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Cartoon yourself by Restyle AI

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Cartoon yourself by Restyle AI

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User Reviews for Cartoon yourself by Restyle AI


I wish you can add some specific to the features because sometimes it mistakes you for a girl or boy. Also the ethnicity that you are is no where near close to how you look. I think the run time needs to be longer. I wouldn’t mind the video taking a hour to process if it meant I can get more footage at a time. 10 seconds is very short and this isn't old Snapchat anymore. However, I know this AI stuff is fairly new, so I hope to see some progression their in the future. Overall all though I think it is a pretty Ai app. One of the few that actually does Ai videos

Arkentyme, Jun 29, 2023
Almost Perfect

I recently downloaded this app after seeing an advertisement claiming that it had AI filters for videos. I was excited to try it out and didn't hesitate to purchase the app. However, when the release date arrived, I found that the promised feature was not yet available. I was disappointed because that was the main reason I downloaded the app.Although I did contact the app developers via email, and they were helpful in explaining why the feature was not yet available, I'm still disappointed. What bothers me most is that the app is still being advertised on social media and in the App Store as having this feature, even though it's not available yet. I feel like I was misled by false advertising.Despite this issue, the app is good at providing AI-generated results quickly, unlike other applications that take hours. However, I can't give the app 5 stars due to the issue with false advertising. I hope the developers will be more transparent about the app's features in the future.Overall, while the app has potential, the issue with the AI video filter and false advertising has left me feeling unsatisfied with my purchase.

BJ Falls, May 01, 2023
Remove the watermark

After purchasing the app I was hoping there would be some type of setting to where I can have the watermark removed. I hope this is implemented in a very soon update. I love what you can do but just wish there were more features to control the animation etc. Like I’m your preview video when the girl changes to a cartoon, it’s like a splash then the screen changes into a cartoon. I see know way for that to happen when I actually use the app.

DJ Skillspinz, May 11, 2023
False Advertising about Watermark Removal

Don’t get this app if you think the videos will not have a watermark. They will. This app touts “No Watermark” and “Remove Watermark” in their pitch for you to do a full purchase, but what they don’t tell you is that the Watermark Removal is for PICTURES ONLY! I had to find out the hard way. And they don’t do refunds, so the way you get your money back is do a dispute through Apple and let them know about their FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! I got refunded right way because they make you think all watermarks are removed. I hate bait and switch companies. Make you think you’re getting a worm when what you’re really getting is hooked and reeled in through deception. Disappointed.

GSmoothness, Jun 16, 2023
One big thing is missing…

This is a good app and it produces great results (I have the paid version). However, they HAVE to add a cancel rendering button for video. There is no preview so if you hit the button for selecting a style, the rendering automatically starts, even if you didn’t intend for it to start. Then you can’t stop it, no matter what, can’t force close the app or anything because it will still be rendering when you open the app again. Now you have to wait literally 19 minutes to generate a 10second video clip that you may not even like. Idk how something as simple, necessary, and as common as a preview and a cancel button for video rendering is not there on a $30 app. And I’m not the only one in the reviews to say this. PLEASE add a video preview, a cancel rendering button and a confirm rendering button after you select the style.

jwtheonlychild, May 11, 2023
Good app, but needs work.

Need to be able to preview what you are rendering, and a “cancel rendering” option. If I accidentally hit the wrong filter, the video will generate automatically with no way to stop it. I’m currently on the weekly membership trying it out, and I considered getting the upgraded version but I can’t find anywhere to do that? There really are no settings at all within the app, or a way to configure your account. I do like the potential, and some of the content is really cool. Just needs to be a little more user friendly.

Lord Rafa, Jun 06, 2023
Watermarks aren’t removed if you buy

This program has some great features. Really cool stuff. Some of the filters are cutting edge. This would be an automatic five-star program for me if it weren't for one condition: the watermarks. Big ugly watermarks on the top of every video you generate. If you purchased the 'PRO' program, the watermarks stay anyway. What's Pro about that? Basically, the top quarter of every video is ruined. When I contacted them about it, here's what they had to say: 'For Pro users, the Restyle watermark will indeed be a part of the video2video results. The current watermark on our content serves as a temporary solution to protect Restyle's intellectual property.' That's what lawyers do – protect intellectual property. So I told them I will continue to remove it myself & show others how to do it. Also, the last update makes the program crash in the middle of rendering now a lot. So after each render, you need to quit the app and restart it, or the 2nd render will fail nearly every time. Thanks for that too. Good program, great filters, needs improvement if it can be considered “pro.”

Rainman505, Jul 30, 2023
Amazing! I’m very happy with this app and their support.

Five stars guys. I love it. if you’re thinking about buying this app. Don’t think. Just do it. It’s most impressive. When the app first came out, I got it right away and was impressed. There were some limitations that I was being picky about so I emailed the support team. They were nice and helpful. In the last update, the concerns that I had were addressed. Plus they added, an upgrade feature to improve resolution and make rendered videos three times longer. I’m more than happy with this app. I am extremely impressed. I’m looking forward to further updates. I highly recommend this app and especially upgrading to the max. Thank you guys for making a wonderful app. I do have a question about the skeleton filter for videos. It seems to be rendering more cartoon skeletons now then the impressive realism it was rendering before. It was amazing before. I’m just curious why it’s different now. 🫡🖖🏼

Rainman505, Aug 07, 2023
Before you waste your money…

Before you waste your money on this failed app, let me tell you that it doesn’t work well. It has crappy generations and it constantly puts random faces on things. The previews that it shows probably too 100s of tries to get it decent. You will not be satisfied with your purchase. You will have buyers remorse like me. They need to have a free trial so you can see the quality, but they don’t and it’s likely due to their poor quality. They don’t want you to see how bad it it before you spend money on it. Also there’s no database that holds the history of your generations. You can view it once it’s generated then it’s deleted. So if you don’t save it then you’re screwed. I wish there was a negative score to give this. Furthermore, it doesn’t let you set a queue. You can only do one video at a time and each video takes 10-20 minutes. When you finally get your result it’s trash. This app would be decent if the payment was sitting thru a couple ads. But I spent real money for this trash

Servers?, Jul 22, 2023
Best fun for the best price

This is the first review I’ve made about an app but i felt the need to cause I absolutely love this app I haven’t paid for the vip pro yet but as soon as I have an extra thirty three bucks I’m definitely gonna pay for the pro version it’s worth it cause you only charge one time for life and I don’t have a ton of money most apps want you to pay weekly or monthly and I can’t afford some apps i really want cause I can’t invest over a hundred bucks a year the features you let people try for free are amazing the claymation one is my favorite but the Lego,Barbie,and cartoon are amazing as well I have spent the past week taking photos and going through one on my camera roll and it’s very cool to see my photos and the word in a different reality definitely five stars and I can’t wait till I can come up with the extra money for the pro version pay once and pro forever it’s so worth it there is 27 more to unlock great job this app it’s tons of fun I love it whoever reads this have a great day today 😊

steve1980$$$1234, May 04, 2023


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