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User Reviews for RingCentral

Dismiss reminder

This app is unbelievably bad. Dismiss the call quality reminder forEVER! Not just for 24 hours. My god, I mean I love having to press extra buttons after every call. Like whenever I make a call with my regular phone, the thing I always look forward to is leaving a call quality rating! And my grandmas old rotary phone, after each call I used to love talking to the switch board operator to tell her the quality of the call, but then she’d politely ask if I’d like to dismiss the reminder and I’d say yes!! And she’d reply, great, I’ll remind you again tomorrow. Also, what fricking app am I supposed to be using? Same goes for my work computer. You know how many times I’ve missed calls because it was in “meetings” or vise versa? I love telling my new boss that I’m late because I can’t figure out how to use over bloated phone software. And if it’s not already open on the computer (consuming a quarter gig of ram and a handful of cpu just at idle), it takes at least 3 minutes to open and connect. Three minutes late to every meeting because I had to figure out first which app, then wait for it to open, because I need every resource my computer has for my regular job functions, not meetings. So I’ll just use my phone app(s), oh wait, which one again?

-Thisappblowswhales-, Dec 01, 2020
Great App, Good Improvements

I’m reading so many of the previous reviews and can’t help but think that so many of the one star reviews are just people not understanding technology or just user error. The app works great. The team is constantly making improvements to fix old issues and introduce new features. Nothing is perfect and I have had some trouble with calls but it’s usually because I’m in a bad area or not connected to WiFi. Only Issue that comes to mind is with a recent update (maybe within a few months) gifs in messages are now sped up. I thought it was just me but confirmed with a coworker that when they post or see gifs, they are played at 2x or 3x speed. Super minor issue but an annoyance either way.Thanks for a great app to help when working remotely :)

HalMas4, Aug 05, 2022
Bug fixes that made worse bugs

I’ve learned to deal with the spotty service and weird quirks of this app (random silence in calls, no UI indicator when a call drops so I keep talking for 30 seconds before I realize nobody’s there, having to intrude in my coworker’s office every time I want to make a call because her room is the only place I get service within the app despite having completely normal service for my actual phone everywhere else) but as of the most recent update, the app won’t even open. I just get the splash screen for 10 seconds or so before the app quits. We use this at my job to get in contact with folks who can’t always text, so I can’t just message them through the web app (also, super frustrating that my contacts don’t sync, so when I do try this I have no idea who I’m trying to text). Really frustrating for me & for my clients who are trying to get in touch, especially in an emergency.

KaitaP, Dec 16, 2020
Allows Scammers On Their Platform

I was invited to this app by a “company”, which turned out to be a scammer. I thought I was applying for a job at the company, but instead, the person tried to scam me. Now I just want to delete my account and move on with my life, but there is NOWHERE on the Ring Central app for me to delete or deactivate my account. It won’t even allow me to change the name of the company I’m associated with. So my name is forever associated with the scam fake company on the Ring Central app. I tried to use the “chat with support” option to see if I could speak with someone to see if maybe they could delete my account for me (since I’m apparently not allowed to do it myself), but all I was allowed to speak with was a chat bot. When I asked for a live agent, the bot told me that only company administrators are allowed to speak with live agents, and that I would have to speak to my “company administrator” for the issue. But the problem is that the “company administrator” is a SCAM ARTIST! I literally just want to delete my account. I don’t understand why this is so difficult. I don’t want to be associated with these scammers. I can’t believe they would make you jump through hoops to delete your account, yet when it came to creating my account, I was able to do so in seconds. DELETE MY ACCOUNT!!

Kyli C, Oct 12, 2021
The new app

My business purchased ring central based on how well it worked. I was duped into buying multiple lines I didn’t need but that’s for another day. If your a small business you will only need one line. Since the new app came out we were forced to move over to it. The old app used to show all calls, voicemail and texts one one last and were colored coded based on the status of the call.... we loved that, hence the reason for using this app. Now the new app separates them into their own pages. The text portion notification is a small dot and not easily seen. Please allow us to combine pages and make the color coding and notifications go back to blue needing attention and black having been answered. You made it hard on my business to verify the call statues by having to jump back and forth between the different pages and now were not catching the calls in the required time . We are under a city ordinance to answer them in a certain amount of time.... if not we will be forced to find another system . Thanks!

