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Rhonna Farrer
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User Reviews for Rhonna Designs

THE BEST photo app!!

I absolutely love rhonnas apps! This is the best photo design app, because of the unique stickers inside. The team is always designing new stickers 👩🏻‍💻🙌🏻 and they are all so unique with sooo much style! I enjoy looking forward to new sets of stickers each holiday or season!! I’ve also been able to design some amazing photos for social media marketing!! I edit all of my favorite children’s photos with this!! It’s unique, has loads of quality, and is very user friendly!! I’ve been using this for 6 years and it’s been worth every penny!

alextay1111, Jun 18, 2019
Can’t access all of the Design Packs I’ve Purchased

I love this app for ease of design and great results! As a longtime user, I have purchased Design Packs I want for projects. Unfortunately several of these packs can now no longer be downloaded or opened, even after the recent update. This is disappointing because I intentionally purchased them for specific applications. Does this mean the designs I purchased are no longer available? May we receive a credit for them, please? Can I remove/archive them? I’d love to give a 5-star rating, but since I can’t use designs I’ve purchased...

Becky Cortino, Feb 24, 2021
Lots of issues and lacks serious necessities

I love this app and I’ve been using it for 6 years now. However, it lacks some major necessities such as the ability to save projects and the capability to hold more layers without crashing. This app crashes CONSTANTLY and has lots of weird issues. If you put yo many text boxes or layers, it crashes and will not save your project. I worked on a bigger project for a month and it would not save, just kept crashing. There weren’t even very many elects or layers in the design. It has some serious issues. I’ve contacted support SEVERAL times over the years and have yet to hear anything back. They obviously don’t have any support or customer service. I think its a great app for very small projects that have little elements in it and that are quick since you can’t save projects and sometimes lose projects due to it constantly crashing.

Farmhousegirlie, May 31, 2020
Definitely needs an update

I love this app so much. It has been a great addition to my creative life. There are a few things I’d like to see in an update though. It is so frustrating creating something and not having the ability to go back and edit after you’ve already started a new project. I’d love for there to be options to save projects that you can go back and edit anytime. Another thing I’d like is being able to save favorite fonts. It takes so much time trying to find the one font you’re looking for in all the font packs. I wish there were more deals on extra packs. It gets really pricey buying packs when you only really want one or two designs.

Gorduuhh, Nov 04, 2019
Scrapbooking without the scraps!

I absolutely LOVE to scrapbook, but I no longer have time or space to pull out all of my paper, stamps, ribbons, scissors, and dye cut machine, just to spend 8 hours on one perfect page! The Rhonna apps make putting together the perfect page simple and quick! There is no end to the levels of creativity that can be achieved, and the in store purchases are worth it to me seeing how that I can get 3-4 sticker kits for the cost and of one physical scrapbook paper! Not to mention that I can save my pictures with very high quality making it perfect for printing your pictures into books! I can't say enough about my love for these apps!!!I only have on suggestion for the devs... could you design a journalling app that can be used along side these other apps? I’d love to be able to journal with these awesome stickers and fonts that I could then later have published into a physical book, or import into my family tree app, for future generations to read!

gyrni, May 09, 2020
Devs Need to + Ability to SAVE Raw Projects

I would REALLY love to give this app 5 (or more!) stars, but I feel that the ability (or lack thereof) to save raw projects that you can then go back and edit is a huge hindrance for this app. There are so many times that once I print the image or look at it on another device I noticed something that needs to be changed, however once I have started another project I cannot go back to any previous projects. Anyone that is an avid creator knows how hard it is to try and duplicate something that you’ve already done. Unless you have taken copious notes on all the dimensions (which is extremely time consuming), It can sometimes be near impossible. Otherwise, the app is pretty amazing. I have been using it for several years (probably 2013?) and have definitely invested a lot of money in purchasing the extras, but I’ve also used the app to do all party invitations of each one of my family members, along with monthly photos of my grandson, beautiful memorial photos to pass out at some family members’ funerals, and a ton more various projects, so I know that I have more than saved what I would have spent had I have paid someone else to do those projects for me. I really hope that the developers put some serious thought into updating the app to be able to save projects. If so, this app would definitely be worthy of 5 stars and I would have no qualms about any amount of money put into it!

hperez602, Sep 19, 2019
My #1 Go To Editing App

By far the most font and graphic choices! My only hope is that one day there would be a way to save favorite fonts and graphics. Just today I was looking for a favorite arrow, and I couldn’t find it! It wasn’t tagged arrow, and I now have so many sticker packs that I couldn’t find it. 30 minutes later, after looking through pack after pack (and waiting for them to redownload) I finally found it. There has to be a better way.Even with that said, Rhonna Designs gives my photos, Instagram feed, and graphics for my students the professional look I need.

Little Dutch Girl, Apr 26, 2020
I was a fan...

I have been using this app on and off for over 5 years. I purchased a couple sticker packs when I first downloaded the app, and recently bought a significant amount of sticker and font packs. About a week ago, I switched from a Samsung Galaxy to an iPhone and lost all my paid fonts and stickers. I have sent the support team 2 emails asking to restore my purchases and have heard nothing. This is very disappointing since I have been a fan for so long and have spent a decent amount of money with in-app purchases. Still hoping to hear back from someone to either restore my purchases or I’ll delete the app and consider it a loss.

MrsHJB, Jun 12, 2018
Way too expensive to not be able to save designs

I love creating on this app because my graphics come out so beautiful all the time BUT I’ve spent sooo much money just buying font and design packs which I wouldn’t even mind IF I was able to save a design. Many times I spend hours designing and then will just need to tweak a graphic just a bit to create a new one but I can’t unless I save the item each time I add an element which uses wayyy more space than I’d like. I just don’t even understand why saving a design can’t be added for all the money this app hasn’t gotten from me. Very close to a boycott of this app...have already stopped referring others to it. Please do better.

Mrsmccloud, Aug 04, 2018
What is happening????

I have been using this app for years and have spent $$$ For in app purchases. It is a well designed and easy to use product. I have created many beautiful pieces that I’m very proud of. BUT, today the app has crashed on both my iphone and iPad stating that more memory is required. Both devices contain less than half of their capable storage therefore this cannot be the actual problem. After spending an afternoon trying to reload the app three times I give up. I hope this glitch in the app is fixed soon. I will keep you posted.

Pink*66, Oct 24, 2017


You become the graphic designer, when you edit and embellish photos, create word art, and make memorable posts with unique designs and beautiful, original fonts. Need to come up with stunning invitations? Have a deadline for a marketing post?

Need to create branding for a sophisticated client? Want to record baby’s first week/month/year? Enter Rhonna Designs! Fun! Easy! and High Resolution! All the tools you need to create beautifully branded posts, fabulous invitations, or clever, eye-catching memes. AND… the power of this app is amplified when you open your current project in Rhonna Designs Magic and Rhonna Collage to access even more design features, such as: adding a water mark or logo overlay, using the powerful erasing and mask tool, and saving time with predesigned collage templates. Features: Select from designs and fonts, updated monthly, from multiple artists and designers. Adjust transparency, color, shadows, outlines, size & angles as you create with the text & design features. Add masks to any photo using the variety of unique designs; even has the capability of allowing you to add multiple designs or fonts to the mask! Video Tutorials can be found on the front page of the app under the yellow heart Follow the creator of this award winning app on Instagram for tutorials, news and sneak peeks! @rhonnadesignsofficial

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