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RNI Films: Photo & RAW Editor

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RNI Films: Photo & RAW Editor

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User Reviews for RNI Films: Photo & RAW Editor

Listened to its users. Fixed time stamp.

Updated. After a numerous amount of complaints by reviews when RNI updated overlooking already paying user base they took the complaints and changed it giving us the option. Thank you for fixing it. Would still prefer a one time Affordable purchase instead of PRO subscriptions. I was very pleased to purchase individual filter packs from RNI. With the latest update even if I restore my previous purchases, now they all have time stamps with RNI on them. Can’t turn them off unless you pay for the PRO features. They changed the product after I had already paid. Sadly, I would recommend looking elsewhere for filter options. Give it a pass as they’ve cheated current paying users. Until they update it to remove the time stamp for previous paying customers, Im going elsewhere and would appreciate a refund.

_Ataraxia_, Jan 01, 2022
I live this app but..

I went to set it up for my daughter in her phone and it only gives me the option to Sign In with Apple ID. She is under my Apple family and it gives me the message that she cannot use her Apple ID to create a new account. And the app doesn’t give me any other options to sign in and use it. Extremely frustrating. She just cannot use it at all. Please change this. Once fixed I will change to 5 stars. The only other thing about the app is it would be nice to be able to save photo edit as projects so I can return to them and see what I did or make changes. RNI you have the other app for the whole one time thing. Which is cool but this one specifically should have projects to save and come back to.

Brandon Uhlir, Aug 26, 2022
almost perfect

2022 Update: They’ve added a Pro tier which unlocks just about everything, so I added a star. Please double the Pro price and add more export options. Original: [took one star off because of JPG-only export] [took one star off because there’s no option to purchase slide film emulations] This app is perfect for about 95% of my pictures. As a hobbyist with an unrelated dayjob, i really don’t have the time to spend hours tweaking and (pixel) peeping every photo i take. However, I prefer to have something better than your average filter app. This is the fastest, and highest quality, RAW editor I’ve used. The final images that i get from this app are at least on par with those that i edit on my PC. I hope they address those two issues i had at the top someday. I also hope this gets ported to macOS someday. With this app, the developers have proven that they can build a quality standalone program, so Im not sure why they chain themselves to lightroom or capture one.

cloudphrenia, Jun 28, 2022
Film grain Pains 😭

OK let me start off by saying that I really like the film simulations, the app has gotten better from last year however there are two major things that hold it back. 1. When you apply a filter you cannot zoom in the picture to check the grain size and it becomes a huge guessing game when you finalize the picture. This is so essential with any filter app that it’s disappointing that this is not added as a feature yet.2. The Film Grain is just one type and color. You can change the intensity and size but it’s lacks and leaves so much room for improvement. For example Capture One Mobile has some grain options that are extremely accurate and you get random grains and feels more real. Carbon App also has different types of film grain that beats out the current state of the app. Film grain on the current app looks too much like high iso, and with so many different film simulations I’m perplex on why this is not available. I really enjoy this app Ana hope that Zoom and better grain control and options come in feature updates, until then I’ll change my rating to a solid 5*

DJJS J., Sep 25, 2023
Photos turn out fantastic. But functionality needs to improve

Love this so for what it can do to my photos, but it's a pain to use when you have a series of photos that you want processed the same way. Instead of a simple copy/paste of settings, the app makes you go through all of the settings changes for each and every photo. It gets incredibly tedious and takes the joy out of editing photos in the app.I also wish that the app would export full resolution/quality JPEG rather than the compressed and down sampled images that we're given. Other than those two qualms, I'm actually quite happy with the images that I've been getting from RNI. They're way better than the overdramatic stuff that comes out of VSCO. The film simulations are pretty close to the real thing too, especially the Kodak Portra and Ektar films.

HelplessSeals, Sep 21, 2017
better than vsco

i thought this was gonna be one of those apps where you delete it after using one time. now i use this for editing all my pictures. i don’t even use vsco anymore. rni films is where it’s at. i love the variation of filters compared to other editing apps. just for black and white filters alone there’s like 5 different kinds. i love that there’s a pre warmth and post warmth i use that a lot. pre warmth makes it look natural and from within while post warmth makes it look from the outside. also another thing i love is the grain. you can have big or smaller grain and you can adjust the intensity. the sharpen is very helpful too it goes both ways you can sharpen for right and UNsharpen for left if you want the blurry effect. last but not least is the dust! it adds more to the picture and i haven’t seen many apps with it. there’s white and black dust and you can adjust the intensity. the only thing they should add is saving the pictures bc you can lose the edited version if you don’t save it. i wish it has its own gallery to save edited pictures. try it out!

jaiboba, Aug 25, 2019
Absolutely fantastic!

If you find the color editing capabilities of your built-in iPhone software to be a little lacking, RNI Films might be exactly what you’re looking for. With just a few taps, you can apply decades worth of simulated photographic film to your images and then tweak them further with the usual selection of photo editor tools. In twenty or thirty seconds you can take a photo from alright to special. Unlike some other tools (sksksk), there are no subscriptions here and the freebie options are copious — the basic starter pack of films is generous, varied, and will keep many people happy for a long time without spending a cent. A small one-time payment unlocks each additional film pack, which again are generously-sized (ranging from 12–22 film variations per pack) and offer plenty of variety. As a photographer, I was familiar with RNI from their desktop film simulations, and they’ve captured that same quality here with a fast, optimized workflow for mobile devices. This isn’t some watered-down version for on-the-go editing; I’ve been known to AirDrop images from my notebook to my phone just to run them through RNI Films. It’s that good.

