyone it’s the best app to generate robux ever This app is very good I would recommend this app to everyone ok now that I’m done with that uhmmm idk how I feel about this so far but I used my old acc to see if it works or not try to use a different account when you are doing these things to see if it works well that’s what I do uhm bye people

Lunar_Eclipse6008, Aug 17, 2020
Kinda cool

It was like 2 weeks later and I was playing a game on Roblox and something popped up in my screen and said sorry you roblox acount is being hack so i just shut down my laptop and turned it back on but my roblox acount didn’t have no friens so I deleted this game but it come back the next day so I told my mum and dad and the said they’ll get a new labtop fut I still the Robux

nommacookie, Dec 31, 2019

If you guys were wondering why I’m complaining? Well first of all IT FORCES YOU TO GIVE 5 stars in order to get robux. The quiz was good tho. After that, it told me to verify that I’m human. I did all of the above and it didn’t even work. Either I did it wrong or it’s broken but I honestly believe I did it correctly. When you first open the app it gives he options start quiz or free robux. I clicked the robux and it automatically closed the app. So I just did the quiz. AFTER EVERY QUESTION THERE IS THE FREE ROBUX THING THAT IS LIKE AN ADVERTISEMENT. So I finished the quiz and finally he free robux thing worked. It like gave me an ad ever 10 seconds. That was the annoying thing. So then I managed to get to the human verification and it just tells me to do 1 of the above and I did do it but for some reason it won’t let me recover my robux.

originalfigures, Jun 12, 2019
They made me (pls read all. Very important)

So I’m giving this app a 5 star rating. They made me give them 5 star for free robux...“I would recommend this app to everyone!” -the review I have to leave.In reality, I would delete this. It’s so stupid and I don’t like apps that beg for stars so if this doesn’t actually work I’m changing this.After tested——Can I give this 0? Dang I can’t. I have to give it at least 1 star to be able to send. Oh well. So basically, this app is literally the most FAKE and RIDICULOUS thing I’ve ever downloaded....and quite honestly that’s saying something.It was fine ya know besides the fact that they beg for 5 stars and one out of 3 different reviews that you need to write. But then I had to do human verification and I thought I would just have to download a simple game or something but nooooo I have to install a VPN which I am not interested in at all but I did it anyway just to see what would happen. I finished the task and I went back to see if it would finalize the process to give me my robux. It didn’t even REGISTER THAT I COMPLETED THE TASK!!!! 😡😡 So I was starting to get frustrated and did it again. I did everything again. EVERY SINGLE STEP over again. And the same thing happened. So now I feel like not only was I played, tricked, begged I also feel like now I’m going to be hacked for numerously putting my roblox information into this disgusting app. So thank you. Thank you so much. NEVER DOWNLOAD THIS EVER!

ShopperPA, Jul 11, 2019

It makes you get different games and once you do it just tries to steal your Roblox info please do not get this it’s for your own safety because it could also get your info and a certain Company blocks the link that will get your info called bitly and then when you try to report the link it’s taking your info too please do not get thisBut if you’re not planning on getting robucks then it could be OK just be careful when you’re playing this type of stuff I don’t want anyone to get hurt more than other people already have so please don’t get it unless you’re just trying to do the quiz and please be safe with all other apps because they could be a scam too if they try to take you to different links then do not get them and do not try to get free Robux from random links because it could potentially be trying to take your Roblox info and personal info so just be careful out there and don’t trust this stuff sorry if this is kind of long and boring but thank you for listening I appreciate it and I put a lot of time and effort into this

ssksridjdhfjfjf, May 31, 2022
This is a good app

The quizzes are really fun and exciting to do I was so happy to do the quiz and earn my robux and I just love this app sooooo much and I just thank this app for giving me my Robux I recommend this app if u want me to earn Robux without buying them. Anybody can get this app and if u really love Roblox but don’t have any robux this is the app for u to earn your robux

th recently, Aug 08, 2020

The quizzes are fine it’s like his new how much do you know roblox I’m at the free roebucks like are you have to do is get two of those apps and then make either play them or open them for 30 seconds like it’s 30 seconds you can delete it after and read now I’m actually seeing if this works it’s only after rated five stars but I don’t really care as long as it works but if it doesn’t work I’m going to give it zero stars four of them flying in also sorry if this comment makes no sense I am using the microphone because I’m really slow at typing

thank for a wonderful game, Jul 04, 2019
Total scam

This “Free Robux”app is a total SCAM! Do not get it. But Ive been trying to get lots of Free Robux apps so I can get some more robux. But their all fake. YOU HAVE TO rate the app 5stars in order to recive you Robux. But you need human vertify like all the other apps. Then it brings you to this website that makes you get an app. When you get the app so you know your a, well, A HUMAN you try and go back to the app and once you do all of that stuff, it says you need A HUMAN VERTIFY I still havent done the quiz so Idk why Im writing this reveiw. Thank you, and I would NOT recommend downloading this app. Tt.

Tt Krasniqi, Jul 19, 2019

“Roblox hack It is still a great app it give you a lot of Vbucks + Tix and Gems It's the best app to generate Robux ever This app is very good I would reccomend this app to everyone” is what it made me write and it also said to put 5 stars to get my robux. But when i pressed “free robux” it showed me the apps to verify that i was human, and i knew it was a scam. I was trying to see if there was a real app that gave you free robux but it seems like this is not one of them ☹️ pls don’t download this app because it’s a scam and you will waste your time thinking it is legit because of the 4.8 rating. that is just what the app made people do for robux they didn’t even give. it fooled me once so don’t let it fool you. I almost thought that if i didn’t do what it said it would come to my house 😬 It is a fake app and i wish i could give zero stars but i need to rate one star to post this. 😤

turlte🐢🐢, Nov 16, 2020


Robuxian Quiz for Robux is the Hardcore Quiz for Roblox Fans! See how much you know about the game ROBLOX. "Robuxian Quiz for Robux" is a quiz app with weekly updated questions about the game and You can also win Free Robux roblox. Test your knowledge against your friends in this amazing quiz app with always up-to-date questions.

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial, fan made Roblox Trivia App and has NO affiliation with Roblox Corporation™.

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