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Roberts Bird Guide 2

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Roberts Bird Guide 2

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Southern Africa Birding cc
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User Reviews for Roberts Bird Guide 2

Fantastic app

Really like the app, have it on my phones and ipad. Only enhancement I would request would be for the ‘Learn Sounds’ mode. It would be great if there was a random order for the calls. furthermore when the phone or ipad screen turns off, it stop playing the sounds. would be fab if it could keep playing so i could listen/learn the calls when the phone is not attended.

Arthur The Aquaboy, Aug 07, 2021

This is a fantastic app. As an independent birder it was invaluable in learning the avifauna and planning my trips there. It includes Roberts VII comprehensive text which includes distribution maps, similar species, habits, breeding info and more; Guy Gibbons’ excellent recordings; beautiful drawings; comparisons of similar species; photos depicting both sexes, age differences, nests, eggs and much more. My preference using any bird app is a Field Guide format versus individual birds. Both of these options are present. Although the Field Guide format is tiny if using a small phone you can zoom it out. The UI is excellent and the app worked well on my iPhone and iPad. Bird lists can be filtered by country all the way down to a specific site. However, I found creating lists and back ups tricky and I had to do many test runs to use it confidently.There is a feature seldom found in birding apps: a description of birding sites, hundreds of them covering 7 countries, written by local experts, describing expected birds and practical advice. This app, together with Cohen et al. The Southern African Birdfinder, is all you’ll need to bird there.

Cackling Goose, Apr 05, 2020
Could finally identify the bird call

Very impressed with the app. I was finally able to identify the bird by finding the birds in an area and listening to the sounds.

RaminHossaini, Nov 15, 2020


ROBERTS BIRD GUIDE 2 is a new app based on the "Roberts Bird Guide (second edition)" with new illustrations, distribution maps and bird texts for 986 Southern African bird species, including new species and names, and new app functions and features. The FIELD GUIDE has family pages like the book and is easier to use. Swipe or zoom the pages, select a bird, play the sound, add a sighting, view the distribution or text, or open the BIRD PAGE for more detail.

The BIRD GUIDE is a full bird list with direct functions to play the sound, add a sighting, check the distribution, read the text, or open the BIRD PAGE. New features include large thumbs and text, and dual language display of English, Afrikaans, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese and Scientific names; The BIRD PAGES include illustrations, distribution map, photos, bird sounds, Roberts Field Guide 2 text and the full Roberts VII handbook text. ID SEARCH uses your location, habitat, shape and colour of the bird to shortlist possible species. SIMILAR BIRDS loads a list similar to that selected for identification. COMPARE BIRDS displays the bird pages side by side for direct comparison. MY LISTS is a personal list manager that includes a life list and sub-lists, with backup to iCloud and sync to your other IOS devices. MY PHOTOS album links your photos to sightings and lists, and displays your photos on the bird pages. LEARN SOUNDS with auto-play of a bird list and announcements in selected language. MY LOCATION is an interactive map for location bird lists and finding birding sites. BIRDING SITES includes details of 280 birding sites around Southern Africa. NEW FEATURES include + Sharing of sightings to Facebook and Instagram. + Sightings summary list and map; + Auto-backup of bird lists to iCloud + Auto-sync of bird lists between personal iOS devices; + Dual-language display in bird lists. + Bird List status popup reports sightings count, active list and last sighting. + Bird Lists with larger thumb images, text and alphabetical index. + Sound playback of individual tracks; + Full landscape and split screen support for iPad; + Zooming of Field Guide pages for iPhone and iPad; + Zooming of individual bird page images. + Slide menu for improved navigation and linking to all modules; The MULTIMEDIA DATA includes + all the new bird species and names + 265 new field-guide pages + 986 individual bird pages plus 13 potential vagrants. + new field guide text from the Roberts Bird Guide (second edition) + over 3060 new illustrations + new colour-coded distribution maps with seasonal status bar + over 5870 photos including 500 nest and 700 egg photos + over 920 bird sounds

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