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Retrica-Original Filter Camera

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Retrica-Original Filter Camera

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Retrica, Inc.
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User Reviews for Retrica-Original Filter Camera

Great app but could definitely use improvement

I love this app and some of its unique filters although it has several bugs and the quality and the resolution of the photos aren’t matching with the actual camera(iPhone camera) so it’d definitely be super nice to see improvement on that so it can be my #1 photography app. also the logo/icon of the app itself could use a redesign... I liked the combination of the black and orange in the past and this current one isn’t that impressive to look at. Overall very great app! Much recommend.

Asalar96, Sep 17, 2020

I paid for the app once to eliminate the ads and just recently discovered I have to pay again. I guess I’ll be using a different app. How many times do I have to pay to get what I already paid for?Edit: I must update my review for accuracy. I paid for the “Pro” version when that option was offered. This allowed access to the full library of filters. Recently, Retrica has updated the app to require a subscription to use the app with no ads. Although this practice seems to be a permissible practice for a company like this, and I understand the desire to make money, I believe it does a disservice to established customers who have been loyally using this product for years. By introducing ads to an ad free product I’ve already purchased, you’ve essentially said you no longer appreciate my years of being your customer. For this reason, I will discontinue to use Retrica and move on to a more ethically minded photo app company.

blaqmoose, Feb 10, 2021
Subscription randomly stopped working

Hey I have been using this app for about 4 years now and out of no where today it won’t let me log in or restore purchases even though I paid for my subscription it keeps saying “status is not 200” I am very confused as to what is going on also keeps on randomly saving my photos before I can even select a filter and when it does let me select a filter none of them are working :(

Dezzyikes, Apr 07, 2022
Amazing But Videos Crash App

I would absolutely give this app five stars, because the filters are amazing and simple to use! They look so good. The only reason I give four stars is because sometimes when I go to edit the filters on a video, all of a sudden it causes the app to crash to the home screen. It doesn’t matter how many times I try to edit it again. Sadly this has affected my experience and I have to go and use another app for video filters. 😢 I would love for it to be fixed.

Hannahjane136, Aug 15, 2020
They’ve jumped the shark

I was using Retrica app loooong ago, way back in its first days. For a long time I had whatever “pro” upgrade there was. I recently started to use my newer phone for photography a lot more, and so I remembered this had been one of my favorite go-to apps for in-camera design. Sadly, however, they’ve decided to jump on board the latest fad of “keep paying forever or lose all.” I’m aware that there are still free filters, but the proper way would be to have me grandfathered in with everything to which I had access to, and while it’s ok to offer me pro subscription for me to decline, it should be able to be locked away and out of sight so I don’t try to use one of those features and then have to deal with the subscription push.

iDan iKnight, Oct 31, 2020
app way better after last couple updates.

OMG.! ok so this a reedit of a old review. but for the better.! thank you so much for listening and getting rid of the on screen buttons from around the shutter button.! and thank you for also adding the auto save to photos app without the image review.! taking selfies with my kids now is 100 times easier and faster then before. o and the filters are on point as well. I can now say I would recommend this app.!

nautiical-, Nov 03, 2018
Used to be one of my favorites...

I used (the old) Retrica almost as often as I did the iPhones default camera app. I’m talking years... I was so disappointed when I went on a hike the other day and noticed ALL of my favorite features are GONE! I used the blur vignette feature on most of my photographs- even the ones I didn’t capture with Retrica. I can’t find a single app now that comes close to blurring backgrounds with the ease of the adjustable ring that they decided to ditch. Same with the regular darkening vignette ring. I can use Photoshop well enough for my regular vignetting but I still can’t fathom why they got rid of these two simple, highly effective, and perfect features. This app is now just another name in the sea of filter photo apps. Shame.

Non-creative name, Jul 01, 2018
Disgusted: I have used Retrica for over 6 years

I have been using Retrica for over 6 years. Back when it first came out I paid for add free and for “all” of the filters. Since then many changes have happened. More filters, different formats. But now I have adds that inable me to take pictures. When I go to take a picture, a 6 second add pops up and when it’s done then it takes the picture. 6 seconds too late. This happens with every picture I take. For having actually paid money for multiple upgrades in the past with this app and now I miss old filters and am blasted with horrible adds that prohibit me from even using the app, I am actually disgusted with this app. It has been dear to me for 6 years and now I just feel really disappointed. Shame on you for taking money and then treating a paying customer this way.

RetricaSpectrica, Feb 09, 2021
UPDATED: App, yes. Subscription, no.

The annual subscription model of making money with apps is a great idea if the apps are truly your regular, “go to” solution for whatever the app does. But as an app that gets launched only on occasion for specific needs, adding this to the ever-growing list of annual subscriptions just isn’t worth it. Thank you, but no.UPDATED: Developer responded and said I could simply watch an advertisement every time I wanted to use a filter instead of subscribing. That shows complete disregard to the value of my time and a complete misunderstanding of the point. Regardless, there are plenty of filter apps, many of which allow me to create and save my own filters. I’ll gladly select one of those options instead.

sjtryon, Oct 27, 2020
Option to customize percentage

I have had the RetricaPro app since 2014, I believe. This app has been the best app, but due to my current IOS update, the previous app no longer works. So I had to download this one, and while it is somewhat similar, it’ll never be the same. My only complaint is that on the original RetricaPro app, I could adjust the percentage of how much of the filter I wanted on there. Please add this feature. Some of the filters are incredibly too noticeable and I would like a more natural effect. Thanks.Update: Thank you for your timely response. This app is just like the original now. I can’t wait to continue to use and support Retrica.

tannalo, Jun 18, 2021


Retrica is the catalyst of great photos with 190+ filters you can pick and mix with effects. Add vignette, film grain or blur to add that retro vibe to your photos and videos. Take photos and videos with real-time filters and effects or edit them from the album on your phone.

Premium subscription gives you the exclusive access to continuously increasing set of filters. Subscribe once and get unlimited access. Univisium is the latest premium filters that can make your photos and videos to look like movies from the 60s, with the 2:1 silkscreen aspect ratio too! Inquire us an email at [email protected]. We answer each and every email personally and quickly.

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