Monsoon Season, May 02, 2020
Favorite camera app for filters!

This app does everything I want it to! I love, love, love the filter options! I've bought all the packs except for the black & white one. My favorite are Slide and Vintage. 😍 100% worth every penny. The Kodak ones are excellent! The devs clearly did their research for how these cameras of the time would make your picture look. I would have initially complained about the cost, but I've been using this app constantly since I bought it back in December. I can't say enough good things about it. I feel I've definitely gotten my money's worth. I would love to have this as an option to export to, like some competitors are doing with their apps. Meaning when you load up the picture from your Photos app and click edit and then the three dots to export it, it gives you the option to load your photo into into the 3rd party app right there. 😊 Til then it will stay on my home screen!It would also be nice to have the option of how we want to save the image file type like some other apps (such as Camera+). I hate making something so pretty and see it compressed so much thereafter. Please consider changing your compression algorithm. ☺️💖

ms.applesauce, Feb 28, 2018
Edit: developers care about the community

After the backlash developer team had made changes to the way date stamp tool works: now disabling it does not require a Pro subscription. Props to the team for listening to the community. Hope to see more compelling features coming to the Pro package, like additional editing tools and more film emulsions.Old review for the context: Newly added date stamp tool is actually just a way to force an app watermark on your images, that cannot be disabled without a subscription purchase. Even though release notes state that we get to keep all our previous filter purchases, it does not make much sense to continue using them if there is going to be a watermark plastered over your images. Also locking app unless you sign up with your Apple account is unfair if you are not going to use any subscriptions. From a long-time user, not a good look, guys.

Noxuhax, Jan 01, 2022
Normally a 5 star app

Has been my favorite app for years... however, this new update has suddenly put certain filters that have alway been included before behind the Pro paywall. Kodachrome 50s? Fuji Instax? Those have been my go-tos for ages and now I can’t use them without paying extra. It’s one thing to add new features- and most of the new features seem pretty cool- but to take away existing features? Come on.I totally get that the app has to turn a profit- it’s like $10 for an entire year, which isn’t bad- and frankly, for all the extra film stocks you get the pro subscription looks super worth it, but it definitely wasn’t a fun surprise when I going in to do a quick edit and finding I suddenly can’t use a certain filter anymore.

nursegrenade, Feb 12, 2022


Get real film look while shooting digital. At RNI we always wanted to transfer the true character of analogue film to digital medium. So we did by digitising our library of analog slides and negatives, building their profiles and packaging those profiles into a lightweight and easy to use mobile app.

RNI Films is a great mobile companion for those who appreciate the beauty of analogue photography. And this little app enables creators to bring the artistic flair of film into their mobile workflow. Many professional photographers find our film profiles to be more sophisticated and true to real film than rivals. That's because we work really hard to recreate every subtle aspect of real film, with great attention to general accuracy, colour separation, skin tones and grain texture. RNI's film-simulating expertise is proven by time and appreciated by photographers from all over the globe. Our desktop and mobile solutions have been praised in a number of independent online reviews, so don't hesitate to search for RNI Films online to find out more about our products, philosophy and approach. REAL FILM FILTERS The RNI Films' filters are born from real film stocks and split into categories that include negative, slide, instant, black & white and vintage. The app comes with a generous introductory package of free film filters. Also additional filter packages can be added via in-app purchase. ADJUSTMENT TOOLS Use RNI image adjustment tools to make sure your images perfectly meet your creative vision. You can crop and rotate, alter the brightness, contrast, and colour, enhance shadows and highlights, add vignette and real film grain, and much more. RAW EDITOR RNI Films can open and edit RAW files from your mobile or third-party camera*. Some minor image artefacts may be seen while editing RAW in the app's viewport which uses draft mode. Those artefacts won't be there on export. Generally, the quality of the output of this little app is comparable with professional desktop software. * Your third-party camera RAW format needs to be supported by iOS. Please refer to your iOS version documentation for more details. VIDEO GRADING (beta) RNI Films can colour-grade your videos. All its film filters and many editing tools now support video. More video-focused tools and features will be added later. At the moment video grading is in beta. So if you spot any bugs or issues—please let us know at [email protected] SHARING Share your photos to your social networks directly from the app. Supported networks include Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. IN-APP WORKFLOW The RNI Films app is simple, intuitive and straightforward to use. It’s designed with high efficiency in mind, from opening a photo to sharing the result. No clutter, no extra taps to ‘hide/unhide that panel’, no unnecessary confirmation steps – everything is streamlined and simple for your convenience. #RNI and #RNIFilms Tag your photos with #RNI and #RNIFilms for a chance to get featured in RNI’s official newsletter, blog and Instagram @reallyniceimages. To find out more about RNI products please visit reallyniceimages.com Terms of Use: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

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