Leporigang, Feb 06, 2021

I signed up for a 15 day job free trial and I did it all online on their website then I installed their app with absolutely no issues at all! I actually enjoyed the product but financially it’s not a smart investment for me or my business during this uncertain time so I got online to cancel my account prior to the expiration of my FREE TRIAL which is 5/28... when I chose to cancel the account it tells me, for the FIRST TIME EVER, that I have to call an 800 number to cancel. I immediately call the 800 number & the message says, the CANCELLATION DEPARTMENT is currently closed & their business hours are Monday through Friday.... well my free trial was to expire tomorrow so I screen shot everything and I got online & flagged the merchant on my account to prevent a charge since I’m attempting to cancel before the trial ends and they are PREVENTING me from doing so. 15 minutes after I had called & after I had blocked any charges from this merchant, they tried to charge my bank account. I find this to be shady, unprofessional & just simply not good business because now I’ll never use this company again and I’ll spread the word. Now if they make this right & apologize, then I’ll gladly change my view since every business has glitches and makes mistakes- I’ll update once I get a resolution, or IF I do!

MAnnMngmt, May 29, 2020
Increased communications with clients

In today’s society phone calls are being screened and sent to voicemail more than being answered as people prefer text messaging. Having the ability to text clients from our office number has improved communications exponentially. Clients can discreetly answer during working hours or after work. They have a chance to think and research before responding and they have a written record to refer back to. The ability to answer calls remotely has been a huge positive as well. I can run the office from anywhere with no worries of missing calls, faxes, or texts. Awesome system allows for inputting names so I know who is calling and can answer them by name which increases their confidence and connection to our firm. Love this system!!!

N cole K, Jun 04, 2021
Good app...but major short coming to the service!

I was in the process of switching to RingCentral from 8x8 because you cannot schedule a video meeting with the 8x8 mobile app. RingCentral allows you to do this, plus I really liked the iPhone and iPad app along with some neat features RingCentral provided. The reason I decided not to move forward are the following:1. The RingCentral desktop app does not sync with your Outlook or Google contacts. You have to manually input each and every contact into you desktop application. This includes every new contact you have in Outlook or Google contacts. This is a major downfall of RingCentral and something I cannot believe they do not have a solution for. WHY would any legitimate business use RingCentral without the ability to sync your contacts with the desktop app for quick access to dial a number? The main use of RingCentral is to make calls! This is a major shortcoming and one that immediately disqualifies RingCentral.2. The RingCentral iPhone app is great and does sync with your phones contacts. The issue I had was that all of your RingCentral call activity shows up in your dedicated phones calling activity. There is no way to change this with RingCentral. You should have the option to separate the two and only view your RingCentral call activity within the mobile app.

Spinnaker093, Aug 11, 2020
I paid for the plan with a SMS feature and it doesn’t work

I have the MVP account which comes with probably everything. When I upgraded at first nothing worked. The phone didn’t work so I couldn’t make calls and the text message didn’t work so I couldn’t send or receive text messages. After making several calls and getting hung up on a few times I finally got through to someone who helped me get the phone to work so I can send/receive calls. I was told that I would have to wait a few days for the SMS feature to start working. It’s now been a week and they keep telling me they will get back to me but still haven’t heard anything. I’m losing a lot of money each day because I trusted that all the features would work immediately so I have to pause my business until one day they hopefully get back to me. When I called yesterday to ask for a refund I was just told to continue to wait until someone gets back to me smh. My experience w RingCentral has been terrible so go forward at your on risk.

sshyne914, Feb 10, 2022
Job Offer Scam used this app to contact me

I don’t see a place to get help on the app. I want to report the user posing as Radius Healthcare. They are trying to emulate Radius Health (see the similar name). They don’t use proper wording, phrases, and had me on hold for an hour at the start, probably installing a bot or something on my phone. This user needs to be reported and eliminated. Warning to anyone else looking for a job on Indeed. You won’t find a record of applying for this job there, because you didn’t. You will get an email saying you have been selected for an interview, and they get you to download RingCentral, then chat for 3 hours, until 10:30 PM, and ask to continue at 8 AM the next day. No real company would take so long to ask questions, do it by chat, and especially do nothing for the first hour, while I’m asking if we’re still connected. Their email added an “s” to the real company’s website. Radiantpharms is not valid. Avoid at all costs. Delete them, RingCentral!

talentetta, Jul 28, 2022


Get messaging, video and phone on one simple app. RingCentral gives you the freedom to grow and run your business from any device. Get started for free with RingCentral Video™, or sign up for RingCentral MVP™ and bring your modern PBX business phone into the new era of voice.

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